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  1. They mention it among the top 3 bullet points under "highest priority"
  2. No fix that you need to do. The servers are in-fact; Offline ;'( they didn't make a post about it so maybe try again in 30 minutes. If it still isn't back up then they would most likely make a forum post by then stating that server will be down 3 or more hours for what ever reason.
  3. Here's a quote from their patch notes that I suppose you might have missed - "And finally, we're giving you something to bring home as a souvenir from Little Orbit Day 2023. event. All you have to do is log in from May 11th until May 16th to obtain the unique title "Sphere Cultist" in Little Orbit's signature colors (white and blue), along with 200 Joker Tickets. Note that the title and the additional Joker Tickets will be obtainable only on this specific day!" I love that they're doing a specific community event like this!
  4. The weapon has a typo on it's orange weapon modification. The negative effect is worded as such: "Substantially accuracy while running" solution would be: "Substantially DECREASES accuracy while running" The negative red color is correct but it's wording is misleading when you look at it on the market place as it is missing the word that describes what is done. I submitted a bug report through the game but even there I misspelt most of what I typed.... :3
  5. That would be amazing but that map looks like it would be pretty big! That model was awesome to cruise around in lol. I hope they're able to start working on that map by early 2024. They're better not halt development when GTA 6 finally comes out. APB will for ever be it's on genre.
  6. I was just finally after literally over 4000 hours of gameplay and I honest to god never really use character equipment mod. The items that help you with objectives.... I never really used them except for the satellite OBJs and the ram raiding one cause they take so long for some reason. So I was checking them out and saw that they are all for both factions "mostly". I play enforcer all the time now so I dont know about a crim specific mod. But for the enfo's they have Cuffmate and it can bee really helpful. I feel like there should more to these kinds of mods. The cuffmate and stun effects. "CuffMate" I feel should be for both factions. for enforcers it can stay the same. But maybe with a few new things to it with other changes for factions. Crims should also hae a "CuffMate" To be able to free teammates faster.... Enforcer's arrest faster so why don't crims get an edge? The next thing should be stun recovery. Enforcer should have a faction specific mod where if a criminal uses a nade or some other light damage weapon after the enforcers takes some stamina damage from falling or any other means that could be utilized in the game. SMG's could have way higher light damage. While Heavy weps have less light and more heavy. some way to get enforcers down. They could have a stun time recovery...? being a police officer they usually taz themselves for the experience ganged. Most crims don't do that shit for fun :3 With the state that the game is in now I feel like there could be a major Overhaul to how player Faction modifications work in the game. Even with how you steal cars (both unlocking and civilian traffic). There could ne mods to utilize getting in the door faster. Not window breaking. but I'm talking about like being a senior cop and the city knowing you and being 'ok' with it. And a veteran criminal being a tweaker. Versus being a guy you knows what to say and when to say it how who he's saying it to. A crim that knows he's now intimidating. Theres so much that can be here in terms of character mods. TL:DR and in the comments what should be added to the character faction modification systems now that the games stat's can be more easily messed with. Merged. Now that I think about it. Light damage and Heavy damage (health damage and stamina damage) need a total overhaul and then the game can have serious balance. Don't worry about threat first. Some people think it's still impossible to get kills and others think that it is FARRRRRR to easy to rack up kills every match. If I can drill a man with an OCA with CJ3 and he starts 'limping' slow walking away. I can pull out my revolver and shoot him one more time so he stops running. LMGs go boo-bo-bo-bo-booom like the ALIG and shaw. could be able to shred through cars and absolutely decimate an objective entrance. But with an OCA player you wouldn't be able to run from him once you have to reload. Scrap working on threat. do stats first pretty please ^.^ just get rid of the color ranks for the rest of the year and work PURELY on game map and stat balance. ^-^
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