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  1. where did you see that, g? im curious. also, found this: https://www.downloadcrew.com/article/10711-windows_7_folder_background_changer
  2. by the time Cyberpunk 2077 gets released i won't have time nor will to play APB lmao
  3. aw. friendly @ snail man close thread maybe???
  4. chess, going out, occasional bf4 on a saturday night, daily workout. try getting some hobbies, work on yourself, whatever. At least that's what i've been doing lately. Maybe you just wanna game, so try to pick up something like r6 or quake
  5. I mean, you expect to get better at the game by playing against bad players?
  6. think you forgot to add ''and it makes me extremely depressed''
  7. bro you literally cant't understand us if your'e under 6'0 bro wtf are you even doing here you smurf get g r o w n bro wtf
  8. What i'm trying to say, most of the ones i've met weren't really attracted by the height, but other things. But yeah, i get it.
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