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  1. Because they are still waiting for the engine upgrade
  2. To be frank, the difference between playing with 20-50 ms and 100-150 ms latency is in... well, about 100 milliseconds, that's less than the duration of a single eye blink. I feel like people inflate the latency issue, undeniably the game doesn't respond realistically to the user input at latencies above 100-150 ms but it's far from the game being unplayable. I used to play on both NA and EU server, maily sniper role and had no significant issues. The only noticeable problems I had was in situations where I was put against people with 300 ms or when the server goes awry.
  3. Let me tell you, a couple of years ago, and I am sure enough people remember it, if I am not wrong during the Christmas Event, there was a bug allowing stunned Enforcers to be arrested by members of Criminal faction. Yes it was a short-lived bug, there was no role progress nor rewards or something like that for arresting an Enforcer, but it was fun. Technically, a Criminal could perform a citizen's arrest and still stay within boundaries of the APB's lore. I know implementing something like this isn't possible but perhaps in the future there could be some situations or maybe events where this would be a feature.
  4. Most likely it's because of free Premium, it comes with everything 20% off.
  5. You're right, achieving and maintaining gold threat is quite easy (e.g. Xanodia you've mentioned, or going from a trainee to gold without kills) in case someone has a decent computer, latency and aim. However, someone who doesn't have some of mentioned prerequisites or any of those, alternatively they are not gold because they simply do not try enough or they dethreat, with enough time spent in the game should be able to spot a cheater, moreover those blatant ones. Regardless of their threat. The whole discussion started with the statement "Aside you are a silver player .." in manner "How can you tell someone's cheating if you're a silver player?", and I argued someone's experience is way more important than someone's threat when making such judgements. You gave me a good prelude, following that threat logic would imply being gold makes one relevant enough to to distinguish a really good player from a really good cheater, yet you have people getting gold after an hour of playing, not even knowing how to equip their character modification. I doubt they would be able to tell who's cheating or not. Sadly, it could be difficult even for experienced players to be 100% positive regarding someone's legitimacy, given how skillfully they can hide it.
  6. Slightly off-topic... Someone's threat level has absolutely nothing to do with their game knowledge. I know there are some who'd like to present it as rocket science but in reality, it's quite simple - the only difference between a bronze, silver or a gold player who has, for example, 1000 hours in the game is their aiming/tracking skill, the main attributes qualifying a player to coherently discuss game relevant things is their experience, and well, intelligence. That's exactly why I find arguments like "silvers can't discuss weapon balancing" or "how can you tell someone's cheating if you're a silver" quite hare-brained. This kind of groundless elitism where disregarding someone's opinion just based on their threat level is justified should come to an end, once and for all.
  7. Dual drum is for casuals, a triple drum and triple stats is what Ogre needs. Or well, make a new legendary and call it maybe "NFAS-36 Ent".
  8. Whilst there is some truth in your post, I wouldn't a priori come up with such conclusions, especially not with generalizations. One simply shouldn't banalize things like that - "bronze district: casual players playing for fun", "silver district: toxic competitive players playing for win". Saying "bronze & silver don't even describe people's threat levels, they more accurately describe people's attitudes, personalities & reasons for playing" is nonsense, because the difference between bronze and silver district is in players' skill ceiling only, in both districts, the majority plays the best they can, striving to win. Of course, there are also players who care less about matches outcome, like me, yet more about spending some quality time gaming, however, that doesn't mean being competitive eliminates fun from the process of playing. One can be a good, competitive player, going for wins, getting them and having a blast while doing it. On the other hand, I know many people from silver districts who have an equally good time winning or losing as a win is just a sort of reward, a cherry on top. As someone who's well familiar, or well used to be, with both threat districts, on both EU and NA servers, I can tell you the toxicity is an individual thing, you will inevitably come across a toxic person in both districts, but far less in silver districts, at least judging by the amount of "best wishes whispers" and the district chat (this is a personal experience, could be wrong). Either way, I am positive I encountered more 'NFAS-Kev3-perc' and similar type of people in bronze than in silver district. I agree, going 0/20 all the time kills all the fun and will to play, but also doesn't make your gold opponents toxic people who are just playing for the win and ego boost. You have chilled, casual, fun and friendly people in both districts, as much as you have repulsive pricks.
  9. At least this solves the dethreating issue. Now newbies, if any, can get properly wafflestomped.
  10. "Trying to log in for half an hour, to go afk in Social"
  11. APB is basically Second Life with some shooting here and there. All rest, more or less, is the same.
  12. What is with people making threads telling people with their "lives", who tell others to do something else than APB, they are toxic?
  13. They should have extended maintenances more often, to be honest. It's like a forced detox many people really require but not being aware of that.
  14. The Forum looks like online Withdrawal Support Group.
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