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  1. You surely know how to promote your events!
  2. Saxtus

    Chipp's Wednesday Night Car Club

    One more reason not to put my face for public consumption. Thank you! I am not the only one who had fun after all!
  3. Saxtus

    [CITADEL] Fox Hunt 3 - Back to Waterfront

    Well done. Was a pleasure hunting you!
  4. Saxtus

    Chipp's Wednesday Night Car Club

    I think I had too much laugh when WitchQueen's taxi imploded!
  5. Love it! Get a blue heart from me!
  6. Because I have a big heart, send them over to me and I can keep them for you for free.
  7. Can't you put any of those you use rarely as an auction, then cancel the auction and keep them in your mailbox until needed?
  8. So, there are some defective units out there. Refund!
  9. Saxtus

    New GamersFirst site

    But it doesn't have an RSS feed. Can you add one, as Blogspot had?
  10. Saxtus

    Ищу клан

    This is an English speaking forum and you look for a clan in an English speaking server. Please use English only on this forum (and subsequently in server's District chat).
  11. [sarcasm]You mean that everybody that got their password reset, after the GamersFirst security breach, had downloaded spyware? Interesting...[/sarcasm]
  12. I believe that you can use the Steam login to bypass 2FA.
  13. I agree. Let's hope we will get an official answer and not opinions on how LO should prioritize things.