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  1. sorry cant confirm that already have chrome on all chars ... did you tried other weapons ??
  2. TheSxW


    @SquirrelFace my friend finds that long time abo that messing with TimeBetweenPurgingPendingKillObjects and GarbageCollectionMemoryCeilingGb option which is setted by default to 9.9 will help with stutters alot for example: TimeBetweenPurgingPendingKillObjects=1800 GarbageCollectionMemoryCeilingGb=3.0 additionally use launch command "-NoVerifyGC"
  3. remove those files contents and save them empty Problem solved - untill LO will have time to fix that
  4. fill blue track with cash and u will propably end an event
  5. 8350 is a beast ;) im not saying im strugge on stuttering and other things ... my game is fine i fixed it my my self for my self ;) if i would like to play apb at maximum i can always turn on 2 cores at bios and boost clocks to 5GHz
  6. im disagree to your describe but legendaries surely needs some rank limitations True ogre is worst then NFAS Medusa is good at long shooting only SHAW players easly rekt them - comparing LMG's ofc (im not mension euryale which is Overpower as fuck) volcano is just volcano if u dont know how to play with it u will sux PS. isnt jericho empty ?
  7. FX8320E + 1050Ti 60+ on waterfront (im giving lowest fps) 80+ on financial (im giving lowest fps) 101 on social (im giving lowest fps) after playing for like 2-4h i need to restart game entirely because of overloads going on and FPS drops to 40
  8. it was propably something which is injected into the game otherwise its not possible or u accept it twice afte he changed the offer
  9. Enable 2FA in here in the account options install proper app on phone and try again (it should be lifted in 3 days)
  10. what about of this ? 1. your first point is Ultra hard to implement (plus easy to exploit same as other systems u show us) - easier will be to block weapon after mission to force player who has more then 1 weapon to play with diffrent type and do so per 10+ missions then reset first weapon blocks (looking like in an array) for players with lower amount of guns it will apply to their last weapon aviable then will end up unlocked first weapon if you uses more then one weapon they all will be blocked in next mission (first "one" will stay blocked untill their time reached(i mean full array goes on - and that one which was switched in the last mission will be just blocked in next mission (in the name of fair play no spams)) same i will do with nades if u stay in same area while in mission and you start to throwing nades one by one with ressuply next to you it should be blocked (ressuplying nades) after reach of 10(propably its a good number could be lower) everything else go as logic goes 2. Second point, this will be solved by blocking items after end of the mission so player playing with TRUE OGRE will next round play something diffrent because he will get it blocked (temporally) - it also goes as blacklisting 3 blacklisted weapons could be connected to type of missions which will contain for example "Only Explosives, AR allowed (mission without car delivery)" etc. it need to be discussed, and consider all mission types etc. so for example one mission will allow only cqc weapons (if u dont have any go with star ? or one will be given to you(or bought from your possibilities from contacts), who knows) 4. as LO stays or some ppl from there the items From Armas (aka reskins) are same weapons that are allowed in the game via apb$ or JT's, its just lifetime lease for character or account 5. sharing weapons is bullshoot ... did u think about: 4x TRUE OGRE ISNT ENOUGH ?, or 4x Volcano, or 4x Ursus, or 4x OBIR 3 Slot - it will make more cancer then it is now (again blocking weapons after mission will be an option but need to be discussed how much weapons will be taken under that controll etc.) 6. about Items requirements i will lower it or portion it so for example at 50R u unlocks something special at 100R, 150R,200R(or 195R),255R diffrent weapons to buy for example clear versions of armas weapons with small requirements of JT and some chunk of APB bucks conclusion with this blocking system i shortly described it will remove always ntec/obir/all cancer weapons teams (it could be exploited as everything but i think its better sollution then blacklisting weapons ...) oh and blacklistings could be good but for teams for example your team blacklisted remote detonator and kevlar(all levels) and other team (opposition) blacklisted clothing agents(all levels) and happy landings so it will connect this all 4 items together take a middle number (which is 2 in this example) and shuffle the mods and display for example (No Kevlar and No Happy Landings) - i dont know i dont think this will be good idea but ... guys think about it and give a construct feedback i think its all for now, i know u will not be able to understand all of it im trying to type, just try (use some logic add something from yourself)
  11. TheSxW

    Battleeye Blocked FIX

    u have very suspicious files which isnt unloaded by BE service so u need to delete them propably (if BE cant unload library from windwos which is trying to load into the game then its not starting the game)
  12. TheSxW


    this BE blocks almost everything on random if u cant start the game its more suspicious (just delete this program) if u can run game normally just leave it ...
  13. TheSxW

    boiling hot

    1. remove ur poo config 2. repair game reading error - "i cannot load important things, which seems broken for me closing application" ps. its at 90% ratio your fault its happening
  14. TheSxW

    Mail Items.

    ingame mail needs: - delete multiple mails withiut retrive items or hide option - retrive multiple items at once for usables cap is 500 but i still getting them ... lmao imgame inventory: - better not lagged searching, scrolling, selecting - remove mods from weapon in locker without equiping it and some more i dont remember now
  15. as far as i know OOM error shows up if "normal" ram extends ~3100 MB (big B stands for byte), it must somehow extends ram usage over your averrange 2600-2800 MB using windowed mode with 1024x768 and other staff arround the window will help you out best setup is: Windows Task Manager with displayed APB usage Afterburner table With Ram, CPU,GPU usages and fan speeds + temperature that should fit. ps. i stop playing APB but i can record something in free time (if i even find some ...) and eventually shows how game performs on my PC
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