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  1. Small titles with smaller but dedicated playerbases are always better, anyway.
  2. Bambola

    Butt slider

    I hate to say it, but that unfortunately does make sense.
  3. Bambola

    Butt slider

    Like having so many characters with some, I do not know... hideous excrescences on the front upper part of their body isn't already over the top.
  4. By holding the crouch key all the time you just develop arthritis sooner than others.
  5. Looks like some kind of a rhetorical poll, to be frank. In a practical manner, it doesn't make any sense.
  6. Bambola


    If you are starting the game via Steam, try running Steam as administrator, that could be one of possible solutions. Other than that, you should check if your firewall or/and Anti-Virus aren't blocking your connection to the server. I had the same issue, I wasn't able to connect for a year or so, in my case the issue was with the anti-cheat APB had at time, but I am not sure what was the actual problem. In the worst case scenario, you can contact support and put in a ticket. Hopefully some computer savvy people here will have a suggestion what else you could look into.
  7. Most of the issues the creator addressed in their video can't really be attributed to LO. To summarize the video - they do not fancy the weapon changes, but they will continue playing this game we love to hate and play at the same time.
  8. One is not edgy enough for APB if they are not playing on minimal settings on their high-end computers, anyway. So you should be fine, after all.
  9. My craptop begs to differ. Not just a few of people I know in the game play on their high-end computers, constantly crashing and complaining about their computer performance, whilst I have none of those issues, ever.
  10. I played this with an integrated Intel HD Graphics graphics card, it was somewhat playable (30-40 fps) and then I bought a new computer and got... another integrated Intel HD graphics card and it is working just fine (60-80 fps). With the right settings and computer optimizations, the game is playable even on a pocket calculator. The quality of graphics is, however, entirely another story.
  11. The threat segregation is not useless. I am fairly certain all those bronze players who go 1-10 against you or similar high silvers/low golds, would agree on this. Nothing is broken either. The real issue lies in the low population which affects the matchmaking system. Speaking of getting the gold threat in a bronze district, well, that's somethin inevitable for the majority, a person can go from Trainee to Gold without firing a single bullet in like 10-15 missions. Edit: I apologize for the derailing, we should stay on the subject.
  12. Colby Snub-Nose Revolver, since it can be easily-concealed and Agrotech DMR-SD.
  13. Everyone has their own play style, but mine is close to something you described. I compensate for my bad aim with being a sneaky backstabber. Outsmarting my, often more skilled opponents, is probably the most amusing aspect of the game to me, at least when we are discussing playstyles. Being aware of the fact I would probably lose one on one, face to face encounters due my aim and use of unconventional weapons, I resort to making diversions, using my teammates or world elements as distraction, just to be able to flank or come from behind. Retreat is always an option, whether it is for gathering again with teammates or for luring an opponent into a trap, I giggle every time when my opponents meet a brick around a corner instead of me whom they are chasing. Oh those whispers.
  14. Oh, thank you for the clarification. Shame, they should really make it a standard practice.
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