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  1. hello, back with good news i have found a solution how to fix this problem, go to APB Reloaded\Binaries\BattlEye, and you will find BEService.exe and BEService_x64.exe , Delate BEService_x64 and open apb again ,I'm in game already 10-15 min with out getting kicked, tried to play on baylan for 5 min and joined social again i'm still in game with out getting kicked, everyone who have problem should give it a try it might help you, i think problem was with this BEService_x64 because it's 64bit program and apb does not support any kind of 64bit program, that is why we have problem with RTX and 16x series gpu's i hope this help you fix your problem. and sorry once again for bad writing good luck. and reply if it works for you too 36 min already in game with out getting kick.
  2. Having same problem from yesterday. Tried everything, nothing seems to fix this problem, I have even reinstalled windows, could join social and stay there for good couple of hrs till i didn't try to join fight club, tried to open my acc in other pc but same problem, I think this problem is linked with account, I'm waiting for maintenance tomorrow it might fix the problem but i doubt that it will fix anything, still waiting for BE to reply (sorry for bad english writing), btw when i create new acc (for test) i can join any district and stay there good amount of time till i don't join other district i hope they fix this soon.
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