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  1. So if understand correctly, you expect them to guess that if there was no problem with the week rewards keep rolling over, you would earn 800 JT the last two weeks? How they know that I wouldn't do the same? Even if I don't touch the Fight Club at all? From your thread's subject, you ask for all players to get free JT. I would like some too even if I don't deserve them!
  2. Have you read my answer before replying? The compensation they gave is for jokes. I would expect they will rethink the damage done and consider giving compensation that we can actually enjoy. I am not the one to tell what kind of compensation is right, but I can tell you that the current one is not good, probably due to it's timing. I guess you can hope for JT as compensation, but from what we've seen from the current compensation plan, it's a slim chance and I wouldn't count on it.
  3. We already got compensated with 7 days premium (regardless that the game in this state is like a joke for EU players).
  4. Yesterday I was spamming to enter an action district for 20 minutes... This is a bad period for this as we can't even play properly.
  5. Salvick is right, the old datacenter was about to boot them out at 25-Nov. Unfortunately from my point of view it seems that the change to new datacenter was a rush decision instead of a scheduled one, like the last datacenter move few months ago.
  6. Error 9 here too using G1 credentials. No option to login through Steam (not that it would make a difference).
  7. Also do remember that when APB is back, it will be laggy for Citadel users, due to EU servers been stuck at customs for unknown time period and all regions will be served by the US servers. I guess when they unstuck we will have a new downtime, just for Citadel.
  8. You never know, Matt Scott might decide to give premium to those that had premium the last days.
  9. It will not be wise to think that engine update will solve the game's problems. Much more needed to be done before advertising the game. Some of them: Implement phasing to help matchmaking pick players from all instances of a given district Matchmaking logic revamp and hiding of threat level Active GMs that don't just hang out in social districts but enforce the EULA
  10. So if PAC-MAN gets released on new generation consoles, people will jump to it?
  11. New consoles won't be backwards compatible with games from previous generation?
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