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  1. I'm amazed you dare to complain about people being unimaginative with APB Reloaded yet all you manage to shake out of your sleeves in your post is weapon tier colors, which is basically even less imaginative than RIOT is. No really, it's literally a half-assed copy paste from games like Fortnite. As long as you intertwine your creativity with APB's premise and lore the sky's basically the limit and even a BR would be fitting. The only thing that could stop you then is lack of approval by the majority of players (including potential players, not just the hand full of forum dwellers and socialpaths that's left of this game). Another thing is that content is not only weapons or reskins, car kits or whatever pre-LO G1 has released before they basically had to hand themselves over to Little Orbit. I'd much rather see something new in terms of gameplay. And then I don't mean racing districts.
  2. I'm glad in this entire year Little Orbit has done more than G1 ever did in the 2 years prior to Little Orbit taking over. I'm a bit late to reply to this thread, but the moment Little Orbit started it felt like they tried to do things differently, from approach to exectution. The events were all nice and refreshing after 3+ years the same events for Halloween and Christmas, and unlike G1. To me it looks like Little Orbit is actually doing their best. I agree they've been missing a lot of deadlines and support still hasn't caught up. But I think it's unfair to entirely blame Little Orbit. Unlike G1 they're trying. They're missing the goals they set for themselves, but I think it's a bit unfair to think their goals were set in stone. I also really hope the people complaining about support will never be part of a service desk. Especially for f2p games with a community as toxic as this one (at the same time I do wonder what LO's SLA looks like and if those goals are being met). They haven't been flawless, but you can't expect any company to be flawless when it comes to managing APB at this point. That would be irrational. I feel like Little Orbit deserves more credit than they're getting from some people.
  3. I feel like Glacier's opinion on RIOT is one of the few that makes sense, but at the same time I wonder how to please a playerbase that's so stuck with their feet in the ground on anything that's drastically different from what they're used to, when it comes to gamemodes and/or gameplay (not talking threat/matchmaking or weapon/mod balancing). Any change - even if it'd be allegdly on a fresh and new bandwagon that wouldn't be oversaturated - would receive immense amounts of backlash from the people commonly posting on the forums, because it'd not be what they're used to in their daily APB lives, while honestly APB's current state is at a point where garbage would be softly spoken, IMO. APB's gameplay needs a drastic change for it to become any form of interesting again for outsiders. I'm glad Little Orbit is trying despite all the backlash from the insiders. When I see threads and posts asking from small fixes that have been (albeit poorly) attempted over and over, it wouldn't make that much of an impact in the long run. Short-term a lot of people that currently play would be happy, but outsiders wouldn't be interested at all. I for sure wouldn't be. A lot of fixes I still do look forward to all seem to require Unreal 3.5.
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