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  1. I am curious how the servers are being named after they change to no threat districts and how it will affect CCC. I hope last CCC was not a taste of what's to come.... Anyway I am working late today so if I attend CCC it will be later at the event but chances are very low and surely after knowing this. Please let me know how it went
  2. @Cuve I am happy you like it Think I am done with my project
  3. @StevenDeckard thanks mate S Something I made as a joke
  4. They almost never use the forum so for the ones on discord, this is is always up to date. https://discord.com/channels/452180602007978004/455414608769974272 We hope to see you there. Greatings, FC
  5. All credit goes to @Officer_Foxtail for this great video.
  6. @Officer_Foxtail very nice video mate!!! If you give permission to do so I can upload it on the youtube channel
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