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  1. I'm curious as to what happened to make the RFP-9 stray so far from its proposal? The main issue with the gun is that it's a pocket OBIR due to its insane range. Nerfing it to a 4 burst to kill weapon wouldn't fix it, especially not with margins that tiny (3 bursts from the new RFP and you're left with exactly 1% hp, the only weapon that falls out of this margin is the Stabba TG-8 (.5% soft damage per hit)).
  2. Using Chrome 76.0.3809.100 (Official Build) (64 bit) and no problems here.
  3. It sounds maybe a bit wrong without context but I want APB to die with 3.5. I'd rather see some sort of spiritual successor of APB come out on Unreal 4. It would set the designers and dev team free from so many constraints they'd currently be struggling with. Right now LO can't come with all that many things to please the community it feels like, probably partly because the community doesn't know what they want the game to be or have in the long long term? Or it could be that people involved in this game, players or devs, struggle to let go of what they're used to, eg. mission district purists and FC addicts. Starting from 0 would set pretty much everyone free from most of the constraint they currently have - everyone can put their expectations back to 0 (until some flashy teaser releases).
  4. I'd first want to know if the new engine can simulate clothing physics. And if yes, will anything ever be done with it (like renewing some content) ? Also, is the back of the head even rendered with a hairstyle on? Some games I know do that, meanwhile for example pso2 renders only the front of the face and the hairstyle (if you run the game for long and things struggle to render you can literally see faceless hair or hairless faces with no back of the head). In APB's case I'm not sure.
  5. There are plenty of ways to design around that. In most MMO's I've played basically every form of ingame currency is stored account wide,. IMO ARMAS shouldn't be used for weapons in first place, but rather a place for cosmetics. Let's be real here, the whole game deserves a good redesign, that includes ARMAS. The current way the game and business model is setup is pretty outdated and very vulnerable to being exploited, and if 'too easy to farm' is a substantial factor to not implement account wide currency storage, then there's something fundamentally wrong with game/business model. I sure hope they completely redesign APB's spiritual successor in 20 years in UE4 (and please don't release it under the APB name).
  6. I agree with that the new naming for open slots and occupied slots for weapons in the joker store is rather confusing as it is right now. I'd prefer weapons with occupied slots to have a nickname, like the premodded weapons you can get from contacts. The JT(x) being affixed to a weapon with open slots is fine. APB is one of the few games tagged as MMO where you can't store any kind of currency or items in some sort of account central storage. I would still prefer currency to be stored account wide. It's not like the game would enter an economic crisis if APB$ drop in value.
  7. I do kinda wonder if the custom Unreal 3 engine for APB supports code for weather changes. Rainy/Stormy/Foggy weather in APB would be neat, not to mention snow.
  8. what if both the game engine and the website are just digital black holes and everything they throw at it gets spaghettified
  9. At the same time, there was absolute silence from G1's side for at least a good year before LO took over, and I imagine at least a few people still being sick of Tiggs' communication. Or rather said the lack of it, over the years. Ofcourse it involved way more than just the community, but I can imagine it played a part in that lack of communication.
  10. Maybe if people learnt to actually read before throwing around opinions like a bunch of headless chicken, the mods would have an easier job too. Moderating/managing a community as toxic as APB's is not an easy job, and you two sure showed a fine example as to why. But since you've kinda missed my post in response to Cookie's: I don't blame them that people are so toxic that it's barely manageable. Also pretty much the reason why I have a lot of respect for Matt, it's quite a feat to keep your head up and remain calm in a community like this, but again it's not as bad as it used to be.
  11. I just meant to say I can't blame them. Whether others do or don't is not up to me. . . . at least no Sayvara then?
  12. I can't blame them. The forums are a horrible place to be. It's not nearly as bad as it used to be though. Sure seems like more heads are pointed the same direction, but that's also partly because there are less people than there used to be.
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