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  1. How are things going? Maybe i'll come back online tomorrow
  2. very nice work @Officer_Foxtail you are a real artist
  3. big catch with @RYanJM007 Thank you @Officer_Foxtail
  4. @Skarma I'll try my best to find you this day or another
  5. It looks very very nice. Awesome work guys!!!
  6. I have updated my cars to be more realistic. My second cop is called SecondCommander - Los Angeles Police Department + SWAT - Boston Police Department - Austrian Federal Police (Bundespolizei) - Belgian Customs Service (Douane Belge / Belgische douane) + Belgian Federal Police (Police Fédérale / Federale Politie)
  7. I saw it when I looked at the cars
  8. The customs logo is from the Dutch customs and not the customs from Belgium Merged. This is the one from Belgium
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