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  1. Tonights meeting will be in this back yard at the southwest bit of the map in Financial
  2. I do agree with the opening post. Despite having all of the event specific achievements, I think these things are annoying, because they will eventually be impossible to get. Also in case of the existing event specific achievements things were handled poorly, as those achievements were added to steam about two years after the events took place.
  3. Here's my submission, my idea of what a destruction derby car should look like
  4. Tonight's meeting point is the little plaza next to the "Traditional Sushi Restaurant" by the marina in Waterfront
  5. I know the theory yes, but I think my situational awareness isn't as good as it used to be and my aiming never was the best. That's why I normally end up loosing against the "pro" players that rarely miss their shots. Just because all of this seems natural and easy to you, doesn't mean it'slike that for everyone.
  6. I don't mind a challenge, in fact I do welcome missions that can have an outcome that is close to call. But it's not fun if you know you will loose as soon as the mission starts, because your opposition is 10 times better than you. I don't know how the situation in bronze districts really because I never go there, as I just play with friends and they mostly happen to be golds, but seeing the constant complains about people seemingly belonging in neither district shows that there are issues that need to be looked at.
  7. I never said it's any better, but it's not much worse either, it's basically the same thing. I wouldn't call APB neither casual not hardcore. It surely has a more competitive attitude than a casual game, but also a lot of social aspects. There are many players who are just playing to have a good time. I'm not really into competitive gameplay, but I enjoy just hanging around, meeting new people and playing with friends.
  8. I'm creating excuses for what? If being a silver in a silver district requires excuses, then yes ... I do create excuses, I merely wanted to describe to you how many people feel and that saying "learn to play" doesn't solve all problems. Gold players should not forget they are playing in the district s that are meant to be reserved for the silver population. Their behavior there sadly is like them being invited to someone's house and than laying their feet on the owners couch while still wearing their dirty shoes. I don't mind golds joining the silver districts, but they should respect the people the districts are meant for. On this note, I hope Little Orbit will be able to alter the system vin a way that these discussions will become a thing of the past soon
  9. I'm a 255 silver most of the time, so when playing in silver district I loose most of my missions, what is your advice for me? I personally don't feel I have stagnated on the same level for a long while, so don't come at me with learn to play, I know the theory, I just suck at executing it. So just quitting the game it is then, because there is no space left for me? In the current world the silver districts are populated from the best players down to those that are a few weeks into the game, no wonder there's people who constantly loose and then go to a bronze district to feel some sort of accomplishment. Allowing golds into silver districts was the fix they introduced to locking the golds into gold districts, unfortunately this has't solved the problem it just moved it one tear lower. Matches would probably be a lot more random, so the odds of winning wouldn't be the same as they are now, because the opposition wouldn't just be veterans with thousands of hours.
  10. I'm very much in the same situation. I normally only do missions when I have one or two friends to play with, of which I know they don't care about me not being that good, otherwise I just do Fight Club, because nobody cares about individual performance there.
  11. When I was playing Fight Club on Asylum today I decided to play Less than Lethal Weapons. When arresting people, the message indicating the 200 points gained for an arrest appears twice on the screen. The chat message for rewards the message in the kill feed also appear twice. The Score and money on the scoreboard also increased by the amount of two arrests. The actual number of arrests on the scoreboard and the Cop role don't seem to be affected by this. Steps to reproduce: 1. Join Asylum District (probably will work in any other district, too) 2. Select a Less than Lethal Weapon 3. Stun an Enemy and receive Stun reward once 4. Arrest the Enemy 5. Receive Reward for the Arrest twice. What happens after these steps is that the rewards for the arrests are given twice and all messages related to this show up twice. The expected result should be that all messages should only appear once, and the rewards should also only be credited once.
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