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  1. i think it will actually go further than that...
  2. Wait, this thing started up again? I thought I won 2 years ago.
  3. Hello there AlishaAzure. Unfortunately I must disagree with the opinion that you have written on APB Reloaded forums. Sincerely, Latsha
  4. can't believe this many people actually want to keep territory control, it's an utter mess to play and really removed the senseless kill farming baylan had (which was very enjoyable) and gave us an open air asylum also how can people complain about spawnkilling? this game is giving you the advantage of shooting first when spawned, y'all only problem may only be your own accuracy - never throughout hours of baylan gameplay have ever i felt that this map is easily exploitable with spawnkilling
  5. phew they almost did thank god you stepped in at the right time buddy
  6. what part of his post did you read to come down to this conclusion because what you wrote makes no sense?
  7. I decided to take on a bit of a different approach to this event, a bit "dirtier" one. Presenting Madi Johnson. If you're a typical Joker Store customer, you've most definitely heard of Ophelia, Wilde and Darrell. How can one not be attracted to purchase a massively wide range of weapons, clothing, vehicles, ammo and consumables from such a colorful trio? I mean, they are the perfect poster children for Joker, the trademark, a PR dream come true for the company. People with such empowering stories, there's something about these three that will always bring you back to them. But a Joker card is always two sided, and the other side Wojtek Pajac is a bit more reluctant to speak about. Well, Mr P. avoids speaking about "the other side" not because it's filled with shocking stories and riddled with illegal behaviours, but simply because it isn't all red, all Joker, all happy PR. Someone actually has to take care of sourcing and delivering the manufactured goods Ticket Store has to offer, and this is where Madelynn "Madi" Johnson comes in along with a couple of other people. Click the spoiler to know a bit more about her Recent Joker Corporation decisions to expand their vendor pool in order to stimulate higher weekly ticket circulation has caused her to emerge from the dark and face the customers face-to-face again, this time fully legally, as a Joker representative. They also believed that her looks do have their own aesthetic that will attract a particular niche clientele among regulars. Overused tank-top, grey shoes that were once white. Even though nowadays she has money to live a lavish life, values her parents forced onto her and certain sentiment towards the previous life she had once lived made her stay the way she is right now. She doesn't simply care about the public image, she just gets the job done, and does it very efficiently.
  8. send me your ign so i can just laugh at your dumb very clever arse :))) i assume you got mad after a loss or something? must've been long ago, those tears probably dried out and the only thing left was salt
  9. all cool but i somehow doubt this will stop salty "mediocre players" from whispering "stop macro noob" and other hackusations anyways, i'm clean anyways so this doesn't touch me in any way (at least from what I know now)
  10. absolutely, so broken it overflowed and is now useless
  11. I mean sure, call them lazy but they would be even dumber not to use previously unused assets which are fully (or partially) developed.
  12. silenced oca is silenced oca, whisper is whisper if you want whisper reskin search for PDW Kris on marketplace, bear in mind you won't be able to put in CJ3 anyways. (at least the apbdb says so with the range and crouch modifier) gotta love the fact you read about it being regular yet went for it anyways AND feeling let down.
  13. Currently it's rather difficult to get varied opposition playing in a 4 player premade group, usually it's the same 2-3 other groups in the whole district you fight against (unless one premade group leaves and is replaced by others). Increasing the limit of groups wouldn't help shorten that wait time nor give you a variety. Consider it a bit like challenger rank in League of Legends. Up there you usually wait for about 10-30 minutes for a match just to play with the same people, because no one else matches you (nor your hypothetical skill). Same here, no one else matches your 4 player group except for a marginal amount of player in the district. Now I believe we should be given an option for all of that (bigger grups, cross-faction) at the expense of actually playing missions. So the "mission" limit would be 4 players, exceeding that (or grouping up with opposed faction player) would block your group from being able to ready up. I imagine the community would quickly come up with clever ideas to use the higher group count for the events and pure entertainment.
  14. 2500 hours here - im still getting over the fact that moirai can pop a wheelie if you get killed repeatedly by the same tactic (explosive weapons in this case) and it continues with you only getting angry about the fact itself without doing anything to change it (or asking yourself what did you do wrong) then the problem is on your side explosive gun users aren't the brightest in the universe and if you fail to overcome them then uh oh bad news you might not be as bright as you expected yourself to be
  15. let me sell you a pro-tip trying guns out gives you a 24h long 35% discount unless you already used all the 30 minute trials already for the thrill of using the armas guns
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