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  1. 100 million was back in the day when a lot of time and resources were spent on custom code for all sorts of thing, including but not limited to something basic like a day/night cycle. I highly doubt rebuilding APB Reloaded from scratch in newer tech is going to cost nearly as much, since a lot of the tech is already there. This saves development time and resources, and as such it saves money.
  2. Can't place bets as someone coming from the Netherlands Sadge. I want this game to be shut down, though. Outlived its potential for far too much and long. This game's "potential" isn't worth shit anymore.
  3. Kinda in the same boat as the guy above me. This is a problem that should've been solved 6 years ago. If the dev studio from back then wanted success they would've tackled this issue within the first year of it being a problem, and to those saying it wasn't a problem back then - sorry to say but you have the memory span of a goldfish. LO should've tackled this problem right from the moment they pulled the strings, but nobody seemed to want that other than a handful of people. The latest Steam charts look beyond pathetic. I'm very much hoping nobody is going to reply making up all sorts of excuses. If there are people yet - even the forums look empty these days. But hey if this keeps up there might be just about 100 players around when 2.1 releases! Pointless to invest into this any further.
  4. It's just not interesting to post here anymore. It's been the same shit for not even god knows how long. I'm not hardcore enough to complain about the same thing a million times over the span of 8 years (although for me that would be about 6 years by now).
  5. During the BE times I haven't played much, but the couple times I did hop onto the game and jumped into Asylum, it was pretty bad. Roughly as bad as the Fairfight years I'd say. There were literally people advertising their cheats in /d at the time. With EAC the game did feel relatively peaceful.
  6. Considering some certain people in both this thread and the thread on reddit pull the immersion card, probably. It could be a plus for those who bother, if executed properly. As with everything else in this playerbase, if half-assed, it just gives the goons here another barrel to kick against.
  7. Putting up ads like this is something that has to be approached with a silk touch. Considering some people already consider it a loss of immersion and lore. I honestly think it's a great idea if executed properly. It would be great for everyone to have ads blend in with the rest of the world and the universe, but if it's something completely out of place, it'll be a big minus for the game. I'd also suggest to not replace every billboard with ads, and only have a select amount of billboards throughout the maps renew ads after x amount of weeks. This keeps some of the immersion while allowing new ads to come in and reach players.
  8. I think an ability to import/export character creation data (including clothes) and symbols would be well in place.
  9. Sugar Plum Fairy is definitely the most gorgeous skin they've released sofar. The particle effects and glowy parts on the skin are just too nice to pass up.
  10. Since dethreating is etched so deeply in quite a lot of players I think that's just going to make silver district even worse to play in. The majority of bronze still consists of bronzes and silvers. Golds are usually the exception.
  11. Players not actively playing, aiming for low scores (some idiots think negative score will help them even these days), suicides/TKs/AFK demerits making up for the majority if not the entirety of the medal collection of a player during a mission, to name a few symptoms. It's not that hard really.
  12. I was a bit underwhelmed with the Q&A from the session on LO's channel. Some questions felt repetitive, like we've already asked them before here on the forums, but I guess not everyone in twitch chat has browsed the forums. I wish I watched some other streams, I'm intrigued to see what they asked in the Q&A. It's good that it's happening though, but since we already know it is going to happen, and that there are going to be tons of improvements both on the client and server, I had expected an outlook of a bit further beyond the new contacts.
  13. Because every hairstyle other than the 2 everyone goes to are unattractive to look at. Hell, the only hairstyle for females that has a length you can call somewhat long leaves your character with not a 4, not a 5 but a 6head. APB needs more long hairs. Even though it requires clothing physics calculations it's something the game needs if it wants to have a creative scene that's somewhat redeemable. People won't use what they don't like. Doesn't make them all the same either.
  14. I wonder how effective it is to report garbage threads like these as spam. If you really want to voice your opinion like it matters here, why not use the fucking thread it's meant for? The more garbage threads like these show up, the less likely LO is (or should be) to follow this garbage forum.
  15. they might even use unit game as scapegoat. covid-19 is made in china after all
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