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  1. They almost never use the forum so for the ones on discord, this is is always up to date. https://discord.com/channels/452180602007978004/455414608769974272 We hope to see you there. Greatings, FC
  2. All credit goes to @Officer_Foxtail for this great video.
  3. @Officer_Foxtail very nice video mate!!! If you give permission to do so I can upload it on the youtube channel
  4. Thank you guys it was a lot of fun today
  5. @Officer_Foxtail hahaha wel done mate @Officer_Foxtail @StevenDeckard @Nastibe Ready for the car meet at 10 pm. My brother will be joining us too in the range roover.
  6. Very nice @Fenton!!! It was awesome riding with you in the HKP vehicles.
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