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  1. That's convenient. Still my point remain: They rendered district chat useless so there is absolutely no reason to pay attention to it. They won - we lost a channel.
  2. The old times, we had different districts per language. Now this is gone and we are left with English only districts. If people can't respect others by typing whatever they want, I don't see a reason for people to keep district chat switched on anymore.
  3. Sorry for hijacking this thread, but does this apply to a ticket response that we find inadequate too? (for example, ticket #4599)
  4. Welcome Sakebee! I hope you will have enough patience with us to be as active as possible!
  5. Umm mine are here: http://saxt.us/pcrig (flexing my custom URL shortener too!)
  6. I think what you ask can be made possible by the matchmaking system. Late Orbit promised us that the matchmaking system will be revamped after phasing system is implemented.
  7. I think it will happen during the current decade. But then again, Late Orbit might prove me wrong and not getting it out during 2020.
  8. There we go again. You have to give them a credit for at least trying. I mean, they are extremely bad on setting priorities streight and failing on almost every deadline set by them or enforced to them by others, but saying that engine upgrade won't help, it's highly unfair as it's needed so they can start implementing fixes to the game, like for example the matchmaking (that needs phasing and phasing needs engine upgrade).
  9. Well, they are late but they deliver. From now on the company should be called Late Orbit!
  10. I hope Lixil to be ok. I hope the new community manager to have more free time for us!
  11. It's not dead. It's in a transitional period.
  12. So if understand correctly, you expect them to guess that if there was no problem with the week rewards keep rolling over, you would earn 800 JT the last two weeks? How they know that I wouldn't do the same? Even if I don't touch the Fight Club at all? From your thread's subject, you ask for all players to get free JT. I would like some too even if I don't deserve them!
  13. Have you read my answer before replying? The compensation they gave is for jokes. I would expect they will rethink the damage done and consider giving compensation that we can actually enjoy. I am not the one to tell what kind of compensation is right, but I can tell you that the current one is not good, probably due to it's timing. I guess you can hope for JT as compensation, but from what we've seen from the current compensation plan, it's a slim chance and I wouldn't count on it.
  14. We already got compensated with 7 days premium (regardless that the game in this state is like a joke for EU players).
  15. Yesterday I was spamming to enter an action district for 20 minutes... This is a bad period for this as we can't even play properly.
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