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  1. Please explain to me: When you say EU, you mean UE 3.5 or am I missing something?
  2. I know that this wasn't what you were expecting as an answer, but it was your choice to trade after this announcement:
  3. Saxtus

    The USC (Citadel) Sign up for next Fight Night (18th)

    Here is a link to the brackets .
  4. Saxtus

    The USC (Citadel) Sign up for next Fight Night (18th)

    1. Your in game name | Jackie 2. Your Faction | Criminal 3. Your Clan | Reapers 4. Your country | Greece 5. Your Favourite APB weapon | Colby PMG 6. Character Gender | Female 7. Preferred Entrance Music | The Veronicas - This is how it feels
  5. Avoiding districts will not allow you to avoid specific enemies after new matchmaking gets implemented.
  6. Darn. And I was thinking starting my livestream that day using the "Who wants to be a millionaire" theme...
  7. Saxtus

    Will consoles recieve a otw too?

    No, Matt said that consoles most probably won't get OTW.
  8. Question about new friends system: We will need permission to add people to our friends list after its wipe?
  9. Thank you Matt for communicating with us. Even if it seems trivial, it means a lot to us.
  10. Famous last words...
  11. What the LO representative meant is that if what the opponent does not cheat or does a behaviour that violates the ToS (apparently not letting someone complete its mission, isn't accounted as griefing), doesn't count as a bannable offence.
  12. Saxtus

    community opinion

    That would be nice.
  13. Saxtus

    RL tattoo on APB :D

  14. Show me a video that someone posted here with blurred opposition names in the past!