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  1. In that case he should upgrade to a ryz7 instead. And even that way he'll have money to upgrade from that 980, which he should definitely consider soon. Smh you'll have a better experience in every game overall following my suggestions. Also don't build a pc just for this crap, that's a waste of money, you're better off buying legos by the kilogram instead.
  2. Upgrade to an rx 5700xt (normal 5700 can struggle with 1080p 144hz) (rtx is a good option too) and an i7 8700k because if you're upgrading to ryzen from that i5 6600k you're basically sidegrading and also spending money on a motherboard, I just think it's smarter this way (I also don't think you need workstation performance in your pc, but if you do go ahead and grab a ryzen)
  3. _chain


    ight slow your horses mate i mean to integrate the web page into the game so i dont have to shop for shit on fuckin google chrome jeez calm down what are you even talking about
  4. _chain


    they should just make all the shopping be in-game, as a start.
  5. where did you see that, g? im curious. also, found this: https://www.downloadcrew.com/article/10711-windows_7_folder_background_changer
  6. by the time Cyberpunk 2077 gets released i won't have time nor will to play APB lmao
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