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  1. Driving is borked in this game because it's handled by the servers instead of the client. Cars handled pretty well during the open beta though.
  2. _chain

    Buff the ACT 44.

    shooter games with a bloom mechanic be like
  3. Bout a year after engine upgrade release. I hope I'm wrong though.
  4. It is what it is. There's no way around it. Pick a gun you enjoy and main it, you'll eventually get good at it and the game.
  5. And I wasn't talking about you.
  6. i use gouda or edam for my burgers. sometimes i'm feeling snazzy and i use blue cheese. WHO uses cheddar cmon man.
  7. had to play this shit on a shit membrane keyboard i bought 12 years ago in a chinese shop in town. poor thing was missing keys and the cable was chewed by the edge of the cheap table i used til 3 months ago, had to use it til i bought my current kb in may. yeah newfound wealth i guess.
  8. I used to play while listening to music. It got old after a while to have to listen to the equivalent of a kid bashing his face on a synth at twice the volume of the music i was listening to
  9. Opinion... huh. Last time I played it was probably august. The game felt the same way as it did back in April (the skrubz were still getting it) but somehow it became annoying. I rarely have fun anymore even though I stopped playing APB, which should have made me happier. So it probably has to do with something else in my life. I wonder...
  10. _chain

    Pop shooting

    put glue on the corners of every wall, i don't know, what do i look like, an oracle? hahahaha there's things in this game that are abusable anyways. this one in particular also relates to another problem: the good old crouch spamming. isn't that one annoying as well? i can't say much about the corner popping because it's not only related to shotguns, you can do essentially the same thing with sub-machineguns, ARs... with less ''returning to cover'' and the same amount of killing (even though i only play CSG, you caught me there)
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