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  1. Little Orbit take note. subject A. is so egotistical that they wont 1. let it go and 2. wont understand justified defence. Dude I am done replying to your cancerous arse.
  2. You completely missed the entire point. the point is hackers or no hackers, every legit player was not a pro because at that point your pros didnt exhist. so when fighting legit people they had all the ample opertunity to become better, but now the skill desperity between the vet player and the new up and comming player is so vast that there is no hope of learning or progressing. I may or may not have reeched my personal skill cap ether way thats a moot point. I cant simply go out and find peopleto play with when the APB comunity is so cancerous finding nice people is more dificault then beating hackers lol. In essence asking a player to get passed that skill freshold in the games current state is like asking a wild salmon to survive the next 5 years in sewer water, then when it dies due to toxic shock or whatever other issue you shout at the fish "stupid fish learn to survive in sewer water ffs you noob". In a college for instanace, if you want your students to flurish, thrive and learn you have to give them ample opertunity and make as many paths as possible to do so, you cant take a child that doesnt know what numbers are and ask them the awnser to 2+2. Its the equivelant to shouting louder at a foreign person hoping they will understand you better... shouting doesnt make them understand english, it just makes you look like a giant prick and makes them hate english people.
  3. Yes I would still complain and I and no body else should feel ashamed of complaining because of cancerous people like you, I am not the issue people like you are, the people that expect you to just keep a stiff upper lip and keep marching on further into the bowles of aids land. NO issue in histotry has been solved by not complaining about it, NO desease in history has been cured by simply having good wishes. NO war has been won by putting your head in the sand and hoping your enemies go away. Your logic is fundementally flawed, if we want LO to make change for the ebtter we MUST complain and make them aware it IS a critical issue that they need to adress.
  4. I really detest fight club on citadel, it feels like an un organised mess of people running around with ogres and whispers with the ocasional opgl, frankly it just doesnt suit my play style, I like organised objectives you can actually formulate strategic plays around. Frankly thats the way of the world, you cant expect people to be mooshed into the ground with no hope and simply stick to it wasting all happy leasure time just because cancerous people told them not to go bronze dis where they might have a chance of fighting someone there own skill level. "depending more on your team" you mean the team that you get shot in where they say about your dad should get cancer and they plowed your dead mum the other night ? al because they get a single more kill then you in a lossing match ? please do tell me how I am suppose to work with these insufferable people. How am I suppose to depend on a team that expects me to carry them? and if I dont live up to there super high standards I am slated and told how worthless I am ? work with these people ? no thanks. "saying learn to play doesn't solve all problems" this exactly, if you want people to not go bronze dis and play silver dis give some advice for a change. "Their behavior there sadly is like them being invited to someone's house and than laying their feet on the owners couch while still wearing their dirty shoes." amazing analogy lol. Case and Point. I dont want to win I want a challanging and engaging mission where its hard fought but win or lose I had ample opertunity to learn and progress. However players like me are caught in a no win scenario where we learn nothing from silver or bronze dis in there current states. It feels like we mist the boat that already sailed years gone bye to the promised semi pro land lol, back in the days when the game was young and there was less hackers players had the opertunity to learn and progress past this point because your wanna be pros simply didnt exhist back then. But now those same players are the wannabe pros and all they do is rofl stomp anyone who would have the hope of progressing into being a fulltime gold. The gold vets moan at players like me saying stuff like Git Gud and learn to play, but since they never started playing the game in its current state and learned all there skills before it became its cesspool self back then that would have been good advice but it is frankly no longer relevent. Not everyone is a mental masochist that likes to be stomped all day to play the RNG game of winning vs a hacker. It sounds like me that your the type of player that would play darksouls and perposefully get invaded at low levels by over geared twinks just for the slim chance you can knock them off a ledge and have a few lols. The thing is some people do play games to push themselves and still cant get into APB because there is no real lane of progression to be had once you reach the mid point of the skill track. APB is the equivilant of having a step ladder with all the middle steps missing, so you climb up abit and your suppose to jump up to the rest of the steps ? thats a pretty wack ladder yo.
  5. I dont purposefully dethreat, I could try my hardest and still end up back to silver eventually on silver dis after a few hours as the amount of hackers alone on Citadel silver dis turns players I know that are better then me silver even.
  6. Please oh wise one show me the way of this play learning ? I am in a scenario where most of clan that did play quit awhile back because of this and many other issues in this game. Finding a clan to play with isnt easy ether because frankly I hate 90% of APB players as there all complete dooshbags no offence. Your talking to the girl who spent 4 whole months hip firing a Act44 in close qauters just to bring some fun into the game. Ty for the Kudos, I just wish there was anything at all I could learn from the scenario of walking around a corner and dieing in the blink of an eye before even getting to fire a single bullet. Over the years I have acumilated a couple of thousand hours, but I could play these guys for 10 thousand hours and learn nothing, simply put there is nothing to be learned from being insta killed with no chance to fight back. He is "sympathizing" with me because the games matchmaking has been broke for years, I shouldnt be fighting bronzes and low silvers, but at the same time I shouldnt be forced to play wanna be pro's every single day. I mean basically I dont have any fun stomping newbies and I dont get any fun from being stomped, hence... you know actually go read my op yees hI shouldnt even have to say all this. If there was no threat system my play wouldnt change at all, it would still be a cancer cesspool as it has been for years now, the only people you would be penalizing would be the bronzes that now have to fight your wanna be pros too and finnaly maybe they would see why so many people in my position dont wanna play silver dis gaining a new apreciation. The issue is I cant find people similar skill level to myself on silver dis, all I can find is wanna be pro's and hackers. Some of the hardest, best and most fun matchs I have had have been on Bronze dis against fellow players like myself stuck in the midrift. However I stick to silver dis now just to please people like yourself and sacrifice any chance I ever had of having ayn fun ruining my leasure time.
  7. Good luck trying to get rid of this games cancer Little Orbit, you can revise your tos all you want and make your forum look fancy and new but still doesnt solve the issue of the APB community being toxic dooshbags.
  8. So considering what Matt Scott said about dethreating being a game exploit and seeing Battle Eye was added ever since I have came back to APB I have been trying to stick to silver district for better or for worse. So quick disclaimer I am a low gold, I have been playing APB on and off for quite a few years now and I consider myself a decent player, on citadel a portion of the community know me and some people even hold some modecom of respect towards me, however I by no means claim to be even close to pro at APB. Now onto the issue at hand, I have nowhere to play and I am not the only one stuck in this really shiz place with no district to call home. Bronze district is too easy, I win 9 out of 10 of my matches there and the vast megority of people I fight pose little threat. Now silver dis between the try hards and the still very obvious hacker community is too hard. Now I am all for a challange, some of the best friends I have made in APB have been players I have fought very dificault matchs with or against, these sort of fights you can learn from, you learn what you did well and what you did bad. Where you are good and what you can improve upon win or lose. However so many times in silver district Im thrown to the wolves and no matter what stratergy I imploy, no matter what weapon I use, no matter how many times I try and flank oponents I am treated to the same display of my enemy prefiring every corner I walk around hitting every shot on me killing me in half a second leaving me no time to react. What do I learn from this type of fight? Nothing, the advice of my team mates? Usually gos something like this "your a noob, you suck, go you're awesome, get the F off silver dis, uninstall the game". So now you can see my issue, I DT I am an exploiting scum bag that gets whispered by everyone I kill for being a gold on bronze dis, I go silver dis and I should uninstall the game and kill myself because aparantly not having a qauter of a second reaction time constitutes failing as a human being. So please Little Orbit, hell anyone at this point, throw me a bone, what do you want me to do? Advice would be nice cus I am sick and tired of getting abuse off other players and considering your stance on DTing I feel like frankly your not on people like me's side ether and hate us like everyone else.
  9. lol well sorry for overwhelming you XD, and tbh its not like I am saying "yo Little Orbit do it now" lol I am just putting my suggestions out there cus thats what this section is for. If you dont ask you dont know I have always said, so if I dont put my suggestions out there then Little Orbit will never hear them, better to say and get an idea knocked back then not say and the idea could have been implomented.
  10. Hello just a list of a few things I would like to see in APB's future. Agree or disagree just my opinions. - A proper matchmaking system based on factors like KDR, total kills, time played, team members etc etc etc. - A gun rebalance to make less used guns more relevant in the meta. - A vehicle rebelance to make less used vehicles more relevant. - Add purchasable versions of some unbuyable vehicles such as the Ambulance and Han work van. - 4slot versions, Kits and audio packs to be added to vehicles that currently dont have such luxuries. - More Clothes for both males and females - More vehicles and vehicle bundles. . - If a new match making system isnt put in place then rework threats to better represent player skill levels, this way high silvers and low golds are not forced to ether DT or get roled by vets. - Player vehicles that are not in your mission should not be able to interact with you to stop griefing. - Protection against ddos style attacks, such as server load sharing countermessures. - Kills in Witness events should count to role progression, however the Witness system should be reworked to stop abuse of it and also to make the encounters less 1 sided. - More dynamic event types such as racing, dueling, some form of PVE event for Enforcers and much more. - An LTL variant for crims where they can take people hostage with duct tape etc, also perma versions of LTL weaponry. - Minigames in social such as cards, pool, miniarcades etc to make social district more of a social space rather then only a place to go customize things or sit AFK. - Damage protection for Notority/Prestige 5 players from off mission players IF on an objective aka caping a point, spraying a wall etc. - Faster game boot time if possible, this game honestly takes longer to load then any pc game I have ever played, feels like loading a spectrum game. - Better auto asignment of districts, too often new low rank silvers end up playing veteran players cus they auto join silver district. - An actual use for Gold district maybe ? yeesh the whole system needs changed really huh. - A reduction in Armas prices, or also a reduction in the cost to buy G1C in the first place would also work. - Real tangable benefits for Silencers on weapons. Also more silenced weapons such as a silenced shotgun, LMG, Rifle and something I really want a silenced NFA-9 cus.. ascetics.. dont judge lol. - More Armas guns to have temp available versions through means such as achievments or JT's so people can stop moaning about P2W. - Non obtainable weapons to be brought back on a more available basis of some sort, such as the LCR Old Glory, Temptress, CJ Snubnose etc. - A more solid and reliable way to obtain the special Nano variants, currently the mission to get them seems to be completely RNG based. - Bring back daily player events with chances to win emotes, skins, small amounts of JMB's etc, I know allot of vet players have all of these but they where fun and newer players don't. - Way to trade consumables for ether JT's or some sort of currency to stop my mail box being flooded with consumables I never use that have hit there limit =_=. - Stop sending me empty blood mails that have no text or anything lol. - An in game archive for lore info instead of it being mail that eventually expires. - More maps for both Mission and Fight Club game modes. Ok there is more but this list is getting too long sooo. I will make more another time lol.
  11. Like I sated though I have no issue with them say putting them on a sale rotation, much like G1 use to bring back guns like the Star LCR, but I dont want these items to become permanantly unobtainable, imo simply removing an item from purchase even though it still exhists in the games code is bad buisness practise, same way I personally dont agree with companies doing retail limited offers with companies that may not even exhist in your country.
  12. well then they need to say that instead of using the word remove and scaring people, if they say remove then they need to mean it otherwise it becomes a false statement, if they dont mean remove then dont use that word because it has a negative impact. PS I agree on the pricing issue You forget that the entire point in LO purchasing this franchise is to make it a sucess and sucess means a growing population, a growing population increases that niche audience.
  13. first of all just yesterday I saw 3 guys wearing the kilt, secondly its a kilt not a man skirt, thirdly I see all the time people wearing the trump etc mask and turning them int ocreepy clown masks, so there is an audiance for these items
  14. Because its just data and the gun still exhists in the game itself so there is very little money requires to have a gun listed on the marketplace. And the fact that me and friends of mine DO infact buy these guns proves that there is still a niche audiance for these unloved arms and the cost we spend to purchase them way outweighs the cost to simply list an item on a web page. Thats like a coffee shop saying "oh are main sellers are Mocha and Latte variants, lets just take all other coffee types off our listings even though the coffee machine we already have can make other types of coffee". if your machine can laready make an americano or an expresso, why take that off your list ? thats just bad buisness
  15. I really hope this is the case, items comming on sale for limited times I have no issue with, but the last thing I want is for the markeplace to become a cesspool of only oca whispers an atacs purely cus there whats popular.
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