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  1. Ah, I can FINALLY get reported whenever I get a killstreak on HVR or JG on a group of sore losers/triggerable players. Thank you LO, very cool!
  2. if i live that long, why not. Premium ran out though...
  3. If I don't see at least one character dressed up as Waldo I'm going to be very disappointed on everyone
  4. _chain

    House and furniture sistem for clans?

    Also pay rent? That would be funny. Everyone could have keys to their own apartment, like how everyone gets a free car at the start, and you could end up buying larger apartments, houses and even mansions, with shooting galleries or armories, where you could have your weapons and clothes on display.
  5. _chain


    get a better hard drive, it should help with loading times in all unreal engine games
  6. _chain

    Nhvr nerf.

    It has been nerfed? memes aside, there's plenty of ways you can still use your sniper in cqc. It just requires not jumping and actually aiming precisely. It's fun once you get the hang of it, for real. But why would you do that? If you want to play cqc get something intended for it and quit bitching in the forums.
  7. _chain


    No content to be released results in no updates to be announced, results in no ads for the game. Basic stuff here, wait for the new engine, then wait for the new content, then wait for the ads for the content, that will probably attract someone's attention.
  8. _chain

    N-tec Anarchy

    Anyone care to explain what this wall of text wants to say? I need that tl;dr NTEC is not op. With a star556 most of us can do exactly the same job.
  9. I generally have an easier time killing them than they have killing me.
  10. _chain

    Lock gold to gold

    No. I think I made a few better suggestions for when the game gets more players. Until then it should stay as it is right now.
  11. Became more of a general game issues thread, instead of just servers. All audio levels OTHER THAN GUNSHOTS, FOOTSTEPS and ENGINES should be fully adjustable. A couple extra sliders in the options menu with ambient noise, car music and etc. Haven't read the rest, did not find interesting, i'll make sure to read it later. I do agree on audio.
  12. Since the dawn of times we have had the same HUD design and layout, and we all have come to love it. With the engine update coming (probably? next year) the opportunity should be taken for enhancing the visual experience in this regard. A refreshing, less blocky, more "dynamic" HUD would be a blow of fresh air. My suggested changes: ~ Remove box-ness of the HUD elements ~ Higher resolution HUD elements (waypoint + objective icons, weapon icons, counters, radar/minimap) ~ Less of the HUD at the top of the screen (where all the action takes place) would clean up our vision and add immersion to the game ~ Important information (ammo and grenade counter, deployables, minimap and ESSENTIAL (meaning abreviated) mission objectives) gathered at the bottom center of the screen, preferably leaving the corners and sides of the screen empty and NOT touching the bottom of the screen, but two to three cm above it so you can give it a quick glance or use your peripheral vision to look at it ~ Stats (/fps) displayed in one of the corners of the screen, where it makes sense for it to exist. Not vital info? Out of the way. ~ Ability to move around the HUD elements in the options menu. Ability to scale up or down certain elements, or the whole HUD. Ability to remove elements of the HUD you don't want. With all this I would throw in as well a bit of customization, maybe a customizable color scheme ~ Contact rank/progress just shouldn't appear during missions. Notoriety, on the other hand, should (be smaller or simpler). (Other gimmicks that I've thought off but wouldn't appeal to a lot of people: Chroma support, maybe in the form of your keyboard flashing red when you get shot, an audio mixer/equalizer type lighting when you ride your car while playing music on the radio. Anyways, i don't own razer, so i don't know if that would just be annoying or actually kind of cool) (Also, how does the HUD work in 4k and 21:9? 4k is just a 4 times smaller HUD? 21:9 stretches your HUD to the corners or keeps it in a 16:9 aspect ratio?)
  13. _chain

    Making APB much more accurate

    HUD looks dirty "dirty" enough for me (compared to modern games with different HUD layouts). More things on screen wouldn't help. Accurate numbers in weapons, cars and mods instead of bars that are filled "this" or "that" much with a lighter gray color that the background gray would be one step in the path of decency.
  14. You did not take into consideration that people here cannot read and/or get offended easy
  15. Toxic manchildren, consisting of at least 50% of the population, and lack of content.