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  1. I am not quite sure what kind of advantages those configs give, I play crappy with or without them.
  2. You can secretly report your friend and then you'll both need 10k JT for the car. A good friendship is an equal friendship.
  3. My IT knowledge starts and ends with switching the computer on and off, I have no clue how this works, however I assume this is a misdeed of someone who is actually an active player, most likely frustrated with the fact there's always someone better in the game. Just recently I witnessed a district chat where people were talking about IP addresses when one of them said something in the following manner: "Okay I am taking this district down" and a couple of minutes later everyone got disconnected. I doubt anyone else (like a competitive company) would do something like this.
  4. We all were, at some point, in the same boat at some point. It just takes some time to get familiar with the map and weapons. People say APB has a steep learning curve, but I would disagree. Anyway, it pays off in the end, as APB is a fun game, despite of all its flaws. Make sure you pick a bronze district to play in.
  5. I am actually glad APB has never been, nor ever will be a popular game. Smaller communities are always better.
  6. It certainly might attract some old players to come back, but I wouldn't expect a bigger influx of new players. Once that (in)famous engine upgrade happens, I suppose APB's population could go back to what it was back in 2015 - 2016, but briefly only, before it starts dropping down again.
  7. It has been down since the last patch. Why, I do not know.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8wOpgR44as
  9. I wouldn't ask anyone, I'd rather see it for myself. Whenever I come back to APB, I have fun as ever before.
  10. You started to play 2012, which makes you an 8+ years old vet. So now you just have to learn the names of missions and try harder.
  11. The community was nothing less toxic when the players base had the thriving and constant growth, nor it had less de-threaters, re-rolls (what's wrong with making a new character, anyway?) or cheaters (sincerely, are there any blatant cheaters left?). I do no think the community is the main issue here.
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