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  1. JimWraith

    Roccat Mouse FPS

    I use the Roccat Kova and haven't seen any issues.
  2. I actually run OBIR and FRP-9 on my Crim and it is mean. I feel like the range is way too good on the FRP-9, but otherwise a solid option in the Sidearm category.
  3. JimWraith

    cant log in

    Appears to now be working as intended. Thanks Selali!
  4. JimWraith

    cant log in

    Thanks for the heads up Selali! My support ticket regarding this is in the Zendesk queue somewhere. Nevermind, you found it.
  5. JimWraith

    cant log in

    A redemption code should NOT break the game like this. Not a 10 year old game, despite multiple management teams. WTF? Well not unless the code significantly changes the account's status.
  6. JimWraith

    cant log in

    I just performed a full reinstall and still having the issue. The only change account side would be applying the final RedHill ARG code to my account successfully. Well now that's one hell of a prize.
  7. JimWraith

    cant log in

    I'm having the same issue. I'm getting Error Code 11003 (bad login info) while trying to log into the game even after verifying my information. I have not yet tried to change my password, but seeing the above post that seems pointless. I can log into my account at the website without issue.
  8. I love me some MG36. I have an airsoft G36 that I have converted to the MG36. She's a sexy beast.
  9. I drag all the numbers and letters I need into the decal box and then resize them all at once. And then do it again if I need to tuck and wedge. Pain in the patootie but it works.
  10. Some cars like the Han Veo have those options (turbo/dump/trans/muffler). Some do not.
  11. Then LO needs to fix it. I know it's easier to say then do, but this DDOS isn't helping anyone and in the long run it is hurting LO's rep with what few customers they do have that enjoy APB.
  12. I just started playing last week and to hear this DDOS has become the "normal" state of the game is gross mismanagement of APB. If the data center managing APB servers cannot mitigate the DDOS within 48 hours, they are failing at their job. If the APB servers are in-house, Little Orbit need to get there network security up to speed. A network security specialist with the right tools should be able to quash this within 48 hours. To be fair to LO, I guess it is possible the people doing this are just crazy dedicated to killing APB and restarting the DDOS after every mitigation. But I find that really hard to believe that someone has so little to do in their own life that they can dedicate resources to this indefinitely. I mean that's some personal level vendetta kind of crap right there.
  13. I'm new and I was looking through the ARMAS store but really couldn't find a good explanation of what the ACCOUNT LIFETIME PACKAGE text actually means when attached to some purchases. It's not really a clearly defined parameter within the shop. If someone could better explain that, for me that would be great. THANKS!
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