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  1. The grind is hard but the fact that the population is so low makes it even tougher. I can imagine advancing the harder challenges on FC is impossible for newer players, limiting the tickets an average player can earn even further. On an FC district full of people with various levels of skill anyone can get to at least silver rewards consistently, but there's just not enough players. Of course, with a larger population, tickets would be earned faster because it would be easier to find matches. The best place to farm for tickets is Beacon, but that only appears once a year (i think, haven't played in a while). Also halloween and easter. But still, those only happen once a year. Prices may be too high for what the game is right now, but it's probably made that way to have some level of player retention. Idk.
  2. I'm just hoping the engine release will also have some good advertising on twitch or whatever, or we're gonna be in pretty much the same spot Maybe also add a competitive mode with rankings, thats what kids like nowadays i think
  3. Driving is borked in this game because it's handled by the servers instead of the client. Cars handled pretty well during the open beta though.
  4. _chain

    Buff the ACT 44.

    shooter games with a bloom mechanic be like
  5. Bout a year after engine upgrade release. I hope I'm wrong though.
  6. It is what it is. There's no way around it. Pick a gun you enjoy and main it, you'll eventually get good at it and the game.
  7. And I wasn't talking about you.
  8. i use gouda or edam for my burgers. sometimes i'm feeling snazzy and i use blue cheese. WHO uses cheddar cmon man.
  9. had to play this shit on a shit membrane keyboard i bought 12 years ago in a chinese shop in town. poor thing was missing keys and the cable was chewed by the edge of the cheap table i used til 3 months ago, had to use it til i bought my current kb in may. yeah newfound wealth i guess.
  10. I used to play while listening to music. It got old after a while to have to listen to the equivalent of a kid bashing his face on a synth at twice the volume of the music i was listening to
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