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  1. BattlEye is giving temporary bans. That's why you saw 3 day ban. Then during that period, the ban is reviewed by the LO personnel and is switched to permanent after a violation is confirmed.
  2. Not sure if this is a bug related to beta, but my characters didn't carry over to beta. I have to start from scratch...
  3. I think they will fix it in 2 days.
  4. For me it's the Norsemen 'Odin'. Not sure about the price it has now, but when I bought it in the Valhalla's Chosen pack, it was the most pricey weapon. And with a good reason: You need to pay premium price to dethreat without actually wanting to dethreat!
  5. Make friends in-game and play with them is the best advice I can give. It makes playing more enjoyable and they can see you in the field, thus knowing how to advice you.
  6. Free premium for the duration of the "coronavirus thing", AMA with Matt Scott, progress with engine upgrade that bring us closer to beta.
  7. Finding a solution to the problem the original poster explains, might allow me to give APB another chance. (although potato graphics mode, is already repulsive to me)
  8. Same thing happened to me since I was upgraded to an RTX graphics card and I was forced to use Advanced Launcher to stop APB from crashing. Unfortunately I didn't find a solution and that just helped making APB even more unplayable for me.
  9. I think you're right. They totally abandoned it. They don't even discuss about it anymore. Oh, wait a moment...
  10. @Inhotep really nailed it and covered all basis. A big from me.
  11. Maybe his friend was from another ISP or even another country. Depends of the checks they do.
  12. It is against the EULA. And yes, Advanced Launcher is also against the EULA but at the state the game engine is right now, it has been excluded as without it, some people (including me) could not play at all.
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