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  1. idk about you but im not diagnosed with cancer I think the poor implementation of things is due to poor lead and no clear planning around roadmaps.
  2. Maybe instead of lobbying for BattlEye, the community should've lobbied for a proper implementation of FairFight in first place then when LO took over. Going back to FairFight and abandoning BattlEye would just be a waste of resources as it is now, and would definitely not be worth it as it is right now. I still remember LilyV3's post about how APB manages to make every anticheat out there look bad, and even now he appears to be correct. If LO would go back to FairFight, there will just be controversy all over the place again. Whether Tiggs had influence on it or not did not change the fact that there was a huge lot of controversy around FairFight, and the people causing/stimulating controversy like that do not change just like that. APB's netcode is really bad, a server side anticheat like FairFight will not be as reliable as people think. If you want a full reliable implementation of FairFight, first the game should make sense network-wise.
  3. APB runs on FairFight Community: FairFight sucks! Give us BattlEye! APB runs on BattlEye Community: BattlEye sucks! Give us FairFight! Stop lobbying for the sake of lobbying. Things are stagnant, have been for years, but at least give Little Orbit a chance before pouring the whine.
  4. It's as if you're talking against a wall. Any and every issue regarding APB ever will always and every time be brought up on the forums by players. It's been like this for years and no matter how much you're stating this, it won't change. It's not good, but it's how things work around here.
  5. Haganu

    APB needs new players. Ideas? Little Orbit?

    We have no idea how the game will perform in UE3.5. And as countless times said before, UE3.5 isn't going to be that magic thing that will make everything plaguing this game vanish. Reconsider your review when it's the right time - when the majority of the shit going down in this game is resolved. But that's common sense for anyone occasionally coming back to a negatively reviewed game to check up on if it got any better.
  6. Haganu


    When a significant amount of people exploit a bug the line between norm and exception starts fading. When the vast majority to everyone exploits a bug, such a thing stops being an exception and becomes the norm. You can't really call it cheating anymore, since you're given a safe choice. You can't ban the majority for exploiting a bug. Why do you think LO isn't banning the people dethreating? I think for a concept like APB, bugs like this are detrimental for its value, but it's up to the devs to do something about it, and it's kinda dumb to call the players that make use of a bug like that to their advantage bad.
  7. Haganu

    APB needs new players. Ideas? Little Orbit?

    There's absolutely no way the community is going to actively work with Little Orbit to make the game attract more players. There's nothing they can do, and even if they could they straight up wouldn't. You can tell people to stop dethreating and those people will blame golds in silver. You can tell golds to play in gold but they will say there's no one to play against then. Neither of those parties are entirely correct - nor are entirely wrong - but they sure as hell put themselves above anything. This sadly caused APB to bleed players for 5 years and counting. In collaboration with Reloaded Productions doing absolutely nothing to combat this. First and foremost: Fix player distribution FFS. After that, a little incentive to have people login could be interesting. Talking about small things like login rewards and small scale events with small amounts of new content for F2P. Collaborations with other games or media could be an interesting thing for the long future. These are a few small ideas that probably missed the whole point of the thread. Eitherway we can't and won't do anything about the lack of new players. It's in Little Orbit's hand.
  8. I appreciate the honesty and self-reflection. This seemed to be lacking massively at the previous devs now that I think about it. Reflecting on the mistakes made helps learning from them, even though you already admit plenty that you're not good at it yet. On the contrary however, you can't be not good at it for too long. The transparency and feedback is there, but at some point results have to pop up. I do think Little Orbit will be able to deliver, so I hope people are patient enough. I'm not without questionmarks, but the way Little Orbit has been sofar is far better than Reloaded has ever been. Since 2013, at least.
  9. Haganu

    Matchmaking and Threat

    So it's a bug after all? lol
  10. I highly doubt APB as it is now will ever be how RTW intended it. Unless Little Orbit somehow manages to live up to the visions David Jones had for this IP, and would manage to revert everytime Reloaded shattered those visions with horrible decisions.
  11. Haganu

    Matchmaking and Threat

    Didn't old G1 try to counter that? At some locations you can't place your car at spots where normally would be mission vehicles. It's so silly to see, your car literally bumps into nothing.
  12. Haganu

    Car Play Balancing

    At this point you're just a troll. Be sure to send Techmech and Tiggs a mail with your self-proclaimed expertise, you'd fit perfectly in Reloaded Production's A-team of people that looked for excuses to do nothing.
  13. Haganu

    Matchmaking and Threat

    Pretty sure RTW APB had 100 players in a district. So 50 vs 50.
  14. Haganu

    Car Play Balancing

    You should've applied for Reloaded Productions. They also kinda looked for any and every excuse - even blatant lies like "it's technically impossible" - to do nothing. Lol.
  15. Haganu

    Car Play Balancing

    cough cough Though, nobody can even tell what you even mean with "final upgrade," but since LO told us they intend to upgrade to Unreal 4 a long while after Unreal 3.5 is pushed to live it's safe to assume for everyone that you meant Unreal 4 with what you said. If everyone is somehow wrong, maybe try to be more explicit in what you're trying to say. Poor communication leads to misinformation. In that sense I can see why Cookie told you to stop spreading misinformation. That aside, it's not a technical issue. With enough testing and QA, changing hitboxes to allow player vulnerability after car glass has been shattered should not be impossible, especially not in Unreal 3.5. Hell, it's already possible in the engine APB currently runs on, considering Reloaded Productions changed crouching hitboxes a good while ago. It requires a lot of work, and will most likely cause a lot of bugs and break things. It wouldn't be a clever decision, but it's not impossible on technical aspect. How it shifts the balance though is going to be a problem, on top of the fact that APB veterans are about as conservative as half the republicans in the American Senate. It's like TheKeanuReeves said, it will generate a lot of negative backlash because "it wouldn't be our potato we all love/hate APB anymore." It would also require immense rebalancing, due to with the current speed cars are limited to.