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  1. I'm good as long as the JT rewards get an increase overall. It's a complete pain in the patootie to "farm" as it is right now. Ammo prices increase? Not really. But some items could be more expensive. Explosives overall, high caliber rounds, things like that. 3 slot weapons could be a bit cheaper, true. I believe the price tag on the 3 slot osmaw was 30k? You have to either play all day to make enough money for that, or go farming at least once a week. TBH it's not THAT bad. Want the good stuff? Work hard for it. Always thought about it that way.
  2. The LTL issue is solved so easily you guys can't even imagine. Hear me out. NOT ALLOWING THE SAME WEAPON TO BE EQUIPPED TWICE (regardless of having that one weapon duped in your locker) crazy, isn't it.
  3. If the friends list had no limit that would be even better.
  4. thread I made on changes I believe should be done to the UI and HUD, check it out: ( shameless necromancing ) I wouldn't remove whispers. True, they are annoying to look at especially when people use them to rage, call names or tell you their father is Matthew Scott and he'll ban your account. I use whispers to settle deals while trading, chat with other players... It's far too useful to get removed. Emojis. Sure, a lot of games have them, and a lot of people like them, but they should be added as a toggle switch just in case you don't like your ascii faces turned into cheesy icons. Dragging around the chat, hiding it, hiding/ignoring certain chat channels (from whispers to yells, district chat...), setting the transparency of its background, switching around the colors of each channel... These are changes that should already exist in the current game.
  5. For 14000. It's definitely worth the money, I swear! Please!
  6. idk dude everyone puts the price they want. dunnowhatyouwantustosay but you probably want to hide the names of the guys in your signature or else you'll get that removed thats all, peace.
  7. Placebo. TBH... YALL NOOBS PLAYIN THIS SHIT AT 16:9 OR 4:3... THAT SHIT HELLA SUS DAWG Now lemme tell ya something Only true gold r255 mavericks like me play at 9:16 aspect ratio FITE ME
  8. too bad that leather jacked is awkwardly zipped 1/3 of the way
  9. what happens when these 3 cars are basically drag racing tanks. Either rework everything from the core or listen to feedback from the spct team and work from that. But, you know, one of the two is sprinkling glitter on a turd.
  10. my cat always used to smell like clean blankets.
  11. You can paint the customizable one pretty colors, slap a kit on...
  12. These guys don't know shit about cars. Absolute noobs. You just have to put a bigger spoiler on it... An air intake could also work
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