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  1. can't join any districts, I mean I can't even select a character its been like that for 30 mins on pc, its that just me ?
  2. I can't even turn on APB:Reloaded cuz as soon as I press play white screen appears, and I always play without bloom so ;L Merged. NVM, just fixed it by deleting my PhysX and installing the one from TPI folder.
  3. Hello, after all the Error 9 bullshet, I tried to get on but I keep getting white screen as soon as I press Play.
  4. Literally just bought paysafecard, tought that servers gonna be online, probably after those 3 hours they will delay it even more over and over xd
  5. Can't login to apb, im getting login error code 9, my friends are getting that too.
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