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  1. since when did they changed to ELO-based threat system? since the last patch?
  2. Hi! i was gold, but now im silver ; last time when i was silver, was in 2017. Did threat-system changed? i read some posts about elo-based threat system...
  3. i had this bug too, as a crim, i couldnt destroy some storefronts, hahahahhaha.
  4. porkuspigus

    WF Area Bug

    most annoiyng thing is : citizens are blocking my way of shooting, and citizen's cars are blocking my way of driving :))))) .Are they enforcers?:))))))
  5. yeah this need a fix,i use kevlar3 too. And im pissed off bcoz Oca/JG/Oscar users, kill me with few shots :)))
  6. Hi!My problem is: i cant resupply ammo from resupply boxes, also i cant change weapon from resupply boxes ( i mean those resupply boxes bought with JT). Why ? Tnx in advance
  7. i cant enter Citadel , too. My money and JT are 0
  8. I have 2 questions: after implementing the new anticheat: 1) will game boosters still be legit? 2) will advanced apb launcher still be legit? tnx
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