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  1. This is some good popcorn lol. Claims he's not toxic, then responds in awful toxic manner to pretty much everything that comes in his face. I'm kinda amazed that someone can be this sad.
  2. You must be fun at parties. Please don't respond, you'll only embarrass yourself even more lol.
  3. I agree there should be some faction exclusivity, but not in the shape of vehicles. Both factions can have the whole car list available to them without it making the game less cops vs robbers. I'd rather have faction-specific customisation for vehicles being more indepth for both factions, but that's a thing for the future. Since APB is still on the old engine there's no need to worry about it now anyways, but in all honesty I think cars are a pretty poor excuse for faction exclusivity.
  4. Haganu

    Old weapon drop system

    The problem is how often respawns would happen. Because APB is quite basic in combat (as in there's not a lot of preparation going on before a shootout happens compared to more tactical shooters like R6S and CSGO), a shootout happens quite quickly and most of the time obviously results in either of the 2 parties dying. How basic the combat is makes it quite dynamic. Mission districts won't have much of a problem, but Fight Club would literally be hell. A full Asylum for example already is quite chaotic. Some of the changes you suggested would make it even more interesting for mission districts, but all the changes you suggested would basically be a requirement to make such a system work in FC. Or just exclude the system from FC.
  5. Haganu

    Old weapon drop system

    APB's combat is way too dynamic for a weapon drop/pickup system mainly due to respawning. Especially Fight Club would suffer from it. The changes suggested would make that system do a 180 turn though. Could make it interesting. Also if the weapon drops, I'd appreciate the weapon to lay flat on the ground, not upstanding like it's some quake gun pickup floating.
  6. As someone with a lood character I have to say. OP, stop being a faggot.
  7. The NTEC is far more reliable in a vast majority of the situations as an AR than the STAR. It has always felt that way and always worked that way. The strangest thing is that everyone's defending the STAR, while all these people would instantly switch over to NTEC the moment they could. And that's not because the NTEC requires more skill. An assault rifle that's more versatile requires less skill, because it's more capable over more situations. And no, before anyone comes up with any nonsense, the NTEC isn't a jack-of-all trades. That's what the COBRA used to be before they changed that gun up entirely. The only thing that makes an NTEC require just a slight amount of skill is Cooling Jacket, yet when you put that on a STAR the gun loses what comparatively little reliability it has left. The NTEC, especially pre-curve mechanic was superior in every way. Even the go-to mod setups for the gun had more variety than the STAR had. A lot of people that can play NTEC can play STAR, that's something that can't be denied. But since the vast majority still rather plays NTEC means that the NTEC has an extra edge the STAR doesn't have, making the NTEC more useful than the STAR, thus overshadowing it.
  8. Instead of nerfing the NTEC I'd rather see competing ARs get slightly buffed. A gun like the STAR is also very capable, just slightly less than the NTEC. If the STAR can be buffed just slightly enough to be on-par with the NTEC you have 2 versatile ARs to cover most of the situations about equally. The Misery is a terrible gun and the Cobra could really use a significant buff. The Cobra deserves to be buffed within the niche it's in (or supposed to be in). And the Misery could for a start get a niche where it could compete with other guns in. The ATAC is fine the way it is.
  9. On PS4 and Xbone, the shaders look so awful in Unreal 3.5. On the other end, Asylum looks absolutely amazing in Unreal 3.5 from what I've seen in screenshots.
  10. Haganu

    The plan to fix the lag

    Thanks again for your transparency and the will to actively tackle issues the community is struggling with. Now I think of it even the DDOS attacks causing poor server performance used to be just community generated discussion, because the old staff at Reloaded literally never communicated about it. Really appreciated @MattScott, cheers!
  11. when the amount of unread mail is on par with the amount of hours played
  12. That's not damage hacks, that's you receiving 2+ shots landed on you in 1 packet. It's been like that for years.
  13. put snub in god tier bracket
  14. This is literally what we've been wanting to see for years now. When discussion goes really far to the point of it nearly causing conflict between 2 camps, quick, appropriate and effectively communicating about it. Instead of leaving the discussion entirely to the community without a single word from the people working on it for extended periods of time. Thank you, @MattScott.