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  1. I remember once, probably like 7 or 8 years ago, I told you no matter how badly you want to give the world a taste of its own medicine, it's never worth losing yourself in that process. Of course, you mocked me, but I really didn't mind. I caught a couple of your moments when you were just yourself and appeared to be high-spirited, witty and most likely an emotional person, which led me to a conclusion your behavior is just an act, or perhaps a sort of a defensive system. I cannot describe how sincerely I am happy now for you, especially after watching your video. Keep it up, Tess, wish you all the best
  2. MrEpicGoat & Film & Adolfia & Jinzo & McTosh & Emcitement. I am sure I forgot to mention some of the top pro players, but it has been a while since I was active.
  3. Shields are awesome mainly because you can leave one just next to your dead opponent's body, so they could contemplate on your well-crafted symbol design whilst waiting to resurrect. They get to enjoy art, you get to be edgy, it's a win-win situation.
  4. I am sorry to burst your bubble, but you're barking up the wrong tree. Despite being a gold player, I am not competitive (at least not for the last decade or so) and couldn't care less about a match outcome. I lose 15 out of 20 matches on average but I value one's positive personal traits way more than their skill, and that's a primary factor when it comes to choosing whom I play with, so seeing me with low-skilled, but fairly positive and fun people in a team is pretty much a common sight. Moreover, I used to avoid playing with established, high-skilled players even when they were constantly asking me to group with them just because I prefer laid-back, frivolous gameplay and to fool around during my matches. By the way, you have to fix your Google Translate, it appears to be broken.
  5. Personally, I love that feature and find it quite useful. I tend to use it often since I do not like to play with people on my team who have conspicuously negative or bad attitudes.
  6. I know, it must be overwhelming. People here tend to struggle with comprehending even simpler things.
  7. Unfortunately, one may expect even a bigger player base decline due to the current grim situation in Europe.
  8. Taking into account “wherefore” means “why”, not “where”, this thread has the latent potential of getting an unexpected and likely riveting twist.
  9. We only want it so we could complain how it's the same old recycled event.
  10. "The best" car is the one you like most of all. For someone that's definitely Patriot Vegas, or let's say Nulander Pioneer, someone can't live without their Bishada Rapier or Charge Mikro, someone prefers Dolton Broadwing or Han Veo, but stylish and sophisticated people always drive Dolton Fresno.
  11. Finally, a well-formatted post for us dyslexic ones. I appreciate it, thank you.
  12. Hey, perhaps I can't tell with a great certainty who might be covertly cheating and I shun all unnecessary judgement, but after 10+ years of APB experience I can definitely tell whether or not someone is new to the game, even if they are shamming. I do agree with your statement APB is steadily losing its players, even those newbies I get chance occasionally to meet and spend some time with usually do not stay for long.
  13. Admittedly, I do not visit San Paro often, I have perhaps 2-3 hours free per week when I could be playing video-games, but often I chose to do something else instead. Regardless, whenever I decide to play something and log in this game, I always meet someone new who's a genuine newbie and starting out on their APB adventure. Unquestionably, they do exist.
  14. I can't say I am very surprised by the fact that the majority of people who were particularly vocal in their criticism of the dethreaters are now doing the same thing - stomping on the new and/or noticeably less skilled players with no mercy and regrets. We can't use a double standard for measuring our own and other people's policies. The current system without the threat segregation seems to be working just fine as a band-aid solution, yet the crux of the matter still remains.
  15. So sweet and generous of you. I am glad to see San Paro can be still a kind, giving place.
  16. That's actually a great idea. Given APB is like Sims, basically a dress-up game with some shooting and driving here and there, I always thought having some instanced condos we could purchase and customize with Armas furniture would be an amazing addition to the game. The company would get a chance to make some good profit whilst we would be able to show off our interior designing skills. Pretty neat.
  17. Perhaps you could try to use the Repair function on your launcher or start the game with apb.exe in the binaries folder ("APB Reloaded\Binaries\APB.exe"). If I recall correctly that's how I managed to solve the same issue once I had it. Also sometimes a simple disabling of your AV software or just restarting the computer helps.
  18. It's far from being perfect, but having three full action districts and one fight club during prime time doesn't sound like the game is in a unplayable state.
  19. If truth be told, nothing significantly changed with the threat segregation removal, we were always dying to better players. We all were newbies once and had, more or less, a harsh start fighting noticeably more skilled players, yet here we are. If one gets Infatuated with the game, they will stay, despite all nuisances this game comes with. APB certainly has a steep learning curve, it's slow and arduous at times, but ultimately, it's rewarding. There are many useful, well-written and concise guides with regard to the APB game, dozens of videos showcasing weapons, tricks and tactics one could learn a lot from. Alternatively, there are always some live streams usually broadcasted by experienced and skilled players. It would be nice if APB had language and locality support for people who don't speak English, and I am probably risking here to call me a snob but I believe everyone who goes online, with more than half the content on the internet written in English, should at least know its basics, especially if they plan to be accepted by online communities. It is the current lingua franca of the world. I honestly couldn't ever agree with the statement APB has anything to do with the Pay-to-Win system, because it really does not, apart from the Premium status I can't think of anything else one can purchase with the real money only, gaining that way an unfair advantage over other free to play players. Without regular events rewarding Jocker Tickets, accumulating a fair amount of those is a slow grind, but it's certainly manageable.
  20. My wild guess, 22nd. Which would make sense.
  21. Given there are like 500 players playing this game, and we all have known each other for years, we are all a bit famous.
  22. If we grow up, who will play this video-game then?
  23. Let me jump on the bandwagon, given I noticed these maintenance announcements threads always turn into some kind of unfulfilled wish lists, how about banning at least blatant cheaters, if not many, then at least the one we all know for, who has been playing and openly cheating for quite some time without any repercussions? Personally, I do not mind the person in question, however, people started getting weird ideas how anyone can (and should) do it, given no actions will be taken against them.
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