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  1. For excessively long maintenance, it would be nice for players to be compensated in the style of 100 joker tickets or something like that.
  2. "Disabling out of mission collision contextually to prevent objectives being blocked" - it is not necessary. It will look ugly if one car goes through another. You already broke an interesting game mechanic in the form of a 5 star threat level, at which the player could be killed by players of the enemy faction who were not on a mission with him. There is no need to go along with people with mental disorders who constantly say that something is bad. DirectX 12 and PBR, new contacts, new content and fix cheater issue - It will be great. Balance has always been a problem with this game. In the case of randoms in my team, most often the players are even worse than me, and in the opposing team there are either cheaters or pro gamers. In general, your plans, as always, are huge. But the result can be much less. Well, we can only hope that the game does not become a corpse.
  3. Игра не будет популярна, потому что движок не обновлен и нет рекламы игры. Вместо этого мы слышим одни обещания.
  4. I had a cyclic sound lag once when shooting and a video driver crash. There were also invisible doors. Cyrillic in chat does not work.
  5. I think it's possible to create another similar code, add APB symbols there and improve the accuracy of the result.
  6. Annette_Sasha

    Symbol editor

    I propose to add to the in-game symbol editor the ability to generate an image from geometric shapes from a selected bitmap, similar to what is on this site geometrize
  7. Если были какие-то проблемы с переносом оружия, купленного в Innova Armas с Necrova на Citadel - могли бы тогда не переносить оружие. Но хотя бы перенесли только одежду и автомобили.
  8. Если исчезнут, то это будет прекрасное подтверждение того, что в России могут быть только лохализации, призванные не дать играть на официальных зарубежных серверах (или отвлечь внимание от них), чтобы потом кинуть на русских.
  9. Главное, чтобы при переносе персонажей на Цитадель были сохранены предметы, купленные в Армасе на персонажей Некровы.
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