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  1. im not say i asked Matt about shaders LOL ... anyway i asked As public as i can and i received an public response so nothing is violated
  2. 80% of first of 3 concepts of game modes ;)
  3. i will just say... OPGL and STUN OPGL ... but concusion granades are broken ... (after bouncing from moving object)
  4. YES !!! + Add hours spent on that account in scoreboard (like total hours of all characters combined) Ban multiaccounts - or just block creating them for those ppl (dethreat avoidness) - playing on bronze servers and after day ends they reroll on another account next day still playing on bronze with another account ... you dont need to make new accounts if u play fair and legit
  5. one of my fellow friends got same issue, its propably windows issue some packages, updates or something like Microsoft visual's its hard to tell Delete APB_Geko ? that file which displaying errors just remove its contents ;) PS. @KyoukiDotExe old forum is down xD
  6. maybe corrupted update ? - its plausible - if u just run repair it could be fixed propably
  7. Guys did u try this ? post if it helps
  8. Win 7 have alot of HOLES that cheaters uses if some program uses program/dll library or simmilar that is flagged by BE as cheating entry then u need to remove this app from running on win 7
  9. TheSxW


    @kukki and turn off "One frame lag" or something simillar maybe this will helps you out (eventually vsync and other features crap)
  10. @SilverBlue just restart game its common isue of not optimized game ... i drops from 90+ to 40 so ... yea
  11. considering what you are typing above - my ping jumps from 60 to 250 then back down to 60 - it will freeze for 5-10 seconds for about 5-7 times in a row i will add: - short freezes each 60 seconds jumping from 90+ fps to 1fps and go back to 90+fps - or freezes with frame time jumping from 10ms to 600+ and go back to stable 10ms maybe this will help but it will lags hard ("hard lags" means for 3-6 seconds) once per 5-10 min depends on PC ( IF IT WONT HELP U REVERSE THE SETTINGS AND TRY TO USE SOME FLAWS CONFIG ) Reason: garbagecollector is broken and using function PurgingPendingKillObjects or ClearUnusedObjects causing this freezes Fix for devs: removing clearing over time and clearing this after each mission or if it reach maximum 3000MB of ram usage person who finds it: TheMaoci his github: https://github.com/themaoci -NoVerifyGC to shortcut for more than 4GB of ram TimeBetweenPurgingPendingKillObjects=0 -> turns off the garbage collector but at the same time bugs the Editors in game so dont use that + id preffer to use low config with that because it will fill up slower. It will clear RAM each time it reach 3GB, something around 2600-3050MB above 3150MB game crashes lowering GarbageCollectionMemoryCeilingGb should lower the ram force clear on GB usage (if u set below 2.8 it will not work - not sure about lower values but it works for me at 3.0 and above for me if i set it on 3.0 it will clear ram at ~2600MB if i set it on 3.5 it will clear ram at ~3100MB TimeBetweenPurgingPendingKillObjects -> this one only freezes game each minute if its set to default 60
  12. INFO: * Uninstall all: Microsoft Visual C++ from Control panel * after that delete file listed by BE C:\Windows\winsxs\x86_microsoft.vc80.crt_1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b_8.0.50727.6229_none_d089f796442de10e\msvcp80.dll * after all of that install this package of all Visual C++ runtimes https://www.computerbase.de/downloads/systemtools/all-in-one-runtimes/ * after that run some virus scan for my friend its blocking "RIVA Tuner" and "Start is back" PS. BE blocking attaching to the process thats why its sidplaying that things - if applications isnt verified then it happends
  13. @hackerung just use /report <nickname> system which allows you now to report directly and telling what exacly is wrong with a player i could say that max number of red derank medals should be 5 in mission if u have more KICK from server and mission isnt counted for you (this will be rough but preety good in longer perroid of time) will remove suicide, team killing, arrested killers, stuners, afkers etc. + remove minus points so deranking will be imossible after some time devs could increase the number of red medals from 5 to some more it it will be needed "adding fuel refill will remove runners - this is stupid and childish tactics ..."
  14. @Spy @CookiePuss @Noob_Guardian additional "not holding sprint" is healthy for your fingers hold crouch is better for your gameplay but its buggy if u press both CTRL and SHIFT ps. its kinda of public question so u can share it + its attached only for UE3.0 version of the game, Current version. Not after Engine Upgrade
  15. @PrussianDarkness there are some sketchy shit going on with trade locking it happends too much random - propably ? i find out that there are a few triggers - trade with not a friend (ingame + im not sure about it) + in trade u get weapon and second guy gets nothing (its propably for scam protection - 3 days tradelock isnt bad in that case) - i get tradelock for exchanging weapon for nothing with not a friend - you updated an game / config files / replaced some files ingame (tradelock could happend) - mostly u will be asked for 2FA code - login from diffrent client ( tradelock 3 days ) - and 2FA code needed
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