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  1. Are you sure "bro" that the error is 100004 and not 10004? It might be temporary because your character is logged in from your previous play session or it might be something else. Matt said yesterday something about a bug that prevented the saving of permanent BattlEye bans in some cases, so either that fix screw something up with legitimate players or it screw you up (if you know what I mean). Your best bet is contacting support.
  2. Oh, the poster confused the threads then.
  3. Smells like tax. Have you tried buying with Steam wallet? (provided that you are starting the game through Steam and the Steam overlay works)
  4. I don't know what your point is, but I think nobody should violate the EULA. I hope we agree on that at least.
  5. The mission text could fall under database (if we consider it as flat-file database) or file in general. As it's been said above, you can't outsmart it. There is no such thing in APB.
  6. I do think that it adds an advantage, however, seems that adding an advantage or not is irrelevant and it's subject to my opinion vs others, so I am not going to argue more on that matter. However it is against the agreement we all agreed to play the game, so in this context is not a matter of opinion, it is just plain wrong because you violate what you agreed here: https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/eula (point 18 under section B. Prohibited Conduct) The EULA is very clear on that and is not subject to interpretation or have any exclusions on what files you can edit and what not. EULA is above anything else that has been said anywhere else.
  7. Because you wouldn't bother altering in-game files if you didn't think it worth it.
  8. Then why you violate the EULA you agreed upon before entering the game and don't use the steam browser instead?
  9. If you can do that, then do it instead of altering in-game files. But you don't do it.
  10. Yes. It's unfair advantage to do otherwise and you know it.
  11. If they didn't give SPCT a chance to test it, how it's SPCT members fault? Inb4 Matt Scott's post explaining that it was his mistake for rushing it without testing and taking again the blame to himself. I know that APB is at its lowest popularity ever, but honestly, you all have to admit that we never had that level of communication from the devs.
  12. Please don't say that. Queen of Love is a special snowflake! ❄
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