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  1. op? nah. but you'll get nice /w messages when you learn to tap the joker carbine
  2. Usable en su totalidad aún sin estar suscrito al juego
  3. I'm not exactly sure but this might be just what you're looking for.
  4. _chain


    i mean, if you were using a controller, sure.
  5. ah yes, a man of culture. 9/10
  6. I yawned after seeing the length of the first page. Then yawned again at OP. I'll probably read it, but i'll make some coffee first, hang on.
  7. I want to choose a few of these but I can't. Blowtorch is annoying, it's still a bit annoying to get remote'd because you can't hear it go off or get away quickly enough, it also should be limited in some other way. Valzipram is useless, car surfer should block some weapons to be equipped on a car roof. Most of this stuff needs some tweaking or balancing as far as I'm concerned.
  8. I prefer the small grain kind, i think it looks cute. For each cup of rice just add another cup and a half since this kind doesn't need as much water. And just let it simmer for around 15 minutes. Also, rinse your rice, it seems to help with the texture. Some people also suggest adding a bit of salt, it tastes better. It always ends up fluffy, soft and sticky, I think that's desirable in rice, but it depends on what you're making with it.
  9. maybe that's too much for a single post. as always half of this is trash, enjoy anyways
  10. Keep in mind most players get nervous in encounters and getting almost "blacked out" in a few shots makes some people panic, so I advise playing with full confidence and a calm mind because it really helps, especially against the run and gun type of player. The tapping speed, it really is just muscle memory, so practice as much as you can because there's no magic involved here. About the encounters, close up the sr15 is trash against any half assed smg/shotgun player, but most you'll encounter barely have any tracking skills and I find predicting the direction they will shoot at keeps me alive most of the time. TLDR: Always keep your distance and play smart (remember S is your new best friend, don't blast into the fishy corridors, predict shooting directions) develop muscle memory tapping the gun, try to stay calm.
  11. you're not the only one: i have my shit on high, looks decent, runs good, i don't need 140fps if i can have 100-120 and still clap, i used to play all my games on low til 2017 and i'm not in the mood of playin a play-doh game anymore hope that helps.
  12. _chain

    Be Blind!

    heyyy thatts pretty fucking hot. i'll drink to that
  13. I did. But the solution came with the villages, so xraying is kinda meh now. Pathfinding and botting is where it's at right now. I'll mention apb and hacking so the post doesn't get removed. Watch this: Oh boy! I sure dislike the people that hack in this game! Boo hoo anticheat does nothing. Matthew do something. If only there were another game, equally as entertaining or more, with a better ingame community, that i could play instead! I'm pretty fucking sad tbh. Nothing to do tomorrow too, guess i'll drink it off.
  14. It really is. Ah, the usual. As for my shit, people don't realise nailing the ideal tap rate on the sr15 and hip firing it is easy. Not really. But eh, I was rushing some endgame pvp action, so whatever. Trading is the solution. If you get a decent set of villagers trading unenchanted diamond gear you're basically set for the rest of the game. The next step is getting a mending trade.
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