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  1. Latsha

    Car duplicate

    It's because you can only duplicate the exact model, you cannot change the amount of slots you have on the duplicated version (which sucks, I know)
  2. More like another few never. It's depressing to see LO make all these wrong moves even when told by the community to avoid them. Didn't they promise some UE 3.5 screenshots soon though?
  3. Whenever you launch APB the EAC launcher is initiated before the actual game initiates. When that is happening there's a (really) high risk that the launcher will give you the 10022 error and will either make you leave the launcher peacefully or it will BSOD your computer up with "KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED". Now, RIOT seems like a neat addition to the game and I actually enjoy it in some sort of a way. But the fact that I have to risk the aforementioned BSOD makes me feel reluctant to launch the game, because I don't fancy losing everything I have yet to save on my computer. We need a really quick hotfix on that one. Now I would attach a screenshot with EAC error but I guess I don't want to risk it.
  4. All Points APB: All Points Bulletin though would be good to just go back to just regular APB without the reloaded
  5. would be a great idea to actually roll out unavailable guns such as CAP40 NFCP2 or VBR Temptress maybe regularly as a wave or as "limited release" with a prefixed amount of weapons available to be bought
  6. Looks really neat but that RIOT logo needs some resizing especially on that NSSW lmao
  7. BUGS I HAVE FOUND - You might want to do a check on the functionality of all the purchase "vendors" since some might not work. - There's a double dolton broadwing spawning in Shift garage which causes it to clip and explode once got in. - While spectating the "contaminated area effect" may still be on even in safe areas. - Certain things turn neon green while in the contaminated area. - When RIOT round is over it often just warps you to the district spawn select area without anything happening. This either is a bug or it's just very anti-climatic. - I'm a bug. PERSONAL EXPERIENCE This was rather fresh, I was really surprised with a new loading screen and it got me into a mood of playing. The whole map and the whole experience for now looks like you guys really cared about this gamemode. Also how in the hell did you cram 100 people in a district and it didn't even crash or destabilize once? Gz to you. SUGGESTIONS - Primary weapon buy-out seems a bit of a missed idea. While secondary buy-out seems just fine since secondaries don't spawn around, primaries do and people will abuse more powerful guns to last longer. - You should implement pings. Once I played Apex Legends I cannot live without them and they seem to be the best way of communicating. (Though with 3.0 it's probably impossible) - You might want to speed up the whole gameplay, right now it really gets boring when you lost all your lives. (For example reduce lives to just one, or speed up the last stage since (6?) minutes of watching someone dwelling behind a cover isn't much fun) - Make an enclosed wait area in these districts. Right now it's a hassle to join them since there's like a 2 minute window to join them and the district browser infrequent refreshes doesn't help either. Maybe implement some sort of a notificator to inform that a round is about to be over? - Remove grenades completely. To be honest there's no need for them. SURVEY How does RIOT compare to other APB game modes? - I'd say it stays really strong, it has a potential to be very enjoyable once properly tweaked and tuned. Would you encourage your friends to play RIOT? - Only after the engine upgrade. Right now it would most likely scare them away. How would you explain RIOT to someone who has never seen it? - Basically a battle royale. What ONE THING would you change about RIOT if you could? - The pace of it. Really slow and it quickly gets boring after death. What is your favorite aspect of RIOT? - The city look I'd say, but personally I miss some ambient shooting sounds or something. What about RIOT do you like the least? - Ability to use your own guns. People will abuse that.
  8. I mean I can log in now, but characters don't load. Does it work for anyone else?
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