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  1. we could use some akimbo guns though. even if it's only for looks
  2. _chain

    have you ever sold an account

    I've tried a couple of times and even got offers, but people wanted to pay next to nothing compared to the amount of hours spent, so nope. shoulda bought that stupid skull trooper because people went crazy over those omegalul
  3. It's been patched because people qq'd. Last time i tried to cqc snipe i found it way more effective to just ADS in close quarters, move in unusual ways instead of just jumping (since people tend to jump a lot around corners i do the opposite, i crouch down, works most of the times until they realise what you're up to)
  4. _chain

    Revert the CSG.

    Weapon jamming plzzzz Now seriously though. Bloom is the cancer of shooting games and I love shitposting about how awful it is for competitive gaming, but recoil patterns wouldn't work in this game either, it could lead to slower gameplay. and it is easy to hit enemies in the current state of the game anyway. It could be added, but making it unaffected by movement (kinda what Apex Legends has built in). about the shotguns... ehhhhg, since i don't spend money i mostly use the jg or the nfas, and you don't need much else for cqc.
  5. _chain

    Rate The Music Above You

    something i woulda listened back in 2010 7/10
  6. _chain

    computer setup thread

    uh... sick... desk bro why do you even need 4 monitors? What's your job? Do you even cockpit simulator and hotas bro? If not just throw 2 of the monitors out because you don't deserve them
  7. _chain

    of the opinion or humor .

    kkkkk simpatica piada galera mutt thought this was spanish
  8. _chain

    Fragile needs a buff

    explosive vulnerability would be cool instead of a health debuff, but i also suggest hvr vulnerability (only hvr IMO, ar and burst guns would be absolute arse to play against) since explosives are dodgeable on fragile anyways. (Not having a health debuff is already forgiving on good players.) Only having one of the two is lacking and would be a direct buff to the mod, but having both sort of avoids that.
  9. pretty sure that's still naming and shaming but whatever floats your boat dood
  10. nice 2005 WoW pvp montage brah
  11. _chain

    flowcharts for the feeble minded

    Someone has finally did it. Staff, pin this thread at the top of the list please
  12. _chain

    Crosshair bloom abruptly changes

    Someone said that hitting the fps cap makes you slide around on surfaces while standing still, didn't mention other effects caused by hitting the cap. If this is related to the fps cap you could try playing at lower fps (120, maybe even 60 since you really don't need double the fps to play this game even if it looks like arse at 60)