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  1. Haganu

    Autumn Assault!

    they're called native americans
  2. Haganu

    Let me whine

    You're one person, you're not the whole picture. If there are significantly more people with that view on things I'll have to see for myself before I start believing. Glad that this subject hasn't gone unanswered though. Silence on a subject like this would only segregate the playerbase more. Kind of a pity but then again I never felt much for the butcher skin. The dynamic event period APB had wasn't really... memorable... Titles and skins also aren't a lot of wasted space I imagine, since skins are generated from a single bitmap (I wouldn't say single, but you get the point I guess). Still, if it's significant content that's decent in file/package size, I wouldn't keep it exclusive forever.
  3. Haganu

    Let me whine

    I don't think re-releasing exclusive stuff would do that much positive for APB's /pop. The majority of that 90% will just realize it's another poor attempt to mask the sadness with despacito music and tune out halfway through. Still, plenty of modern and thriving games eventually make exclusive items public. It's a waste of content to make exclusive items permanently exclusive, and it only segregates the playerbase (the people that did get the item and want it to stay exclusive vs. the people that didn't have the chance to get the item but want it). An official statement from LO would be nice on this. Eitherway thanks to G1's idea to keep exclusive content permanently exclusive, a very good share of the playerbase will be upset no matter what they say about it. Still, it'd be bad to leave this subject unanswered for much longer.
  4. NTEC not being a viable choice in CQC is blatantly a lie. Maybe you're not good with it in CQC but if I can gimp the gun with CJ3 RS3 and still shred players then there's certainly something wrong with the weapon. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind being faced with NTECs, and I like shooting NTEC a lot, but it's just not right the way it is currently, balance-wise. It's wrong to not call the gun too versatile or bad in CQC. It's like saying the STAR is better in every way.
  5. That has to be the most idiotic argument I've ever seen to defend NTEC's versatility. If you lose in CQC vs a SWARM or CR762 it's not because of those guns either. This literally goes for any gun that doesn't perform at its best in the CQC range niche, so what exactly is your point here? Even if it's not NTEC's fault for losing in CQC, NTEC is really easy to spray in CQC with relative little risk, to the point where I just slap CJ3 RS3 on it and spray like a smart in Asylum yet am not struggling AT ALL.
  6. Haganu

    Let me whine

    i'll just remain smug for a few more minutes over this salt thread
  7. Haganu

    You're not Excused

    a peculiar fluctuation but alas
  8. All the guns you've mentioned excel in some range niche, and using them outside of their niche makes it more risky to use and be fully competitive in for most players. The NTEC doesn't have that problem. Spraying an NTEC in CQC isn't really risky, meanwhile it maintains accuracy to be fully competitive down range aswell.
  9. I thought the IR3 nerf was clever, though the downside was overtuned and using a formula containing both a constant and a variable to calculate effective range gain would only confuse the majority of the players. We're playing a game on a PC, we're not having math class. NTEC is way too versatile, and too reliable for how effective the weapon is. You can gimp the gun with reflex sight and still be competitive. OCA also is too reliable for its TTK. OCA's sweet spot was having a slightly higher TTK than the PMG but being more reliable since it has a higher ROF, where the PMG is supposed to be higher risk higher reward, the risk being the slower cyclic rate.
  10. Haganu

    Matchmaking and Threat

    My apologies if I caused any confusion, the post in which I said going Open Conflict being better than having matchmaking was before my discussion with Kewlin, while during my discussion with Kewlin I tried to convey that current threat and player distribution is faulty. Again the flaws Kewlin pointed out regarding Open Conflict can be found just as well in current matchmaking, but that's not matchmaking's fault. If you missed the point, it's not your fault. I also stated before that redistributing points would be beneficial, coupled with a reduction of threat levels per color. Even in Citadel dethreating has more or less become mandatory if you want to play a solid session in action districts outside of prime hours, so something has to be done.
  11. Haganu

    Matchmaking and Threat

    I don't think that we should remove matchmaking as a whole - I'm not here to argue Remove threat please! - it's not my point (I posted it before though, sorry for that), but I don't think anything can be worse than the distribution of threat we have now. The flaws you pointed out with Open Conflict are roughly the same flaws that matchmaking currently has, that's all. Abusing matchmaking for its lack of intelligence is indeed a thing in other games, but APB's one of the few special snowflakes - if not the only game - where it's a significant part of the game. Also, people are already stomping newbies day in day out with the way things currently are. That's why first and foremost I think points and threat levels should be distributed differently, and districts shouldn't be locked by threat. Especially at this point I think Open Conflict wouldn't improve the game significantly enough, (1- five years is way too long, so everyone's already used to the way things currently are, 2- the year's almost over, we might get UE3.5 soon). It never lived up to its purpose either anyways since nothing has ever been done with the so called Data it was meant to gather for matchmaking. I still am of the opinion that the current vague/over-manipulated/lopsided guideline we've had the past 5 years has only been horrible for this game and its players and is the absolute worst thing a game can have. I also think that with the current distribution of points, getting a larger player pool alone for matchmaking by phasing between districts is not going to solve the issue we've been having at all.
  12. Haganu

    Matchmaking and Threat

    I'm calm, don't worry. The point is, there is no protection for new players with current matchmaking. In both bronze and silver district new players get matched against premades or well-equipped and more skilled players than them everyday. This is especially a thing in bronze district. The way things are no is in no way a protection, and on top of that only hinders players by often giving them missions without opposition, and/or having them wait a while because matchmaking has to find a somewhat fitting opposition for them (which in most cases isn't a fitting opposition at all). I'd rather have no matchmaking at all until something that works is in place, then I won't have to wait for my opposition. Opposition that I either end up stomping or ends up stomping my team. It's kinda late for it now since we're soon halfway through november already, sadly. I'm used to typing rather long posts. Asking for an example only means I was asking for a response from you to validate that one-liner :v (then again it's a pity that one-liners are the status quo)
  13. Haganu

    Matchmaking and Threat

    Then tell me, what would not be better than a system that AND caused the population to bleed for a significant part AND makes sure anyone willing to try this game out gets scared away? What would not be better than this current system, that for a good 4, nearly 5 years is the source of this game getting negative reviews from anyone trying out this game? If you don't know the things this current system has caused then you must've been living under a rock for the past... half decade or so. At least on this matter. New players get faced with toxicity the moment they get matched up after pressing K. It's the same in both silver and bronze district. The majority of new players will just leave and likely leave a negative review on Steam (or you have those YouTubers that give their opinion). The few that stay end up becoming as toxic as the players that steamrolled them in their first hours. It's easy, but insane folly to blame the players solely for this, when it's the systems distributing threat and players that's causing this. At this point ANYTHING is better, even having no threat-based matchmaking and distribution. If you think otherwise then I'd like to hear some clear, detailed examples from you. If you don't feel like coming with any then your opinion might aswell instantly be discarded. If you can't come with anything, save yourself the effort and just not post at all on this subject.
  14. Haganu

    Matchmaking and Threat

    Anything is better than what we have right now until the game has proper systems. That includes having no threat-based matchmaking at all. It's absolute folly to think differently when you've seen the result of the current system with your own eyes for half a goddamn decade.
  15. WoW and Final Fantasy has more developers working on it than APB has players playing it, so let's not talk about that. WoW and FF have massive dev teams and more than enough money and resources to develop their game, which is not really the case for APB. It's not much different since Little Orbit took over. Next to that WoW and Final Fantasy are globally acknowledged. There are not many people that don't know about them, so it's much easier to uphold a reputation. APB is one of the more obscure games in the industry, and overshadowed by games like GTA. It's a much tougher job for APB to uphold a good reputation, though I must say G1 also ignored literally every chance they had to improve the game's reputation, and instead pushed the Engine Upgrade as vaporware.