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  1. GL on your 2019 roadmap Little Orbit, see you when the game will receive new content (Q1 2014 btw)
  2. I respect your opinion about it but APB never been designed for competition so how matching a new player vs a veteran one who knows everything about the game, and the maps would be fair in a match ? No i'am not a native English speaker indeed but i guess you got all i've pointed out . You are not Kewl dude :x Or even more jokes, you're writing too much like a Kewlin Jacket missing out the target rather than hiting the point here.
  3. Even trolling or without the context, git gud scrub isn't suppose to be nice . Pointing out that Threat isn't enought to handle a Matchmaking is fair than enought, cause it's bring a deeper way to thing about it. ps : it's already being discuss on previous topics. exemple : Phasing , adding an estimate timmer for the queue. Nah you can't be real writing a R9 player facing a R255 is fine. Dethreaters are the people called for doing it on purpose to farm new players. A report tool would add more works to the little Admin staff. TL:DR The whole system has to be re-think + Matt reading posts where his quotted like tonight, so it's not "kinda' a dead horse at this point."
  4. I'am not sure you took the time to ask yourself X20 times , cause it's look like you forget to point out thoses kinda things aren't you ? I just did , pointed out that MMR can't be relied on threat only Gold district got deserted cause it was infested of cheaters according to people. Since there it was empty and only used for arranged edgy matched for egos showtime. (Please don't pull out the "oh but mah gear" argument, I've fucked people up plenty of times with just a stock STAR, frags, an FBW, and Field Supplier.) Again i'am not gonna browse your 8220 entries but the few i've readed doesn't show you as someone constructive. With that being said, let's move on the topic tho or do you have anything else to add about my Matchmaking and Threat entries ?
  5. MMR formulas in the majorities of games lead to this : EXP + SKILL + Waiting timmer -> Match found. Segregating the disctrict by THREAT only, was a thing back in 2010 technologies restriction sure. But it's also leaded the game into a dead END if you look arround you with all being said on this topic previously or on others. I'am sure you gonna have some new stuff to bring on the table with your 8219 thread sarcastics replies. Now tell me , what have you been able to bring ahead that made the game better with all those entries. And i'am not even comming in a toxic way my dude. Like come on, be for real, step back about it and be sure to ask youself X20 times before replying again.
  6. Hello there o/ @Kewlin APB Matchmaking is one of the biggest issue since the release and yes it has to be changed mainly by rank (experience) and not by threat. @Haganu I read that Matt closed the OTW for some internal tests, so yeah i hope seeying a 3.5 realease sooner than expected at some point. @MattScott It does not need any release engine to talk and status about those huges game issues that had be pointed and reviewed over years right ?
  7. No dude that's just how it is since ages, now move on and be constructive about topics..
  8. All in All, Every weapons should be fixed between firing switches for like let's said : 2 seconds (can be change). Here's a problem: -Equip on primary slot an Obir modded 3PS3 and on the secondary a FR0G Kokoe. -Spam fire/switch and observe. -EZ Pentakill and i'am not kidding
  9. I've edited my post @Sayoree. But wait a sec ; @Sayoree= @Sayori alt forum account ?
  10. @NopeTooFast I have no argument to bring or help about a point planed on a roadmap All matters about if @MattScott staff gonna intend to implement it or not, why and when ..
  11. Fyi it was a 2015 Q2 G1 Promise roadmap : - CRISP: Community Moderation System https://apbreloaded.gamersfirst.com/2015/05/the-big-apb-roadmap-update-new-eu.html
  12. 10 packets loss since the patch here and 25 ms ~
  13. Finally a CEO with more than 30 iq, seriously thank you @MattScott How about implenting a CRISP staff to apply sanctions about trash talking and hackusating ? It's been toxic over 8 years :x "quoting the whole thing"
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