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  1. going to start engineering school in few weeks. wondering if its going to work.
  2. bought new "sport" shorts, jacket & shoes
  3. ive been out few weeks now, there was not really a big transformation but my physical condition is alot better since only thing i did before going to army was sit at home and play games.
  4. new update!! i have been 6 months in the army now and im a airtillery truck driver.. another 6 months and im out.
  5. instead of the end timer saying <8 >8 or some poop like that, maybe we could get an actual timer saying how long it will last?
  6. when i started playing the only thing i wanted to unlock was osmaw, so i ended up grinding 2,5k joker tickets and buy the golden osmaw and get the Demolitions Rank 3.
  7. i didnt read but i think that right hand will work just fine.
  8. rode 7km's with a broken bicycle. the amount of hills are crazy
  9. well atleast you got further than i did its working now
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