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  1. Based on my previous posting experiences, I had to ponder for a while should I or not start this thread and unfortunately, only a few people understand the gist and purpose of it. I do not fancy the streamer's pretentious, arrogant and to extent vitriolic behavior, quite on contrary (despite my opinion they fit in well with the majority of this community). The point of the thread wasn't to seek the community's commiseration for his actions, neither was to start a witch-hunt, causing certain individuals to point fingers at each other in their rather clumsy attempt to defend and/or justify themselves or their buddies for their deeds. I have started this thread in the hope of it would push the community or at least a portion of it, into thinking and questioning further what we can do, or perhaps even more importantly shouldn't do, for the sake of the game we all say we wish the best for, in the hope it can induce us to delve deeper into the matter, take a minute of a few to absorb it, and see the bigger picture. I believe Flaws and Haganu have explained and summarized it quite well. As far as I am concerned, it's solely up to the moderators to decide if this thread has gone awry and has to be locked, as it provoked some posters to resort to unnecessary personal attacks, straw man arguments and digress from the subject.
  2. It's always interesting to see things from the perspective of a new player to APB, whilst reminiscing on our humble beginnings. It's even more interesting seeing how veterans, who are usually pretty much loud on the forums regarding the new players' treatment are dealing with them on their alt accounts in the bronze district. While one group of people are sincerely trying to encourage newcomers to stay, unselfishly sharing items and tips, the other group, after a lot of stream-sniping and preying upon newbies, has an unusual way to welcome them, to put it politely. Help me learn the game The way this community conducts itself shares the equal part of the responsibility for the current state of the game as various technical problems and poor management this game has/had in the past, if not larger.
  3. Considering the fact even streamers are openly using shaders, manually editing .ini files, removing muzzle flashes, making player models to disappear after kill and sharing their configs, I am quite positive the APB Advanced Launcher is allowed. Now, I am not certain whether or not things I mentioned above are allowed, but that's where the problem lies - you can't find an official statement regarding this, which should be pinned.
  4. What about those players who are legitimately bronze? Moreover, R200+ who are genuinely struggling to keep their silver threat? If this would be an official rule, then it would have to be applied to all players of all threats, meaning golds with 90+ days old accounts shouldn't be able to join silver districts which brings us back to locking players to their threat matching districts.
  5. Would change them all by making them tradeable or at least sendable (if that's still not an option in the game).
  6. Most likely I am alone in this opinion, but I'd never like APB to grow much in popularity, all it needs is a couple of gold/silver/bronze districts full and it will be just fine. To be as it used to be a couple of years ago. Smaller communities are always better for many reasons.
  7. In all of those situations I am either a) running around like a headless chicken, screaming, or b) going through my outfit slots, choosing the best one matching my mood and the situation. Whilst these two approaches of mine may be uncommon, they are proven to be quite effective.
  8. One should always lean for it makes them more edgy. Even in the Social.
  9. The majority of people who knows me, always tell me "Do whatever you want, just for God's sake do not drive". Others intentionally let me drive just to have some good laugh. Anyway, they should remove driving and shooting to make this game even more awesome.
  10. For some people this is a driving game with shooting, for others a shooting game with driving. To each their own, with both ways of playing being perfectly fine. If one cares that much to win, they should be able to adapt and overcome.
  11. Ram-raiding always comes with the risk of getting caught and losing your earnings. To a moderate extent, it is safer to do it in less populated districts. Yes, it's one of the in-game mechanics, but in most cases, one starts a witnessing mission just to be super annoying, which is even more detestable when it comes to new players.
  12. LO should seriously consider bringing back the daily events we used to have once or at least introducing some sort of daily login rewards. They can tweak the list of rewards to avoid multi-accounting abuse, but they can and should keep Jocker Tickets as one of the possible rewards. Besides, people would have a reason (more) to log in. I am surprised that's still not a thing in APB.
  13. OP, your credibility went down the drain the day you started claiming half of the bronze district are in fact closet cheaters.
  14. Temporary bans won't teach a person something where even their parents and the educational system failed at, and that's good etiquette and manners. Moreover, the current population numbers wouldn't be able to cope with such measures. Don't get me wrong, I feel you, this comes from a person who never said even a bad word to anyone in this game or any other as matter of fact. I usually just do not pay attention to what they say and leave them to suffocate in their own hate and misery. The less you pay attention, the more you'll be in peace.
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