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  1. Where is the frame stuttering when you engage the enemy caused by low memory, high CPU utilization and visual effects? Ah... Advanced Launcher with everything low... Meh. Playing APB in fluid mode...
  2. Inb4 they implement the following fix: IF win=7 THEN skiploadingEAC=1
  3. Maybe a moderator can merge this thread to the older one?
  4. Fenton's heart is so big that we can all fit in.
  5. Not all Russians are the same. Just some of them decide not to be pleasant and talk in their language publicly, making them look like all Russians are rude, while they aren't.
  6. Amen! Although I want game population to get a boost, if everybody go to the RIOT districts, what will remain for us that enjoy missions? I want to have fun playing, but LO is trying to push us to RIOT no matter what, because there will be the new item rewards and the most of the population. Instead of fixing matchmaking, RIOT is going to cripple it (for mission districts). Either the above will happen, either I am wrong, RIOT will fail and things will fall back quickly to the bad state they are now. I see no future...
  7. As long as threat level is visible, there will be dethreaters. Hiding the threat level will make matchmaking more fair as the threat level calculated by the game will be closer to the truth.
  8. It's been already said by Matt Scott that the threat system will be reworked. Probably threat will stop been visible and when phasing system comes, there will be better matchmaking pool to compliment any changes in the threat system. Something tells me that you don't follow closely what Matt is saying.
  9. Saxtus

    Metropolitan Police

    Love your enthusiasm! Try sending ingame message to OfficerHot or Pritchart. -- A former member.
  10. Was planning to get on the streets and do missions, hoping that cheaters wouldn't find time to adapt to EAC, but then I thought that mission districts would be empty because of RIOT districts. Maybe I'll grab some clanmates and do what they're doing...
  11. Sure, post Russian in forum too. Because district chat wasn't enough.
  12. For me RIOT shouldn't be first priority. EAC & Unreal Engine 3.5 should be instead. But I am not the one calling the shots.
  13. Just give them a break. They are trying to do it right. Bad surprises happen. I am sure Nekrova migration can wait a bit longer.
  14. Aren't you the same person that was bragging that you had 9 wins mission streak?
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