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  1. they need to add some rice to the lower class vehicles. i want a varzuga with a really tall spoiler on it, a wide kit, a carbon fiber underlip, a hood air intake...
  2. They should consider paying a famous streamer some of those le good dollarinos to stream the game once it gets upgraded and it'll probably bring some players in. Not 30k players. At least a couple hundred. Give the streamer codes to give away, or a sign-up reward for people entering a code on login, some sht like that. Might work.
  3. Ight. My character loaded in with some serious weight problems, looked like it starved for months. A quick fix to that was just hopping into the character editor booth and squiggling around the pointer, then leaving the booth. Though the character really wanted to turn back to its true skeletal form, and on successive relogs it went back to 25kg of body mass, but it was to no avail, because i set it back to normal every time. The game looks... Okay again? The colors and textures make you feel like you're playing a 2010 xbox 360 shooter. Oh, right. It certainly runs fine. But I didn't see a big difference compared to Live. I've noticed the Master audio slider also works differently, not only the mouse sens. On Live i keep it around 0.15, while on Beta I had to set it to 0.5 to achieve the same volume. There's still no "hold crouch" in-game setting, among other things. Overall a great job. Looks good, runs good (on my hardware: 5700xt, 16gb ram, r5 3600. Around 110 fps, high setting on asylum, didn't drop past 60 I'm pretty sure) And now, I will, again, reiterate. The whole ui begs for a redesign. Why does it have to be blocky? It's not a techy universe set 200 years in the future from now. It's a chaotic street gang game. The elements on screen should help to convince the player that it's actually a thug war game. Again about design, bring some UI elements closer to the center or bottom of the screen, where less action takes place and it should not be too intrusive either. For example, ability timers, ammo counters.
  4. Oh boy the game already sounds more fun with these changes in mind
  5. b-but i need a 3 slot JG that i will immediately switch for a 3 slot PMG after landing a 16% assist on 6 trigger pulls, a Cop's Bane that i'll switch to the many ATACs i bought in 2017 because this one guy kept str8 up min ttk lasering me at 50m. and dnt get me stARTED on the SECONDARIES dud liek how am i even supposed to win these pistol fights with the garbage fbw i need to buy a nano matt please i beg you please
  6. boo hoo i can't make enough APB$ per match to make up for the cost of my EXPENSIVE and excessive summoning of transportation media. m-matt please matt i beg of you come on bro please
  7. Redesign the whole UI including the HUD and all of the option menus. PLEASE.
  8. SMGs. Plain boring W+LMB gameplay. I much prefer torturing myself by playing csg.
  9. nice HEX colors.
  10. any rifle will do. you will also learn to tap the gun and people will get mad at you and accuse you of hacking Play other games too. quake will kick your patootie for the first hours til you get the hang of everything, including aim
  11. JG in A tier but not the CSG? breh the dislike is from someone inconsistent with his aim for sure lol you're just making my point now.
  12. Same. Equal performance for almost 200 extra euro for the i9. idunno dude.
  13. nooo muh stockerinos!!1! it's literal patootie though. i'd rather crush my parts with a rock than have to grind for months for that thing
  14. Maybe a small indicator next to the crosshair should be set up to toggle in the options menu. You won't really look at a health bar at the top right of your screen that much.
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