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    Oтключи макросы. Некоторые наушники и мыши имеют AHK / AutoIT как часть родного программного обеспечения, попробуй отключить программное обеспечение для мыши / наушников во время игры. Прости, я не очень хорошо говорю по-русски )
  2. People who stomp on noticeably less skilled players seek validation, recognition, or reassurance, however they just fake self-assurance and build false confidence instead. The illusion of being good at something they are actually not good at is of a short-term nature and they are forced to do the same thing over and over again, just to feel good about themselves, even for just a little while, even if it is fake. The greatest threat to humanity, where this community is not an exception, is the combination of many different threats that affect and interact with each other, often sharpening each other’s intensity levels. Fragile self-esteem, or let's just call it fragile ego, is one of those threats.
  3. I have actually tried to use the Ninja Ripper once to rip my characters' 3D meshes and textures, but never managed to do it, despite my husband's diligent assistance. Given I admittedly know nothing about computers, I could be wrong regarding this, but I suppose the issue was the ripping software getting blocked by the anti-cheat system, during its injection. If I recall correctly, we were using the Jenz's method. Either way, perhaps with more time and effort invested we could eventually export the models, but we certainly can't import them back to the game when needed.
  4. APB's main "selling point" for me was the unrivaled freedom of customization it offers, I have never played a shooting game prior to APB:Reloaded, nor will I in the future. Admittedly, I would be saddened to see all of my creations gone, but I could eventually cope with it, however there is a plethora of unique, extraordinary and amazing creations over there, accumulated over the years and deleting those would straightforwardly be an inadmissible sin.
  5. I sincerely hope you are not, because psychologically speaking, the need to always be right is rooted in a couple of different things and believe me, you wouldn't like to hear none of those.
  6. Sometimes I feel like there's a portion of players who are secretly harboring ill wishes for the game, just so they could say "I told you so" afterwards.
  7. Perhaps this has something to do with the chargeback issue from a few years ago (2017?). People were getting their accounts permanently suspended due chargebacks. Here's the original message players who used the promo code received from G1 at time: "APB Reloaded Account Chargeback Dear APB Player, We are contacting you regarding your purchase of an APB code through Steam. Our records indicate that Steam purchases for Key for the City Pack were made for this account. However, the account holder disputed these payments with Steam. This means they indicated to Steam that they did not make or authorize the purchases. Hence the GamersFirst account associated with these purchases has been suspended until the status of any disputed payments has been resolved. As a one-time exception, we are allowing you to resolve the issue and pay back the funds that were charged back at a 50% discount. The original chargeback amount for the Key to the City Pack Steam code was for $79.99. We are allowing you to regain access to your account once you have resolved the payment issue. In order to unblock your GamersFirst account, please follow the instructions below to pay back the funds to us: 1) Create a new G1 account 2) Purchase $40 USD worth of G1 credits using prepaid card, such as Paysafecard or Karma Koin 3) Submit a ticket through our Customer Support and include your new G1 account information as well as blocked account information Once we confirm the G1 credits on the new account, we will remove the credits from the account as payment and unblock this account for resolving the matter. Kindest Regards, APB Team" I do not know if this is the cause of your account suspension and whether you will be able to use this information in order to somehow retrieve your account, but I thought to post it anyway. I hope you will eventually manage to get your characters back and enjoy your San Paro adventures once more. Good luck~
  8. Those maintenances should last for at least 24 hours, so we could have at least one day free in a week for all the other things in our lives, like jobs, schools, friends and family, hairdressers, etc.
  9. Whilst there is some data to back it up, scientifically, this tired cliché and old adage is not necessarily true, you deeply underestimate people’s ability to change, and people do change. Admittedly, some people are incapable of feeling remorse and of changing, they remain perpetual cheaters, but not just a handful of them, for various reasons, never go back to cheating again. Literally anyone can make an effort to alter their specific habits or behaviors. There are whole case studies on this subject worth checking. I would argue that none of us should be defined by our worst behaviors, but our willingness to change and actions we take to change ourselves. It certainly makes more sense to me than just blindly holding on to the belief cheaters will always cheat.
  10. Bambola

    Google Authenticator

    I remember my husband managed somehow to recover most of the data, including SMS messages, from my broken phone by using some recovery software. Perhaps you can see if there is a way to do it yourself, too. Other than that, waiting for the Support to assist in this matter is the only thing you can do, unfortunately.
  11. This should still be relevant, I assume.
  12. Almost two years later, it's still there... and doesn't get anything less annoying over the years. Au contraire.
  13. Perhaps this is slightly off topic, but it's certainly an interesting anecdote and something people making these kinds of threads should consider. There is this rather cute, young couple which started to play this game recently, yes they are bronze, totally clueless but really sociable and expressive, fun people to have around with a refreshing attitude. They plan to invest some money but they aired their concerns in the chat, saying they were on the APB forum and even on the main page they have seen a couple of threads saying the game is dead. Of course, they have got a full spectrum of opposite opinions in the chat, but I believe the district chat consensus settled that as long as you can have someone to play with, opposition to play against, and some laughs in between, the game is not really dead.
  14. No one argues the present continuous tense, but the simple past tense. I believe the game, in the current state, isn't for anyone. Personally speaking, I couldn't care less going occasionally 1:20 in a match against cheaters or highly efficient premades, as long as I have some kick and giggles here and there, it's fine to me. I perfectly understand people being unable to cope with it and I respect their decision to leave, but I expect them to treat in the same way those who are willing to stay.
  15. Which is, on the other hand, certainly better than being active just on the forum and stating the same.
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