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  1. "A quick note that i can give, is that older drivers might be able to completely fix all those problems, i sadly do not know which which driver version." yup found but its still not all (small updates from windows can also cause this the ones with "KB" in name
  2. i think you didnt read my post ... i dont have any troubles with a game since i rollback few windows updates
  3. if vip sits in car reduce this car max speed by 50% (cause runners) vip fixed ... xD set a vip to best player in group comparing score at this mission (or kill death ratio) about lifes vip lifes for example will be 5 opposition lifes will be 5 * players in team (or 4 it depends on ballancing) after vip team dies twice in a row vip loses 1 life ps. make a random last stage ?? with change dependency on how much ppl is in the teams 2v2 3v3 - will be most likely tdm and 1's or 2's carry base points and hold points 4v4 5v5 - will has vip 5's carry (amount 1) and missions from above above 5v5 - (so that heavy missions 10v10) 5's carry with amount greater then 1(most likely 2,3), double vip(a fightclub one)
  4. well ghostshoots are mainly client predicting you shooted but that information didnt get into the server so server rejects the information you killed a player cause that ONE shoot didnt get delivered to the game server. There are numerous factors coresponded to this few of them: Low game FPS, high Latency, increased server latency, stutters, macro usage without knowledge how to setup it (aka 1ms clicks), high FPS and high latency, packet losses... etc and so on.
  5. its just a driver / windows update fault. Im staying at 1903 windows 10 build and im good with 2080 Super without crashing(or having any other issues with it) ... so i supose its some directx updates that gets this shit fucked. Or im just lucky silly person. EDIT: i tested APB on everything maxed out(using custom configs for that) and my RTX 2080 Super was used at 60-80% so yea ...
  6. TheSxW

    Change for few weapons

    agree to the rsa and .44 instead i will buff r-2 and nerf .45 (cause of 1024x768 abuse) for snr it should slow change from main to secondary but faster from secondary to main ?? i think this change is ok i think... (didnt tested that out now but qs'ing was a thign for everything tbh...) about the JG i hate to say but that insane 2 taps are driving me crazy cause ppl don't need to hit all pellets to kill now... b4 it was 75 + 25(or 50+50 with hitting like 67% of pellets twice to kill) and now that we have that "percentage damage" thing (if its still there...) you don't need to hit 50% of pellets you can hit less and still kill - its hard to explain with words i hope you can understand what i mean. i will even recomend to lower down dagame fro jg from 75 up to csg dmg and maybe then buff csg damage up ? cause you nee dot hit that all pellets from csg (and its harder to do then with JG)
  7. R-2 Harbinger - Recovery time is too high - recomended 0.450 -> 0.380(or 0.4) (allow to use this weapon more often ... cause now its trash at longer distance then 5m) - also will advice to change Damage from 25% up to 30% it will still be 4 shoots but will remove that aspect of clothing agent 3 healed up which adds 1 up to 2 shoots if you wait long enough Obeya CR762 - Per Shot Modifier - recomended 0.44 -> 0.5 (or 0.48), Recovery Delay 0.1 -> 0.12 - just to nerf that macro type of playstyle SG-21 'Strife' - Fire Interval - recomended 1.25 -> 1 (or 1.1) - noone uses that cause it has longest ttk ever as for cqc weapon JG - Fire interval 0.65 -> 0.7(or 0.75) - or something between - removes Overpowerness from JG CSG/TAS - Fire Interval 0.7 -> 0.75(or 0.72) - still good at longer distances but give up on few weapons on close cqc Scout's - Damage 60% -> 57% - still allows to 2 taps but removes overpower aspect out of it Joker SR15 - now its sniper rifle i'm not sure reducing crosshair size increase was a good idea (it was good as it was now its macro weapon AMG-556 - need increased horizontal recoil by 10% up to 15% N-SSW + VAS SW2 - Fire Interval 0.155 -> 1.6 Concussion Grenade - Ghost damage if you drop a nade incorectly (somehow damage is better below grenade then it going around the grenade) OCA-EW 626 - why buffing already good weapon ?? N-TEC 5 - useless buff. like why ... should i remember ppl there is a gun named Temptress ? which also need a some kind of nerf ... more maybe later on... PS. tell what you think about those changes?
  8. @404 TG-8 is good enough the only lack of thing to make it overpower is distance of 35m at 36m there is no stun dmg well im not sure about scout + pig now ... hmmm
  9. as Title says, there is a naughty limit of 3 weapons/mods/others (regenerate 1 item able to buy per 1 day) to rent an item using NPC (the 10 days one's, mods or other items) - i would like to get rid of this for other players also. edit: about renting weapons i think if you are able to get up to 1000 days of renting gun should get permament in this case (its alot of apb$ anyway) edit2: small calculation with 1000 days renting get permament ==> for stock N-TEC which costs 3264 it will goes to 326.400 APB$ to get permament (i think its a good price if not then increase or decrease it... whatever) there is also one other change which is in the Tutorial: as for there are 2 stages in tutorial "1": get 10 day weapon, "2" get permament weapon, I would suggest that this 10 day weapon should give a player ability to use all those weapons in that 10 days peroid or if its not enough just increase the timer to 14 days... Then new player will be able to choose permament weapon of hes choose and not just pick random one. @Sakebee - I think you are the most capable to push that forward. Thanks ps. Yup English isn't my native language but i hope you guys can understand what i want to address here. edit3: i dont know from where i come up with that 7 days its 10 ...
  10. finally someone who thinks and drops error logs xD solution: check lastest windows update (your windows made) and removes it... stay max at windows 10 build 1903 and prevent windows from updating itself just for playing apb Src\D3D9DrawPrimitiveUPWrapper.cpp:293 < this is a bug from windows cause they stop supporting some staff id d3dx. I tried to edit those files but its ended to not working or randomly crashing in diffrent place the only way is to remove that KB update i mensioned somewhere in this forum and ofc. using lower graphical settings i preffer to use flaws one it works well ps. will search for that kb update and will psot it there after i find it (in edit tag) EDIT: Posted May 27 Hello please note me below if you have any issues of using RTX graphics card cause as far as im using it i didnt have any issues (except 1 place then i setup everything to be maxed out in advanced launcher) 1. im using Flaws config from hes twitch channel (a New Graphics one) 2. uninstalled updates from Windows called "KB4552931" and all installed with it[at the same date] (if you install it regulary you will not have more then 2) thats all i done to get stable gameplay without any crashes on silver districts (i regurally play in like 2-4 hours sessions)
  11. @DavidHemi thats sad that ppl rly need to cheat to win against 3 silver players ...
  12. file was corrupted or you have this files infected at some point by something we dont now. good you fix that uninstall physix you have and install the one from apb reloaded or download one again from nvidia website. And most likely scan your pc in search of viruses or malware "emsisoft emergency kit" is a nice virus scanner (just dont install anything other then the scanner ) cheers!!!
  13. TheSxW

    Probleme échange

    activate 2FA in website then login to your account from one PC wait 3 days and it should be lifted ( i have same problem long time ago ) later after you trade you can turn that off ( but still you will need to wait again 3 days because you turned this off )
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