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  2. Just gonna challenge him to a pistol duel in rl. Winner gets the name, glory and honor. Doesn't that go hand in hand? It's a clown alright, sadly not a funny one. Gonna leave him alone though, he can't do more damage than I already do myself. Only wish some quality entertainer copied me.
  3. The censoring though. And like I already said, dear partypeepos, I did not get hacked. I just never thought someone would ever take the time and an actual character slot to create a copy of me just to write absolute nonsense in the chat. If he would be atleast creative while doing that. Ya actually do something against that?(I am talking about Imposter) Asking out of pure curiosity. Daddy chill
  4. Fuckin' hell, why did I never thought of that? Well damn, I am pretty Removed Inappropriate language ~@mayii. I will try and look that up. Thanks if that is actually the case Merged. Update: Tako is right. Another update: Looks like I am mentally handicapped since I didnt think of that. Hehe *sad Removed Inappropriate language ~@mayii noises* Merged. Anyway, if ya ever see a Sophiel runnin'round talking some utter bullshoot with bad grammar, it ain't me
  5. So, I've been casually doing my stuff as always when suddenly someone else wrote with MY character! I have already opened a ticket, but I came here to ask how long it will usually take for them to answer? My mind's going crazy knowing that this mofo can do stuff with my account. I am not even sure if he can do that when I am offline. Before ya all blame me: I did not download or buy anything from shady websites or anything at all. I am playing it from Steam and the only thing you can blame me for is being salty now and then 8). Looks like I hit someones nerve and now he wants revenge. Somebody else had that experience before? He did not move my character or could control what I wrote. All the hacker did was writing through my name in the district chat. Know if he can do more damage? I am already running my antivirus programs etc. P.S. I NEVER shared my account with anyone and never gave away my password etc.(It's my Steam Account after all)
  6. Sophiel

    Sophiel and Slaves Inc

    Nuts peeps, that ain't a dethreater discussion thread here. I welcome the free advertisement but I am not gonna get into details now. We are basically just relaxin' and playing together while I heat them friggin dethreaters through words rather than skill 8). P.S. Short story long: We are a bunch of mixed ranks who just wanna enjoy playing together without any obligations.
  7. Sophiel

    Sophiel and Slaves Inc

    Not just gonna defeat them and those helping them to dethreat, we gonna destroy 'em so hard(when they play serious) that they are psychically scarred and get nightmares everytime they even think of dethreating. And so they shall never do it again.
  8. Gimme a leash I can put on my clan member so they can't go farther than 100m away from me
  9. I started this thread and I had to make a tough choice: Shall I just write "LF PEEPS FOR MY CLAN" and leave it like this, or shall I make something serious? I am pretty sure half of ya lil' partypeeps know the phrase so I was tempted to leave it at that, but then my glorious mind came up with something cooler: I explain myself. Anyway, here I am, talkin' shit as usual. What kinda clan is that? Some Enforcer clan with the target to smack them dethreating..."folks" straight back to the moon. The guild is pretty darn new and so we are not that much yet but those who are there, we are some odd bunch I tell ya. Already got a DC server and a nice logo(made by me ) which I can trade with you so you can proudly display it on your car. I am sure there are some haters incoming so I say in advance: Don't be jelly and don't be upsetti and eat some Spaghetti. Thanks for your attention Yours truly Best lookin' person around, Sophiel
  10. Sophiel

    Merge the map.

    Game's already stuttering like hell, try to imagine 200 maniacs shootin'round. Heavens save us! On the other hand, there would be more people upsetti in the district chat and that would be nice
  11. Threat districts return? It was about goddamn time I tell ya!
  12. I don't even know what to win but I WILL win it!
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