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  1. just make them infinite as a MOD ... i agree with your idea xD
  2. Im also getting disconnected after choosing character both of them (so i will try to get a new one and see how its gonna work out)
  3. i would like to see shortcut of that stream ;( i sleept at that time nooo...
  4. TheSxW


    this is strange they didnt include restrictions in apbdb
  5. Now with BE it works same as with EAC just do it as tut displays it at beginning (replacing EAC with BE xD)
  6. @BilalGG please send your PC specs and configs you are using that could be caused by one of this things. WHy i think so ? cause performance improves for me slightly No players test: EAC: 100-120 fps BE: 144 fps so there is a diffrence
  7. yes this is a bug with all missle/projectile type of things grenades missles bricks etc. same goes if you stay close to a wall and try to jump throw grenade pass it
  8. well in very known cheating forum you can find that EAC has a vournebility which works for over 3 years straight. Both anticheats are shit BE and EAC but Matt tell us he has some another internal measurements except BE whic hshould be just to prevent lazy external access to the game. As i think Matt should as fast create or buy or whatever with serverside solution which will get informations about suspected players and report them automatickly for review and after some time it could even to this automatickly if good AI will be written PS. AutoIt and AHK is blocked now thats why i have no issues yesterday by playing on silver districts lmao
  9. @EazeI im suspecting some "friend borrowing" over here
  10. TheSxW


    @randomguy343 proapbly devs forgot to remove some restrictions after copy paste item in database :)
  11. its known issue "server didnt log you out from game" or "didnt unlock your character to login back" type to support they should help you out with unlocking it
  12. @yood he made it to check if rewards are displayed properly on new character or its only 1 character bug which it isnt cause i have the same thing over all my accounts
  13. i dont know what you mean ... unfreezed ram usage displayed at 30minute and yes i sucked at this gameplay cause of 1920x1080 ... i tend to play 1024x768 ... ps. i found a way to get 2.099MB of usage for APB all players turns white and after liek 40min of gameplay im getting General Protection Fault without any other information i will nee dto investegate it but that thing makes my game runs 144FPS at 1920x1080 on RTX2080 Super ... isnt that good enough ??
  14. BE detects if you have it installed in windows go do programs uninstalation tab and just simply click uninstall it should help or as @tucsonfeuer said check if you dotn have some VPN running at background but thats strange it checks for that ... hmmm I have both AHK and AutoIt (not installed) and im good
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