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    Buff the ACT 44.

    shooter games with a bloom mechanic be like
  2. Bout a year after engine upgrade release. I hope I'm wrong though.
  3. It is what it is. There's no way around it. Pick a gun you enjoy and main it, you'll eventually get good at it and the game.
  4. And I wasn't talking about you.
  5. i use gouda or edam for my burgers. sometimes i'm feeling snazzy and i use blue cheese. WHO uses cheddar cmon man.
  6. had to play this shit on a shit membrane keyboard i bought 12 years ago in a chinese shop in town. poor thing was missing keys and the cable was chewed by the edge of the cheap table i used til 3 months ago, had to use it til i bought my current kb in may. yeah newfound wealth i guess.
  7. I used to play while listening to music. It got old after a while to have to listen to the equivalent of a kid bashing his face on a synth at twice the volume of the music i was listening to
  8. Opinion... huh. Last time I played it was probably august. The game felt the same way as it did back in April (the skrubz were still getting it) but somehow it became annoying. I rarely have fun anymore even though I stopped playing APB, which should have made me happier. So it probably has to do with something else in my life. I wonder...
  9. _chain

    Pop shooting

    put glue on the corners of every wall, i don't know, what do i look like, an oracle? hahahaha there's things in this game that are abusable anyways. this one in particular also relates to another problem: the good old crouch spamming. isn't that one annoying as well? i can't say much about the corner popping because it's not only related to shotguns, you can do essentially the same thing with sub-machineguns, ARs... with less ''returning to cover'' and the same amount of killing (even though i only play CSG, you caught me there)
  10. _chain

    Pop shooting

    Yeah just slow down the animation on consecutive key presses and promote actual skill lmao.
  11. i'm a schmokin' hot otherkin nonbinary bisexual girl.
  12. _chain

    Change for few weapons

    Nah bro. I'm fine with the R2 changes and making unused guns viable, but don't even mention the shotgun cqc class, I know a thing or two about those because it's the only weapon I've played this year, and trust me, I don't need an even longer ttk against an SMG meta. I'm just wondering if you've actually sat down for a few days or weeks to try the weapons. The strife change wouldn't change much. But I feel like it's made with other things in mind. For it to enter the meta it should offer something different and complementary to the other 2. I'll break it down for you: JG allows for dumbed down gameplay at closer ranges (point open end of the barrel in general direction of enemy, pull trigger until killed). The CSG offers higher range while also requiring you to be accurate with your pellets at spit range to actually 2stk, at a slightly longer ttk. Now, what could the Strife offer that these other 2 aren't doing already? About the ACTUAL In-game changes: No one asked for a .44 and RSA change. It was pretty uncalled for, actually. Like, I can get to the same train of thought that led to the changes, buuuut... Just, nah. The RSA already kills slow enough (it's almost 2 seconds of TTK down range) definitlely not posing enough of a problem against ANYTHING other than another RSA for a change to be made regarding accuracies moving. Obeya is like "you're challenging me, bro?" and so are most weapons. The .44... Idk man. Sure. Most of the time if I'm crossing an open space I'll run with the gun out already (like most people do) so it's not even a relevant change. More like a concept misunderstanding. And the range... Eh. It already struggled enough with being actually 4stk in most scenarios, about 3/4 of the fights (especially fighting against clotting agent 2-3) (no one plays Fragile. I do, but you get it). I find myself using those as suppressive, supportive weapons. You know. Allow rotation, keep an enemy still, and in some cases allow for someone else to finish the job quickly. The Snub looks like a pocket gun, I guess just add a line in the code that makes it switch slower to some guns, or start accounting for de-equip time and completely rebalance. No other comment on that one, no one will use it anyways.
  13. Make sure you remove the ciggy before you do any of this or you're going to feel extremely disappointed.
  14. Cuz they get their asses kicked the milisecond they step into silver lol. and these too are the ones that call you into an empty gold only to try and cheese you out with a pmg in a 1v1 it's actually sus my man.
  15. apb in space pls im think it wold be awesome because it wold be cool : ) upvote so matt see this
  16. this fucks me up inside. hit the nail straight in the damn head man
  17. Though he said ''everyone has them by default'' referencing the fact that everyone has premium now. I forgot the cooldown changes! hahahaha
  18. Why? It's supposed to revert back to normal once the quarantine ends.
  19. And here I thought it was No Simp September.
  20. Indifferent. I don't read manga. What is this from?
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