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  1. Whenever there's balance changes, there's going to be posts complaining about balance I guess. TG8 could use a very small accuracy buff, but then again the same can be said for the OCSP, as that's the weapon it takes the accuracy stats from IIRC. The idea is that both guns are supposed to be slightly less reliable than the FBW and the 45AP. Both guns can carry themselves currently if you're really really good with your trigger finger. Neither weapon should become equivalent to the FBW in its bloom however.
  2. I was kidding when I posted 2 months ago! Come on @MattScott. If @MACKxBOLAN can tell us about his life struggles so can you. The only ones left here are listening.
  3. they always ask where is matt they never ask how is matt
  4. They have to have done that on purpose because they blatantly half-assed it and didn't even bother to tune the vehicle HP to it. They never gave it a serious try hoping everyone would just move on from it.
  5. Bringing back and polishing Anarchy would be one way. I vaguely feel the maps currently in the game are also the perfect size for an extraction shooter style gamemode, if we get rid of the cars or turn them all into wrecks and decrease the amount of players per instance. From a creative standpoint, you could chain the 2 gamemodes up by lore. In any case, a lot can be tried and tested to get some population, but in the end nobody is going to stick if the core gameplay is miserable. The shooting in this game still feels really good, but because every other core aspect of this game is just utterly miserable, I have no reason to actively play. I'll come out of my retirement home when the game is fixed in that regard.
  6. If matchmaking has to wait till the ideal match up is out of a mission, prepare for even longer waiting times and more unopposed missions before finally getting a match. It's doing less-than-ideal match ups for continuïty of the gameplay loop. If there were less threat levels it would be easier for matchmaking to decide. 40 is way too many. Even for cross district matching. We don't have the population for this many threat levels anymore, even if only 30 of the 40 are in use most of the time.
  7. Please don't make the new car an SUV please don't make the new car an SUV please don't make the new car an SUV... As for clothing and character customization: Tails Hairstyles that aren't bald 1, 2 or 3, more hairstyles with bangs/fringe generally Small lopsided hats Oversized baggy t-shirt For vehicles, I'd like to see more kits for lower-tier vehicles like the Calabria A plug suit would be interesting
  8. They'll run out of ideas before long and if they decide to do some more outlandish designs it'll end up like the Pestilence suit due to tech constraints. Looks promising in concept but falls flat, literally, in the final product. Need better tech before creative leads can run free.
  9. Or fix threat distribution by making doing an objective not hand out 250 points and use less threat levels so matchmaking has an easier time finding ideal match ups.
  10. Relying on cosmetics only for microtransaction revenue wouldn't work in this game because the tech it runs on is far too constraining. It works for a game like PSO2, which gets new cosmetics every 2 weeks distributed through lootboxes (the good old gacha system), because their tech allows clothing to be detailed and elaborate, with physics. Impossible for APB as it currently is but with proper tech I'd support having only the most superficial stuff be distributed through microtransactions.
  11. At the same time, Reshade is allowed under EAC while blocked under BattleEye. I'd suggest Custom Desktop Logo V2.2. Works like a charm.
  12. The multiple bullets hitting you in a single packet is more due to poor client netcode than actual server performance. Matchmaking is also there but has far too many threat levels to pick from in a given pool of players to make a proper match up so 99% of the time it'll fall back to next-best solutions for continuïty's sake. There's also extremely poor client performance even on 64 bit, mainly due to garbage data collection and dumping. I do think there's some obvious cases that should have been taken care of long ago, but I do agree with the rest of the issues you're listing here and the willful neglect of all the developers this game has to tackle these. What I'd do if I were able to make a spiritual successor... Considering the IP is sold to China. I'd use UE5 as a base and pick a lot of players here to do some curator work regarding the shooting, to get the feel of gunplay as similar as possible to this game, just without the misery that are the issues this game has such as mentioned above. Customization would be better while cheaper, as newer tech should be able to prevent another 200 million $ lemon here.
  13. Telling you, GTA V is going to be the next Skyrim It's well on its way first releasing on PS3/XB360, then PS4/XBONE, PC and now PS5/XSEX While TakeTwo is being scared of pushing anything for its sequel it'll probably come to phone in a few years. Maybe it'll see a release on one of Nintendo's next consoles. The only thing GTA V is lacking is Todd Howard
  14. Quite sure before OP even made a post about it, if he wore the suit in front of a GM they would do nothing with it, if they would even notice the symbol at all. Not like there's actually any effective measures taken ingame against racism, discrimination or other things that do the game more harm than good.
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