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  1. Latsha

    [PC] PATCH NOTES 1.19.7 (1061) discussion

    Tsunami of false reports in 3...2...1.. but hey at least frustrated tryhard wannabes will have a way to let the steam off instead of shitting on players in whisper chat
  2. Latsha

    OSCAR how-to?

    Tbh I thought I suck with OSCAR too, but I just pushed myself to still use it even when I was about to change the gun to something else and at the end of the 2-slot OSCAR lease I was pretty good with it. You should focus on training oscar RoF since that's the thing that makes it deadly along with controlling the recoil (these things will improve with time) and try not to get frustrated if you miss too many shots, this gun takes a bit of time to practice but it's well worth it because as you know it's remarkably powerful Good luck mate
  3. I feel like we should add certain items and implement configurations, as stated before, to most items that wouldn't limit to just "tucked in the pants" holsters could have any secondary config (that would be compatible with the holster model) and things like shirts with sleeves rolled up midway, or all the way to the shoulders. My main point is instead of cluttering the wardrobe with a lot of separate clothing, polish up already existing items with adding model configs that i mentioned before with a lot other ideas and of course add new items that would match the current trends
  4. Latsha

    How to CQC better?

    Then use these close rangers, and pull out a long range secondary Most people would go with RFP as it is really smooth and powerful Additionally shift your tactics, never find yourself in the middle of the street vulnerable to the enemies longer (than your) range guns
  5. You get 100JT for participating, and you are able to get enough to get that sweet firebomb, or other cars/kits/clothing. If you want to win then continue playing and maybe you'll get the main prize. It took me at least 4 days of participation before I got the skin, which was well worth the hassle. (When I wrote the previous response I still didn't own the skin at the time) This thing sure may be luck based at higher stages, since the weapons become weaker, such an snub nose as a last gun in secondary variant of the gun game and the n-fa, but i'll also would like to tell you that while I was losing rounds just as I was about to get the last points, I'd still feel some sort of satisfaction of getting the joker tickets and knowing I could get high up the leaderboards in most gun games. If you really want to win, then start to strategise (and pray to the RNGesus, but he doesn't play that much part in that). Don't just rush onto the middle of the street or on the pavement like a headless chicken. People in this game mode are focused on the havoc and people on the streets. You can always crouch somewhere or just hide behind a certain spot and cash in the sweet points. You just need to try and be invisible for the crowd around you. Of course you will die. Of course you would fail to get it again. But just try and get it instead of just complaining on the forums that low-skilled players can't get it, and if you get to be one, then try and look for tagged players, these tend to be the key to winning the event. When you get a close range weapon and you have no one nearby, just get in the car or rush to the closest player, who will be sucked in by the aforementioned havoc. This paragraph above may or may not help you win that event. Try these tips out, maybe you will have a higher chance of winning.
  6. Latsha

    How to CQC better?

    the sensitivity of the mouse is strictly an individual thing, and you should play and change settings according to your comfort if you find yourself being a bit too late with the crosshair on the moving enemy you increase it slightly, and if you find it too twitchy, you just do the opposite personally i've set marksmanship mode and hip-fire on same levels of sensitivity and it helped to get used to only one speed which i benefited from at the end
  7. mate we need that fast before people leave jericho for good, oh my god quick merge US with EU, more players for citadel
  8. unfortunately not, you have to spend time and get them one by one.
  9. but this is from OTW are you sure the animation is still the same if the icon and sounds were changed?
  10. hi nitronik id just like to say how much im grateful ur on the forums you bring extremely high quality to the forums and i wish you best as opposed to the question, i have no idea with love latsha
  11. Latsha

    Rate The Music Above You

    8/10 i'd listen to this while chilling
  12. Maybe implement a system where you need to accept gifts? So that if some stranger tries to gift you and then chargeback, you could avoid all that just by rejecting the gift? I mean that would reduce the risk, unless someone has rude friends that would chargeback on purpose...
  13. may be seen as an unpopular opinion but is it me or the dark red color doesn't work with other colors of the skin? seems like red is what makes it unattractive