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  1. if it can be of any help at all, this issue reappears after playing for some time on a district (waterfront in this case but i don't know if financial does the same) and then going to social. However the fix posted by Bambola solves it for me. (sorry for the many posts i can't find the edit button)
  2. This worked for me, i had deleted everything already but restarting my pc might have helped. Thank you very much.
  3. Little update: i could play the game for like an hour earlier before i encountered the same problem again. I highly doubt there's something i can do to fix it permanently and the fact that some people are getting it at the same time makes me think Battleye messed up things by mistake.
  4. Kyouki/Yangeline's method worked for me too, however i had to uninstall battleye from the APB beta folder. Hope this works for other people too.
  5. I've been having the same issue and none of the suggestions posted by Bambola worked unfortunately. I've reinstalled the game about 5 times, moved it to another drive, reinstalled BE, deleted folders and repaired etc etc...nothing has worked thus far. Maybe Battleye support can give me some other answers but i'm not too hopeful about that.
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