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  1. You know my stance on it, I am against anything that gives an unfair advantage.
  2. Saxtus

    New SPCT team

    Remember, each person can have an opinion. They are vocal about it, and that's something LO wants. But at the end, LO will gather all the opinions and decide what's what.
  3. Why this question pops up every week? I guess when the engine is updated to Unreal Engine 3.5, it will stop functioning and you will know.
  4. Saxtus

    New SPCT team

    Good luck to the New Generation SPCT! We count on you!
  5. Now we're talking about! As of now, it's on the calendar.
  6. Saxtus

    APB 2nd wow

    Cheating is hardly the only problem of the game. Blaming everything on cheating, means that you either not aware of the rest of the problems or just choose to ignore them. Toxicity is a consequence of people not reporting bad in-game behavior (or in my case, reporting it and getting back from support that it's justified). So, bottom line, people lost faith that the company cares for the game, one way or another. Matt is telling us to be patient and it will pay off, time will tell. You keep telling about cheaters, do you have any solid video evidence? (it's a yes/no question)
  7. Saxtus

    Metropolitan Police

    Welcome back and good luck!
  8. Saxtus

    APB 2nd wow

    Are you kidding me, man? Who said that? Stop distorting what others are saying, just to bring every forum thread to talk about your issue. I've said that the toxicity is something tangible, something we can easily prove with a screenshot, meaning that cheaters cannot be easily proved. This thread's subject is about people trying this game and leaving it. The first thing they see, even before they start a mission and be involved with cheaters, is the toxicity. Why do you choose to dismiss that problem and jump directly to the cheating problem?
  9. Saxtus

    APB 2nd wow

    Cheaters or not, toxicity is a real problem and easy to prove, driving away players from the game.
  10. Saxtus

    APB 2nd wow

    Got permission from the person that captured a chat from yesterday, to post it here as long I've blurred names:
  11. Saxtus

    APB 2nd wow

    People may try APB, then get overrun by players saying on district chat that they have no reason to stop cheating and their sole purpose is to drive away players from the game. The toxicity is really bad for anybody trying APB.
  12. Saxtus

    Yamaguchi-Gumi Family - New Criminal Clan

    I wouldn't know, I am not with them anymore. I see @Fenton around from time to time though.
  13. Saxtus

    Yamaguchi-Gumi Family - New Criminal Clan

    I am fine. Minimized my APB exposure to just attending WitchQueen events. How are you?
  14. Saxtus


    What I meant is: How you know that they didn't figure out your (easy/used elsewhere/given to a friend) password and you're so certain that the breach happened from Gamersfirst?