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  1. Saxtus

    merge characters from nekrova

    The server's language is English. I know that Cyrillic is allowed in district chat but I don't understand why.
  2. What you did seems like an intermediate step. I believe you lost time doing that. Armas store overhaul could wait for later date and more importantly be done from scratch to auto-calculate everything, taking into account all items in each bundle instead of doing it manually using spreadsheets...
  3. Saxtus

    merge characters from nekrova

    As long as that won't turn Citadel's district chat into an endless Russian chatter, no problem there.
  4. Pity. Thank you anyway. Not getting the whole categorization. Why this is in cross-faction?
  5. But that variant has the Armored combat gear instead of the Impact combat gear I am after.
  6. Thank you. Is there something like that but for Enforcers? https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/product_details.php?storetype=g1c&gameID=20&catID=65&subcatID=204&productId=2428 Also: A few weeks ago, my Steam overlay stopped working on APB (even if the setting is enabled in Steam properties of the game). How to get it back so I can use my Steam wallet funds to check out in Armas/Amorous? Is the Steam overlay blocked for anyone else? EDIT: Never mind about the Steam overlay; Discord was blocking it for some reason, even if Discord overlay was disabled. Shutting down Discord, enabled Steam overlay again.
  7. Saxtus

    Account suspended any one can help me !!!

  8. You can win 5-day premium today if you succeed in the event.
  9. Where is the Enforcer impact pack? Can't find it. A link please?
  10. Oh, I see. Didn't know the original, my bad.
  11. And I wish, the valentine guns, instead of going pew-pew, to go smooch-smooch!
  12. Saxtus

    restringir los servidores !!

    This is an English forum, so please post in English. About the threat levels, this has been brought up numerous times and I believe that Little Orbit is going to change how this works but only after the Engine Update takes place, because one of the features that are required for what they have in mind about threat level change, cannot be done with the current engine.