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  1. Watched the stream video, pretty messed up. I try to do my part by grouping with people who aren't as good, and anyone I come across I give advice on how to handle gunfights. I'm restricted to silver district only, so anyone in bronze is pretty much subject to what we saw in the video. I mean, unless I re rolled with a brand new account to help out the new guys. Anyways I agree with what you're saying, it'd be nice if LO could respond with some insight on how we could fix it, because it's a real issue. We're handicapping potential population by not trying to do anything at all. Good post.
  2. ADV launcher does need to go. All the twitch streamers with high end PC's playing with blob wheels are committing crimes to APB.
  3. Equilibrio

    Roccat Mouse FPS

    @dogfish I haven't tried it since I replaced my mouse, but PoundofFlesh has the Leadr mouse, and he said the way he fixed it was going into steam, settings, controller, and checking to see if steam recognizes your mouse as a controller and if so, turning it off. Hopefully it helps.
  4. Just logged in, NA Jericho PC.
  5. I'm sure its been brought up (couldnt find anything. But there's nothing like getting to the last objective that's a drop mission. You know how it goes, they get the pack, you drive across the world hitting every single thing in sight, just to finally catch up, wipe their team out and grab the package. Now you only have 1 option, to gamble which route you're going to drive down. "Oh you think going straight down the road to your drop is the best bet" . Well think again you simpleton, because the enemy just spawned there, nades at the ready to blow your car up, grab the pack and drop it back at their drop. "Oh, well that sucks". Yea it does, and just to make it worse, we're going to spawn your sorry a$$ 300m away from their drop, so now you have to run, grab a car, and try to do it all over again. Goodluck APBer's. But for real though, aside from server lag and cheaters, this is something that needs to be fixed. Its absolutely ridiculous re-spawning, only to find your enemy just spawned behind you with an Obir, Obeya, any rifle really and you just get dropped to spawn even further from the OBJ.
  6. What I said went right over your head didn't it.
  7. So we all know how the process works, a cheater gets banned, they re-roll and re group right back up with their friends. If you play enough you'll always see a low ranked player grouped with max ranked players. They'll use the low rank to carry the group by giving out the enemies position, etc. And no I'm not saying ban anyone who groups with these guys, I'm saying there needs to be consequences to those CONSISTENTLY grouping up with these blatants. Now I did a quick search on boosting, but nothing came up. I'm not sure of the reason, but I think if were to be implemented the game could get cleaned up a lot faster. These cheaters love to stick together, so why not ban them together as well.
  8. To my understanding GM's can't ban. I understand the frustration of blatant cheaters, especially the re rolls (at least what I mostly see). But since they don't have the power to do much, it's kind of a waste of time to even have them there. Although they do set the tone for cheaters to watch out, and seem to have a positive influence on the toxic district chat which is a nice change. Try not to ask to much from them, I mean I have yet to see games where the company has members playing in the game itself. All you can really do is report, try and get video, and hope the anti-cheat catches them. Its the nature of F2P sadly. Just remember there is a good game underneath all the crap, and no one's account is exempt from being caught. Just try and enjoy the good things lol.
  9. @MattScott Jericho NA, I'm currently stuck in the infinite loading screen.
  10. Equilibrio

    Roccat Mouse FPS

    Yea I believe its just the on board memory and cpu. People claim it uses physical mem and cpu, allowing the control layout you setup to be used on any PC, as the changes are saved on board into the mouse. I recently bought the Steel series rival 500, has a similar button layout to the Roccat Tyon/ Leadr and have 0 problems. If it's not the on board cpu/mem, then it's something proprietary . @TheSxW I have windows 10.
  11. Equilibrio

    Roccat Mouse FPS

    @TheSxW No macro on, @neophobia and I have tried all USB ports. @dogfish Must just be the over abundance of buttons. I also have Roccat Tyon, which is the wired version. Really odd that this is a thing, hopefully the new engine will sort it out. Otherwise I'll just buy a mouse for APB then. Thanks guys.
  12. Equilibrio

    Roccat Mouse FPS

    Recently found out my Roccat mouse causes FPS drops over time in APB. Has anyone else encountered this and were you able to fix the issue? Already tried updating USB's, disabled/ made the extra buttons read as regular keyboard keys. I think it may be due to the memory and onboard CPU inside the mouse. Not 100% sure. Any help would be appreciated.
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