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  1. Very happy to have been part of part 2 ! Thanks again for this event
  2. The lastest chases were a real pleasure, it has been a long time since our last ones ! Thanks for this LAPD officers.
  3. @FirstCommander Waw what a nice replica of the AE86 ! I'd love to race against Takumi on some eurobeat someday
  4. My fav officers are on TV! I thought I saw my speeding ticket on the desk haha
  5. @Officer_Foxtail Yeah, it was a fun patrol, especially for me to find myself on the other side @StevenDeckard It was some epic moments, what a pity you had so many lag and for my predictive abilities it was the experience as a most wanted fugitive that helped me haha
  6. @Officer_Foxtail Oh my ! I think I’ll print it and hang it in my bedroom, what a memory ! (ty for making this ^^) @ViolaDeWynter My bottles of NOS were closed or maybe it’s their radar that doesn’t work well
  7. @Officer_Foxtail Haha I was not ready to see that photomontage the next step is the bounty @FirstCommander Oww that Bishada is scaring me and the Kurai is def a good roadblock, looking forward to seeing you there
  8. Thanks for the vid @FirstCommander and also shout-out to @Fenton and @Officer_Foxtail for the chasing @StevenDeckard Thanks for thoses gentle words, so sad you wasn't there this time
  9. Awesome pics MissT ! That sure was a fun meeting Was my first time with the New-Cross Bishada I will be here again So nice to see guys still doing such events
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