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  1. I mean, to be completely sincere with you, I'd rather enjoy that service for free when the game is ''more'' enjoyable than now.
  2. Winter spec ops, the camo skins, fireball for some guns (it reminds me of Nerf). Assassin is good too but all weapons should come stock in full black idk. The alt skin for some weapons is good as well. I like the act44+jg on alt for those wood finishes, they look pretty classy. The camo thingy on the csg is pretty too.
  3. The artifacting is very minimal, you upscaled from 720p up to 1440p, there probably wasn't too much for the program to guess. I did spot some ''ghosting'' around fonts. Faces look fine, oh well. I'm now using a 5700xt, I had nvidia a few months ago and i messed around with deep learning a lot but never thought about upscaling this video. Dunno if i can use it on AMD. Anyways good job on that, it looks usable.
  4. No inconsistencies and rarely any trouble on my part. Most of the times it's 2 shots on my JG. On the CSG 2-3 shots, depending on the distance. The only problem i've ever had with them has been my aim. You're either set on target or you die, it's always been like that.
  5. Logitech g203. Light, good shape, good build. Not a braided cable on mine (idk if there's any other model that comes with one) but that's not even a con. Don't overspend on mice. Seriously.
  6. ah, huh. But there's still an unknown deep mechanic hard-coded in this game.
  7. never tried. how is that any better than actually landing your two jg shots. it's .65sec ttk + if you can hit the first shell for full damage (keep in mind you need at least 10m for that cuz spread is enormous) you can def hit the second one right after that.
  8. _chain

    APB2's THEME

    re-hire that guy and remaster this
  9. The game subscription should have a benefit. I think it's one of those things where it's either kept like this (premium grants customization and better cash and exp) or they just remove it. Why allow a free player to make twice the cash? (it's not like they can do anything significant with it) (the exp gain is significant though). Why allow a player to have full customization? What's the benefit of having premium then? About the game's monetization... I mean, their 'reliable' source of income right now are joker boxes. Everyone might want a legendary at some point, but not everyone wants to pay for a joker carbine, they can have it for free! (even though it has no slots. Not that it REALLY needs them either). As long as they keep releasing boxes they'll keep getting some income. That's why i think the items on armas are not as reliable. A unique player will 'run out' of items to buy, chances are they'll only buy 2-3 weapons they like / need and a vegas. That's a potential 50? bucks. About premium, they potentially make around 60? bucks a year from premium per player (considering that an unique player buys his 6 month subscription twice a year). In contrast, they should be making a lot more from jmbs.
  10. Yes! https://www.mirasafety.com/products/cm-6m-tactical-gas-mask
  11. turn into manageable bits, burn (you'll need a lot of heat because you don't want the meat to cook, you want it to burn), dispose of the remaining bones by grinding into dust and burying away.
  12. The toxicity has always been here i guess. Nothing you can do about it unless the server pop gets renewed. About the wallhacking problem, i have encountered a certain duo a couple of times over the past days that play in a pretty fishy manner, that some of the veterans in game acknowledged. Just 180-lock-ons while being focused on and shooting my teammate, not much else.
  13. get trials for weapons, you get a 35% discount on the weapon you're trying out. The discount lasts like a day I'm pretty sure.
  14. add my suggestions, disable weapon damage when leaving the zone lmfao jokes aside it's actually a problem. it's very confusing, sometimes you get the ''leaving the zone'' cooldown when walking in a straight line towards the marker.
  15. Change the way spawning works. Just spawn people randomly in the area, but a few meters apart from each other. Give like an 8 sec immunity time, where players also don't deal any weapon damage. This should be enough for repositioning in most areas. Mark the areas the same way it was done in RIOT. Since the cars make the game laggy for so many people, maybe disable and wipe all car spawns for the duration of the event. Then automatically kill and reposition the players into the designated area. If you also think that people might want to leave the event half way there and won't like to be repositioned, instead be allowed to walk around freely, just prompt them with a y/n decision (like the one for joining a group) but for readying up for the next event. A 30sec waiting time should be enough to get everyone ready for the event, and also allow the people that join mid-way to participate in it.
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