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  1. Right now all these yellow mods just give straight advantage to the user. Change all consumables into orange mods. Rebalance if needed.
  2. hey i am concerned that you may be having a stroke, should i call 911 for you?
  3. Latsha

    New car request

    To be honest a lot of cars could use some modernisation, since they already have driven off from "brand new" standards. It would be amazing to see new versions of the same car models, but just with more modern lights, interiors, chassis structure etc. EDIT: Not even just modernisation, but overall rebalance of cars is necessary in my view to shake off the 3 car meta.
  4. basically anyone who would contribute early into the redhill ARG gets it but Matt said via discord that the list isn't complete yet (if I understood his words right) and more names are supposed to appear on tier 1 "There are a number of folks that I'd consider upgrading. Just bear with us. We're not looking to penalize anyone. You guys did great."
  5. Wow, so the lines were useful somewhere, and I believed it was a red herring. GG LO after all, at first people at redhill discord chat made us believe it was an overused number 4 in the bee article and the 4.mp3 sound file that was supposed to link directly to the password length, but I (and I believe many other people too) found no correlation between these and overall it was very confusing for a last part of an ARG to be simple guessing and luck. Also I'd like to apologize again for my offensive language in bold after alleged bruteforcer won the ARG, I really got driven by emotions and I thought that I wasted hours on this for nothing. PS Do you guys keep track of mails who people have input in the redhill newsletter?
  6. Or maybe just get a game sense and walk up to the car spawner to disable it temporarily. Once you play this game long enough you know what to do.
  7. so maybe instead of removing car spawners we could have these heavy cars nerfed so that they won't be this much of a hassle to destroy? i mean paired with armor plating 3 they could aswell be called indestructible
  8. Latsha


    tbh apb should stop supporting cyryllic symbols so that if they rage in whisper all you would see would be boxes EDIT for peanut-brained with inability to read: T H I S W A S A J O K E in reality we should just have language based district channels and one global channel
  9. Latsha


    don't bother to log in and check every day unless you see 2 months since ticket was sent, then you can start checking.
  10. Screw them then. If russkis (Nekrova owners) are so reluctant to send the payment info then don't even bother any further, finalize the merge and focus on a thing that everyone will appreciate, the 3.5 and RIOT mode.
  11. bet you really overexerted your mind with that post
  12. then let's unite and move the city somewhere else damn, this is a videogame and sure devs are allowed to bend certain realistic facts in order to provide fun, right?
  13. Now for me it may seem to be some preparations to expand the lore following the engine upgrade, I mean we are kind of close to 3.5 upgrade and these signs start to show up after at least a year of the same city theme
  14. yeah so someone hacks into your gmail and his main target is your apb account alright
  15. god it would be a joy to have an excuse to sit on the login screen right now i want to go deaf as soon as the current LS song hits EDIT: I mean holy damn it's a second time I'm listening to this whole theme and I'm still not tired with it. I always found legacy LS screen and char creation music somewhat magical and nostalgic to me
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