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  1. APB is the kinda game that manages to make every anticheat look bad. We've had FairFight, BattlEye and now EAC. What's next? GameGuard? Maybe a properly configured GameGuard can pick up cheats, right? It works similarly to a rootkit after all. Don't mind the performance loss, it actively checks your RAM! It's not going to work due to how poorly APB runs, not due to how "bad" the anticheat is.
  2. Now that we have a competent team working on the game, it would be interesting to see another attempt at the old RTW balancing at some point, at the very least.
  3. Doesn't invalidate his point. On the contrary, you'd think bragging about actions highly detrimental to the game's atmosphere and the player's attitude is enough of a reason for the devs to take action. Sure what comes around goes around for Hex, but it's just as ridiculous nothing is being done against it. At the same time it's a bit late to do anything against it, so in the end a thread like this has null meaning, contrary to bragging about actions against the ToS (and thus bannable) on a public forum (and pretty much getting away with it).
  4. The vast majority of golds in bronze end up dethreating at the end of the day, despite it being clearly against the TOS. The Engine Upgrade is a fundamental change needed before better matchmaking can be implemented, but that's not an excuse to further do nothing against the current situation. It's ridiculous how obvious it is to see who is dethreating and who isn't, so a pair of eyes monitoring bronze district would not be much of a wasted effort. Well, it wouldn't have been a couple years ago, and really LO should've tackled this as soon as they got used to how things go around here. At the same time, I feel like people with meta gear like 3 slot HVRs, NTECs, car surfing rocket launchers and what have you, also do not belong in a district.
  5. Kudos for staying polite in a somewhat heated thread. I'd upvote if I weren't on my quota yet. That aside, although there's a lot to gain in community management, if that's not happening (it barely was if ever, and still is pretty much barely done), we'd need a different way. I'm also not sure what else you want to hear. Yeah it's obvious that a lot of systems are bad and incite poor behaviour, that and poor community management are just very detrimental on the game and its population. But sometimes developers don't see what's obvious for us. Especially when they don't play the game live sufficiently if at all. That's why putting certain design flaws and how it impacts the playerbase is not really a waste of time. Arguing against it, however, is. Especially when it's obvious. That is, unless you have a valid explaination as to why system a or design choice b is meant to be that way. That means the reason for said system or design choice to exist has to count heavier than the potential negative effect on players. 195 mods, threat segregation and threat overhead display, and witnessing really don't have a valid excuse to exist anymore. They're more a sorry excuse for other aspects of the game, such as the lack of sense of progression, or the lack of actual faction-locked content/gameplay. Little Orbit has their hands full developing this game, and I'm sure they missed a couple things here and there that need to be addressed, if they want APB to be a good game in the future. That's why threads like these exist, albeit the title is clickbait-ish. It's not necessarily the systems that are meant to cause chaos that are bad. It's just the way some of them are designed. Even during the Reloaded era, the devs applied a couple measures here and there in missions against poor player behaviour. A couple years before even Tiggs went silent they implemented a system against ghosting, for example. It's a Safe Space system, more or less, but sofar it works decently, since ghosting is at least more difficult. All in all APB needs a major design overhaul if it wants to actually be a cops vs robbers game in first place. A lot of design choices in APB are quite out of date and could use a huge refresher. There's a lot within cops vs robbers, and APB is really doing poorly in doing anything in those boundaries. It doesn't have to be perfectly 50/50 balanced, it just needs to convey the attitude (it really doesn't right now) the game wants to put up.
  6. Doesn't take away it's really bad for the game and its population.
  7. It's not a complaint but a breakdown of certain mechanics of the game that are detrimental to player attitude. Also, even with the game being as dead as it is, not everyone has a group of people willing to do stuff like what you're suggesting. It's a pretty insane counter just for ram raiding, and I really hope that's not your standard go-to counter argument for ram raiding troubles.
  8. The cars look like they're made of cheap molded plastic as they are right now. Pretty much like everything else in the game. cough cough Pestilence suit cough cough
  9. i'd be amazed if APB and its engine upgrade would be too difficult to manage for tencent "the game that even tencent couldn't handle"
  10. I want APB to not be constrained or limited by its DNA in creative aspect (that includes gameplay).
  11. I feel like the radius of each can be just slightly less. Say, 1m less radius on percs, frags and low yields. I think it would make things just a little more interesting, without nerfing them into the ground. Concs are fine. Percs need a stamina damage nerf. I also would like to see smoke grenades, flashbangs, incendiary grenades and even tear gas grenades. It feels weird to not be able to throw molotovs as a criminal. Maybe one day...
  12. Then you misinterpreted the thread right from the start. I assume you didn't read the OP either.
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