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  1. NEVKE

    Sex change

    I have a solution for you. Buy the highlander pack which unlocks a skirt for male characters and apply makeup. Enjoy!
  2. NEVKE

    New Interface Design

    I like the addition of the damage curve and the loadout slots. Great job
  3. Does anyone else thinks that the prices of joker ticket weapons are ridiculous? I did quick calculations and to get a weapon for permanent usage with 3 slots(10000 joker tickets) it takes around 55 hours. I considered getting 100 joker tickets daily plus 800 weekly, which is quite a lot so you can even probably divide it by two if you are less experienced player. I play around an hour daily so it takes nearly 2 months to get one weapon. To me it seems like it's made to make people pay real money and give an illusion of choice. There are many people like me that cannot spend more than an hour daily in the game and would like to get a new gun at some point. Lastly I understand that the developers need to make money on the game but there should be a better balance. For example 12 days of grinding would be more reasonable, and people wouldn't get burned out and even quit the game.
  4. NEVKE

    Low fps on high end pc

    I know that it's a overkill but I still can play the game. Yes, it crashes constantly once per hour or so, but still it's playable. I had better experience on my 970 though, but it's not efficient to change my card just for apb when I play other games too.
  5. NEVKE

    Low fps on high end pc

    I've had a long break from the game, but now I'm coming back to it, and I'll try to get some HDD to test it for myself. If it comes to third-party launchers I never really messed with these, since on live streams I saw that APB looks awful while using an advanced launcher. Also, I wonder if the new engine update would fix problems with the newest hardware. I'm really thankful for all of your help and effort in solving my problem.
  6. NEVKE

    Low fps on high end pc

    I used DDU and I even have installed win10 again and got same results. The main problem is with this weird 1sec lags that are random. Some people said that it's happening when players are joining the district. Thanks for reply.
  7. NEVKE

    Low fps on high end pc

    Recently i got myself a 3070 and after playing other games like cyberpunk, etc. with great experience and fps, furthermore, I launched APB and my fps are really bad if not worse than on my old 970. Options doesn't matter and GPU utilization on their highest peaks reach 22-25% Is there anything what I can do about it? My full specs i7-9700k 5.0ghz oc 3070 gaming x trio 16gb ram ddr4 3000mhz nvme ssd 1tb
  8. Character Name: NeVeKxPL Server: Citadel EU Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)
  9. Error is resolved by reinstalling msvcp110.dll and msvcr110.dll. Thanks for trying to help :)
  10. i dont have any errors with battleye and apb from g1 doesn't work like steam or otw version.
  11. When i click" play" on steam game is running and then quickly is not. I was trying to reinstall many times and verify game files but it doesn't help me. Btw. i cant verify or backup game files. link: https://imgur.com/a/i1jrVYm
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