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  1. Maybe we could allow mission dropping at any time, but start penalising players with lowered rewards for constant exiting? For example 3/5 consecutively left missions would yield him 40%/60% less rewards for X amount of missions (that number being always one digit) The more games he left, the longer he would have the penalty, but the penalty itself wouldn't increase.
  2. Latsha

    Rate The Music Above You

    6.5/10 not my kind of music, sounded a bit like something that would play in a clothing store at mall
  3. should i add salt to it to balance it out
  4. Excuse me? I'm not a bug. This is an understatement.
  5. inb4 Matt allowed single-time NDA breach to see who really is loyal as an SPCT member lul
  6. Latsha

    Armoured-van suggestion

    also worth noting that the van featured in the video is a (kinda) hybrid of an ambulance/ceresco so no wonder the functionality didn't transfer when a new model was introduced. it's a great idea though and it would make the securivan last stage mission even more fun
  7. my mother says i'm special, one of a kind really
  8. Latsha


    H O T can't wait for UE3.5
  9. Latsha

    Add level boosters / contact skipper to Armas

    holy shit the game industry really seems fully rotten with microtransactions by now it has got to a point where people don't even want to play the game and just want to pay to skip chapters rock-hard pass on this one PS they could make contacts levellable globally or in both mission districts if you dislike or just simply can't level characters in one due to low population
  10. Latsha

    Change of modification of N-SSW 74 "Kraken"

    Okay, really smells like a nerf. 10% fire rate would make this gun uncontrollable especially with additional accuracy loss the first one was better tbh but still not the needed one.
  11. Latsha

    dumptruck wheel spawn in wrong position?

    probably not the suspension's asymmetrical stats, but more of a line of code that freezes the car after some time to prevent a prolonged chassis movement notice once how you move cars slightly like V20 Jericho or Vegas 4x4 the suspension is very loose but stops instantly after a bit of time regardless of the position, making the car susp seem crooked
  12. Latsha

    the honest truth

    since we are talking about honest truths "Mitochondrium is the powerhouse of the cell." - some textbook i read
  13. Well it's quoted because this is what Epic Games say when it comes to V-buck items, but it's obviously another lies
  14. I wouldn't say fortnite itself is that bad when it comes to the game alone. But the company did a major cash-grab outta this game to the point of disgust. "WE WILL HAVE SAVE THE WORLD FREE AND OPEN TO EVERYONE BY THE END OF XX" bullshoot and lies etc. oh and btw ''These items are cosmetic only and grant no competitive advantage.'' https://i.imgur.com/Ps2PMBa.mp4
  15. stretched, helps me move my mouse horizontally tbh once i went super wide i can't go back because 1080p seems so slow and vertically stretched to me