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  1. chess, going out, occasional bf4 on a saturday night, daily workout. try getting some hobbies, work on yourself, whatever. At least that's what i've been doing lately. Maybe you just wanna game, so try to pick up something like r6 or quake
  2. I mean, you expect to get better at the game by playing against bad players?
  3. think you forgot to add ''and it makes me extremely depressed''
  4. bro you literally cant't understand us if your'e under 6'0 bro wtf are you even doing here you smurf get g r o w n bro wtf
  5. What i'm trying to say, most of the ones i've met weren't really attracted by the height, but other things. But yeah, i get it.
  6. still hasn't happened to me honestly. though i agree on the rest.
  7. give me at least another 4 reasons to stay alive and i will.
  8. I mean, really, the only harm these symbols could do is piss off maybe one or two users. And even if they weren't added, people *still* make pentagrams (matter of fact, also swastikas, and other bad symbols) with stretched squares in APB. So why remove the extra customization options? People should get over this trend of getting easily offended because it can affect some forms of harmless expression. Also, today I almost beat up a woman in the subway, so my opinion on these matters does not count.
  9. i wish i was dead already. being tall doesn't help. i feel scammed
  10. Steam sales. *sometimes* g2a when I don't wanna pay almost full retail price for an old title. Don't expect to buy Cy2077 for less than 60 until after a year or so from the release date. Pretty sure the same thing happened with TW3.
  11. Just get a GPU, you won't be able to game much without that. I've tested a couple of my systems and my friends' and I can tell you most 4+ core processors will run it similarily since they all have mostly the same single-core performance.
  12. it's true though, and it has worked for me so far
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