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  1. I could be wrong, but altogether the population numbers are the same as before the segregation removal, if not even slightly increased. I don't think anything, population wise, will change soon.
  2. I would argue the removal of the (in)famous threat segregation had an imperceptible impact on the game population, more or less, the population numbers revolve around the same values as before the change. On average, there are about 100 players on Jericho (and goes up to 150 at best) and 400 players on Citadel (up to 450 at times). APB Watcher tends to give more accurate data, considering the fact many players do not use Steam. Normally, checking out the first few pinned topics and latest blog posts, along with the user made threads keeps you abreast of the game status. Additionally, despite being a small game, APB has a loyal streamer base, one can always check Twitch and see for themselves what the current situation is like, without even logging in.
  3. Pretty much so, some things never change, just like the implacable APB community.
  4. I must admit that, until today, I was convinced schadenfreude is a German word with no one-word English equivalent, but I was wrong, the English word for schadenfreude is epicaricacy. We learn something new every day.
  5. A server maintenance and a patch are two distinctly different things.
  6. But Jericho now has one full district instead of two half-empty ones! Besides, haven't you been told yet your skills drastically improve while you wait for the respawn so you could instantly die again and wait for some more?
  7. I have just checked with the Joker Distribution NPC Wilde in Social, using two different accounts, the DMR-AV PR1 and PR2 both are available for permanent purchase for the price you can see on the screenshot above. Perhaps it doesn't show up if you already have it as an account-wide item, that might be a culprit in your case.
  8. If I am not mistaken, you can get the permanent version with Joker Tickets.
  9. That's me right there, I suck at remembering people's names, in real life and online both, but I remember one's appearance quite well. So yeah, we should disable custom outfits for the Fight Club and action districts
  10. Yes, I'd love to know this, as well. The last time we tried to rip my characters, the anti-cheat blocked the injection (I am not a savvy, I am just saying what I have been told the issue was).
  11. This will certainly help with the dethreating issue and, although I am not quite optimistic regarding it, with Jericho's population issue, however, it will inevitably have a big impact on the bronze/silver part of the community and they make the majority of the current population. Time will tell whether or not this was a wise move.
  12. This has been an issue for quite some time now, and I believe everyone, or at least the majority already knows how to reproduce it. Unfortunately, I believe Frosi is right and it won't be fixed anytime soon. It's upon each one of us to stop (ab)using this lame bug, but knowing the community well, we most likely won't.
  13. This is not necessarily true, nothing has changed for a long time, a lot of players were "farmed" by better ones when they were new to the game, yet here they are, still playing. Admittedly, some people quit the game within the first 100 hours, but not all of them do. I had a pretty rough start myself. Removing the threat segregation would definitely solve the problem of dethreating (and presumably help the lower populated districts/servers) but that doesn't mean it would benefit the new players and other, less skilled, older players in any way. Instead of facing popularly called "fake golds" they'd have to deal with actually good and well coordinated teams. I always have to repeat myself, the real problem lies in the players' mindset who tend to prey on the weaker opponents, not necessarily dethreating itself.
  14. I won't speculate on this game future, your statement respecting its destiny may or may not be true, but I get to meet new players regardless, quite regularly.
  15. Granted, there are even whole clans in bronze, exclusively made of dethreaters, who openly admit they are there just to "farm sh*tty silvers", there are smurfs with trial leases on their zillionth throw-away account, but bronze and silver players de facto make the majority of the player base in bronze districts.
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