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  1. That sounds like a utopia for APB's standards. The only strategy involved is using the right equipment for the right range niche. And even that isn't handled very well balance-wise, considering the NTEC can shred in CQC, unless people use a shotgun ofcourse. Anything long ranged is by far most often met with an HVR and in some cases as Scout. Wow. So much thought required right? That the game can have it doesn't mean the game will have it in the average case. The average case is exactly what should be looked at when discussing a topic like strategy, to determine if the game really is up to par with what is being said. If you're in a premade ofcourse you can expect some strategy being used, but that doesn't go for people that don't play in premade groups. Maybe think about those too for a second. "Don't solo queue" is not a counter argument in this case.
  2. Haganu

    Armas debundling

    While they're at it I wish they could make the shotgun and LMG bandolier items not rely on any sort of webbing/vest,
  3. All I hope for Unreal 3.5 is for the microstutters to disappear and for the netcode to be greatly improved. It's pretty bad to receive multiple hits in 1 packet, and this caused a lot of players to hackusate others in the past.
  4. Gonna need a different language to call the amount of progress shown in this video garbage. Instead of modeling in social in the background of waterfront they just completely removed the land on the other side of the bridge and called it a day, shows there wasn't any intention at all to complete waterfront and instead just fill in a few parts here and there with props. Boats popping in, LOD is as harsh as in the old engine, slightly less harsh at best. The DOF blur is just painful to look at. Might aswell put fog there like @Revoluzzer mentioned. If this is one of the latest builds no way LO is gonna make anyone happy releasing Unreal 3.5 to live after completing the 2 major systems that still needed to be worked on. I need another language to call this garbage so I guess I'll go ahead and call it gomi. Meanwhile I wonder if they fixed the shadows inside of shadows design flaw during the day.
  5. @everyone on this forum saying no one is cheating You completely missed the point of OP's post. Lol.
  6. @Unclean The Revelations Pack back at the time was a terrible pack, and I'd sincerely disagree with anyone that would recommend the pack. 1 car kit got masked as 4 kits, the weapon skins were missing, one of the pack's trousers is still missing, while it's literally the famine trousers without those ugly bones. Let's not talk about the flat tubes of the Pestilence suit... Design-wise, the pack felt completely out of place. The guns when they got released weren't as good either. The sniper and the rifle were overall mediocre in performance, and the revolver was and still is ridiculously underpowered. Besides, back at the time I think people would more likely have recommended the Juggernaut pack. It was released in the same manner as the Revelations pack. Regarding LO, I support what they're doing, but I honestly have some mixed feelings. Overall they're doing a good job sofar, even though it may have been a better idea to leave major rebalancing for later. Communication has been pretty good sofar, even though I think there can be a little more. We'll see when 1.19.7 hits. I expect something about Unreal 3.5. I also wonder when LO is going to start reworking ARMAS and the items' pricing, if that's still in the pipeline. I guess it's just a matter of waiting.
  7. At this point it's hardly worth reading threads like this anymore. Just like it's actually not worth to make threads like this anymore. It's the same discussion over and over again, why not keep it to 1 thread instead of creating threads over and over? It's just the same but in a slightly differently colored coat. I'm glad they reworked Improved Rifling - there's no real thought put behind choosing the mod prior to the update - it was and upgrade, not a sidegrade. The downside was by far outweighed by the upsides of the mod. Now people actually have to put thought behind the choice of putting Improved Rifling on a gun that prior to the update would greatly benefit the gun, which is a very welcome change to me. Mods were never meant to be an upgrade to a weapon. As for shotguns - The rework is sloppy. Yes shotguns are more reliable - way more even - but they outperform SMGs for the majority of the players now. Maybe if the damage curve mechanic could be more finetuned it would make the game a lot better for everyone. The curve needs to be more harsh IMO - the first and last hit of a pellet need to be closer to each other in damage values. I agree the release of the first rebalances were way too soon, and shows Little Orbit shows a lack of experience with this game and the community (the forums are literally going rampant, I get why but still), but unlike G1, at least they try. I'd love to see Little Orbit try to touch Explosives and LTL. It could be interesting. All I wish for now is for the netcode to be more reliable. A lot of short, fast-paced shootouts just don't make sense. You easily see this in Fight Clubs, especially in CQC. I really hope this community can stay patient with Little Orbit, from what I've seen sofar they only have the best intentions. Just in some cases their way of acting needs some improvement. I'm sure that will grow as time passes by though.
  8. Haganu

    Fix asap

    A handier fix would be adding a light to the pole like in your picture at mid-height, for the cars that are way in front. Also, making sure traffic stops early enough also helps.
  9. Haganu

    Fix asap

    While we're talking about traffic lights, they're positioned on the correct, safe side of the intersection.
  10. Haganu

    radical idea

    let's just go all the way back to 1.4.2
  11. Used to run it on that resolution, but since another game makes my GPU literally run in the 90s I toned it down to 1440p. The chat was so blissfully small on 4k resolution. I haven't tried scaling down the UI, but it would be great.
  12. I appreciate LO trying to test and feel where they can and cannot make changes. While I do agree that the balance changes were rolled out way too quickly, I'm glad they're trying to change things up where Reloaded left them untouched for years. IR3 is indeed used by many guns, because it's more of an upgrade than a sidegrade for weapons. The downside is just not apparent enough to consider using other mods instead, which is why the entire population wielding rifles and assault rifles prefers IR3 over CJ3 other than a few people. LO, keep doing what you're doing, but remain careful.
  13. Haganu

    LtL Feedback

    just like the hvr doesn't instantly kill but you see the amount of complaints about that weapon, and yes, if you look for the pvp in Asylum it's very easy to be pre-damaged, which is exactly where, as I said before, the PIG's stun damage sees the most of its exploits in mission district land nothing is ever wrong right? maybe if you play Asylum as crim for a few weeks you'll see for yourself Wondering if the next argument will be "Asylum doesn't count" or "Don't play Asylum then".
  14. Haganu

    LtL Feedback

    I wish you good luck not facehugging anyone in Asylum where CQC combat is pushed so far by objective and overall flow of players that the PIG is actually an exploit there. Or what about enclosed areas in mission districts where you have to CQC? 10m maximum reach is in no way an excuse to make a gun instantly stun you when you stub your toe. On another note, I like how people always ignore Asylum, while Asylum is the ideal place to showcase and exploit everything that's wrong with APB's gameplay. Pig percing is outdated despite still effective (you can't fully prepare yourself for it in Asylum since there's so much CQC combat going on and other than 1 idiot one day in the week everyone's always using Carbine/NTEC/OCA/Shotguns). A lot of people rather shotgun pig these days. Even if half your shot misses it's such an easy +200 points. It takes only a few shots from the pellet to go past 50 stamina damage. IMO, in present-day APB combat the PIG feels very, VERY out of place. In literally no encounter I've ever been in I can say I've been stunned by a PIG because the player fought well or had better gun control. There's just no need for gun control when your gun deals 950/1000 damage. It's literally as broken as the HVR.