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  1. Of course you shouldn't be matched against them. But the point is that there is a range of weapons/mods (atac, pmg, percs, remote det, volcano, ...) that are way too strong and very easy to play. And this applies in all tiers/threats in the game. The problem is that a certain group of people, consisting of low tier golds and dethreaters who play in bronze districts, utilise literally everything they can to win games. New players don't just get beaten when they play against these players, they get overwhelmed and completely destroyed. Losing a match because they lose gunfights is acceptable. But some players throw everything they have at them. Remote det, pig perc, item running with carsurfing volcano's, true ogres popping from behind a corner, killing them before they know what happened, ... Don't you see the problem? Even with fair matchmaking many of these weapons/mods are just completely unbalanced. Tweaking some of the stats right now is a good temporary solution to make the game bearable for new players.
  2. Crutches? Limiting player's game experience? Do you mean the experience of playing against a full group of low tier golds in a bronze district, players who use kevlar, percs, atacs, ... who run in vip/capture missions with 2 carsurfing volcano's on the roof? I don't know if you're one of these players but if you think it should be kept like this you're not better than them either. This game can come a long way with simple value changes when it comes to both new and veteran player experience. And these changes don't have to wait until the engine upgrade, which by the looks of it won't be here any time soon in a finished state.
  3. A combination of what @proxie proposes and a strong nerf to running with capture items/vip would already make a huge difference when it comes to new players getting steamrolled by 'veteran' silvers.
  4. this is exactly why I don't use half of my gun inventory what about all the furries
  5. The Belgian gambling law already banned lootboxes, I can't buy jmbs without a vpn.
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