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  1. Can't say I like explosives/launchers because it has always been the "low silver r255 pick" for when they've raged you enough on whispers about using rifle and being trash, but they are still losing miserably. I've struggled with those tiny and invisible grenades for way longer than i'm proud off, until i learned proper zoning. The atac is also pretty easy. But, eh, there's not much we can do about that without making it useless. About hvr and the rfp... The only struggle for me has been related to hvrs and corner huggers. The rfp doesn't seem to be used much lately? I've barely seen more than 5 rfp lately, and I've been grinding ranks on a new char for a couple of days. (speaking of grinding levels, they should really consider making the exp gain equal with and without premium, and leave premium exclusively for cosmetics and earning cash in games)
  2. _chain

    Mute themes

    adding small quality of life things like these will probably do more good to the game than just telling everyone to fill their ignore list lmao.
  3. Don't keep the new song, remaster the old menu theme, do something about the new title screen that people dont seem to like for some reason.
  4. First off, you need the better ping. You'll just keep struggling with that when facing decent players. Apart from that, i've noticed that a lot of people don't really flank, they also don't move in units most of the time. This is probably due to lack of communication, since most of the time I use the team chat this problem gets sorted out. The thing that helps me win most of the times is enemy and environment awareness. Basically knowing where to go, from where to attack and who to attack first. So yeah. Awareness, communication, using a rifle, moving in units... these things really help. btw you can shoot people through most fences/safety bars and under cars but some players still don't know so shhhh
  5. my piece of input: remove players that have been afk for a minute because when everyone except the afk dies you have to sit there and watch him do absolutely nothing until he dies or whatever.
  6. What an absolute waste of time and effort! Thanks, I hate it!
  7. i'd get the yakuza skin. IF PEOPLE WERE PLAYING Oh, also, can anyone explain why the riot npc over at social exists? It's just a few lore sprinkles?
  8. this is amazing what's up with the 2008 emo girl profile pic. i thought we were already over that phase.
  9. I mean, if you've been waiting for more than 10min why not just give up and do something else with that time lmao. seems counter intuitive but trust me
  10. _chain

    Please get rid of this

    Hello, i'm trying to become a profesional necromancer. Enjoy Back on topic, that piece of text really is annoying. But you can probably say that about the entire UI at this point
  11. Tbh they should buff the JT rewards by a bit. Instead of 5-15 jt per quest make it 20 or something actually noticeable. Idk about fc actually, anyone can make like 400jt a week. But right now, with these rewards it takes around 20-25 weeks of FC to make enough tickets (if you only get bronze and silver rewards) for a perm or a 4slot 4x4. By buffing JT the worst that could happen is that we'll get to see around one or two more 4x4s in districts (not like they're a rare sight right now), and maybe a couple more atacs. that's about it.
  12. parents need to teach their kids when to shut up and how to stop posting stupid shit online. good luck learnin bub
  13. Everyone uses the bob cut on female characters for a reason lmao. It's about time they fixed stuff like this, it's probably been a problem since the beginning of the game
  14. Aye i'll tell ya how to win m8. It's ez. Even more if you can get your team to group up for longer than one minute. You do need to have a bit of luck with weapon drops, or just buy your primary once you have money. Anything mid-range or quick ttk will work wonders. Everything you'll be doing is going to be camping closed zones and scraping off some kills in the form of guys with reduced visibility. Sometimes you'll even get very lucky and you'll find a nice camping spot where you'll be completely hidden while also being able to sniff the little cheese cubes naively approaching from the fog. thats about it. enjoy.
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