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  1. While I am not affected by this directly, it sounds like you are trying to do the best you can with the situation Matt. GG
  2. I think it would be better if all of the Armas purchases were "Account Lifetime" level purchases. Some people think Armas is still generally over priced after the first LO pricing pass. I agree when looking at the price of things that are single character unlocks (Vehicles and Vehicle Kits specifically come to mind). I think new players would be more inclined to spend the current price (or possibly a little more) if they only had to spend it once to get what they want for all characters. The Account Lifetime option is only currently there for Weapons and select packages. And if nothing else I would like to see it available for more things.
  3. LO is aware and working on it.
  4. As far as I am concerned APB's in game VOIP has never worked well. (To be fair that's all 2 months of my experience.)
  5. As far as I'm concerned that is part of the same balancing act.
  6. For reference: LO already knows this is broken and at the very least has ideas on a fix. There is no way to spot fix this before 3.5 without further derailing the RIOT release and 3.5 Engine release. While waiting sucks, once 3.5 is live the rest of the issues we are having should be easier for LO to tackle as working with the code will be less "cleaning up someone else's shit" and more "tuning what we know." What LO is doing with 3.5 on top of improving the engine is literally cleaning up someone else's shit.
  7. Somethings for you to try: Unlink your Steam account so it does not automatically log you in. Perform a APB password recovery using every email address you have had since creating the account. Only existing accounts should comeback with a password recovery. Recover/reset all passwords. If you get more than one password recovery, log in to every account until you find your characters. PROFIT. This of course assumes you haven't tried that yet.
  8. I think there are already plenty of good and bad zombie games on the market. KTHX
  9. I have noticed there are some symbols I also do not have after getting the KTTC package. 13 Vinyls on pages 13 and 14. https://photos.app.goo.gl/Cfb4HVheDByctrrR7
  10. THAT is the thing I wanted to see for the sake of clarification on the Season Pass. I now have no arguments against the Season Pass.
  11. JimWraith

    Roccat Mouse FPS

    I use the Roccat Kova and haven't seen any issues.
  12. I actually run OBIR and FRP-9 on my Crim and it is mean. I feel like the range is way too good on the FRP-9, but otherwise a solid option in the Sidearm category.
  13. JimWraith

    cant log in

    Appears to now be working as intended. Thanks Selali!
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