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  1. yup 9/10 times even if your oponent was standing still and your crosshair is dead center of mass it feel's like rolling a dice to whether or not you will get the damage you rightfully earned.
  2. MotokoHutt

    SG-21 "Strife"

    Oh the strife, the gun I have a love hate relationship with, I love it in theory, but in practise.......... it just, it just sucks. Now back years ago I played with this gun and even then it was underpowered, but I played with it anyway, I got good with it, even got abit of a reputation from using it. But now it's just terrible, I dunno what you over there in little orbit did to it, or if it's just the server's capablty to register shot's has went to hell but damn, the thing is suppose to ht for what 800-900? within it's effective range but 90% of the time you will barely do 300 damage leaving you shiz out of luck in any close range enguagement even if your barrel was pressed against the back of your oponents skull. I don't know if this gun did infact get nerfed with the other shotguns, if it did..... what the mother F where you thinking? If it didn't..... what the mother F did you do to hit registration for shotguns? Ether way something need's to be done, even quick switching with the Strife just feel's aweful, just damn aweful, blowtorch would be more reliable. Please Little Orbit do something to make this gun actually competative, give it a niche that it can play into other then just "BIG DAMAGE" as that obviously doesnt work. I have a few suggestion's to add to the end, which I think would give it a niche for those who are crafty enough to take advantage. The first would be make it silenced, and not just "oh we are removing tracers" silenced, I mean like the Condor silenced, make it not appear on radar and have a low noise profile making it a assassin shotgun, get in, silently take down your enemy with the big damage and bounce. Next, tighten the pellet spread abit, currently the spread of the Strife is pretty wide, and with it's big potential damage and low cycle time it's obvious that the strife is suppose to be a gun that favour's acuracy over spamming out round's, but with it's current pellet spread, acuracy feel's unrewarded as I have previously mentioned when your not dealing the damage in the first place. I have other suggestions if you want but I dont wanna flood you so lets let that set.
  3. I think your overlooking or just straight up missing the entire point of his post, it's not about comparing 1 shotgun to another, it's about how unreliable shotgun's are now post nerf. 99.9% of the time SMG's are just 100x more reliable and more effective in any and all combat scenario's even in corner camping where shotgun's are suppose to hit there real prime. This is why we have seen a rapid decline in the use of shotguns amoung the APB community, everyone that would normally use a CSG20 or JG or hell even an NFAS have now just swapped over to using OCA's and PMG's because they require far less skill and land there intended damage with almost flawless certainty unlike shotguns which feel like spinning a roulette wheel everytime you shoot someone.
  4. I more ment that if you kill someone in a vehicle or by blowing up a nearby vehicle, instead of being registered as a vehicle destruction and counting toward no roles that it actually counts toward the gun role you used to kill said vehicle. SO if a cars on fire and someone is near it and you shoot it with a gun to score a kill, it counts toward the gun used's role.
  5. The sawn off looks so smexy the top gun though what an interesting design, me thinks a Nano reskin would be pretty neat place for it ^_^ Very interesting looking snub nose looks very futuristic. Good suggestion, maybe a JMB Snub variant Little Orbit if your listening.
  6. I just want them to make it a revolver counterpart to the Colby 45.ap, similar range and damage but with maybe better acuracy but smaller magazine size. That way we can finnaly have a competant revolver for closer range combat since the Snub is gimp and the Showstopper is a giant turd post nerf. Common Little Orbit, make it happen, my wife wants to be able to go wild west on people tushies without having to try to use the Colby Commander in close range.
  7. Can kill's by blowing up a vehicle PLEASE count toward role progression? For the longest time it has made no sense that APB would have dedicated anti vehicle weaponry like rockets and AV machineguns or even AV Snipers and then force people to instead injure cars and hope to kill the enemy once there out of it just to get kill's toward there role. It just makes no sense, why it wouldnt, get a kill with that sweet as hell long range conc throw blowing up someones fleeing vehicle? Why should you not be rewarded for your efforts? calculate your enemy vehicle route and spawn in to intercept blowing up there car with a Volcano, why should you not get credit for that? Surf around on your buddies car chasing down players that are relocating with your dedicated AV gun, why should APB deny you just cus your killing a player by using there vehicle against them? Please Little Orbit, common, make it happen.
  8. Snub reskin would be interesting, but I am not sure what you would reskin it into, maybe you could make a few suggestions? Chainsaw legendary sounds interesting lol, but I see it more being a gimic weapon that could be used in a halloween event :3
  9. MotokoHutt

    Loadouts ?

    In high level play people often change guns and even to a less extent mod's mid match to suit the area the mission takes place, the type of objective or even to attempt to counter the enemies weaponry. To embrace this idea, I think it would be interesting if as you rank up your character you unlock new Loadout slot's with a max total of 5. A Loadout would be able to save your primary and secondary weapon and there mod's, your character mod's, consumable item's, vehicle and it's mod's and even objective equipment. You could then swap your loadout which could be named for convenience at joker vending machines, mail boxes or vehicle spawners, but NOT ammo car's, field suppliers or ammo boxes. This way you could save several setup's to adapt to your objectives rapidly without having to drudge through your list of guns and mods wasting prescious time. What do you guys and gals think ?
  10. The way I imagine you could do a double barrel is make the reload fast-ish but not TOO fast as to make it not a big deal if you miss your shots, and it should be hand loaded. It should be 2 shots to kill, similar damage to the strife but much wider pellet spread and harsh drop off. Essentially IF you could land both shots consistently it would be the perfect ambush gun insta killing players rounding corner's, but if you miss a shot you should pay for it unless your enemy sucks of course. However for it's devistatingly fast potential TTK it would have very little range, so people may even want to pare it with Fragile or Epenefrin Injectors and only take shot's once in that perfect sub 10 meter range, to make sure it fits that playstle too make it's dedicated JMB mod red so no IR3. With the Far, the way I look at it, is it's like a cross between an ATAC and a STAR, faster and better at sprey and prey then the STAR but not as good as the ATAC, however has the acuracy when tap firing of a STAR unlike the ATAC. All in all the FAR series are very very good guns and imo atleast 1 of the best assault tifle's out there. Now if you want something thats more like a carbine reskin, you should try the COBRA series, there off the hip acuracy is insanely good with a reflex sight and essentially work as a full auto carbine with assault rifle range.
  11. Incorrect, the FAR series are there own unique gun, they have a higher bloom but a higher fire rate. You stand corrected :3 I don't mind if it is a single double barrel shotgun, whether it be full length or sawn-off, however I would love to see dual pistol's as a weapon, with no marksman mode and independent fire between left and right hand with left and right clicking :3
  12. The first would be a double barrel shotgun, there is a backpack with these but no actual double barrel in game, seems like such an opertunity missed. The next would be a STAR 556 reskin, there is basically a reskin for just about every other gun but the good ole reliable STAR, why not?
  13. I kinda feel the same way, really, when i tried to play it was hard to even fight for the most part, firing would start, my screen would freeze and then I would be dead when it unfroze lol Itsa Me Mario lol jokes You mean the one on my steam page? :3
  14. Let's say Little Orbit released the engine update tomorrow. Will you get an influx of players? yes, will those be new players? no, how long will the influx last? like a month tops then people will get bored see nothing really has changed other then a fresh coat of paint and seek greener pastures. APB doesnt just need a new engine to suceed, the engine update is just 1 piece of the puzzel. APB need advertisement, trailer's, merchandise, a rebrand and relaunch, hype to be built threw social colaberation, new districts new content, REAL matchmaking, and a fundemental change in the games etnire core systems. So yes, couldnt agree with you more, it is the worst thing LO could do just releasing 3.5 and hoping everything is hunky dory. I personally would have prefered they bought the IP off G1, shut the servers down, worked on the game over 2 years in the background all while building hype, putting out tweats, making teaser trailers, revamping the entire game, hell give the game a rename, fudge APB reloaded, rebrand it as literally just All Points Bulliton. Anyway I could go on for ages about this, but yeah. No point cus nobody is probably listening to little ole me anyway. Merged. Honestly at this point, a game based on APB would probably be better lol, aslong as it bases itself on the core fundementals IE the massive character and vehicle cutomization. Nobody wants a APB that is class based or makes you play as god aweful character's. Hell I would rather see a million over sexuallized super skinny slooty chars then 1 APB that takes notes from overwatch lol. Might I add anyone who knows me will tell you how much I hate super skinny slooty chars lol. Merged. Lets say your even half right, back when I played, that never would have happened, cus the people who played cared enough to know the roleover times and put there shiz on IMMEDIATELY after rollover advertising there clothes or art work or clans yada yada yada. I mean I use to sell custome designed car's and I would literally be sat online waiting for the bid's to end so I could put my advertisement up on the billboard's and my car's on the display's. I mean if your right and primetime on EU is Oooo so full, well then why where the nights I played during primetime empty, where not even a full mission district was full? what I just happened to get unlucky and everyone decided to go for a pee at the same time untill I left. Merged. I am not hating on LO at all, I just think that there is too much talk and not enough action. I don't however think that it is LO's fault, I just worry they don't have ether the capital or the manpower to unsink this ship. Like I said in my original post, I hope I am wrong, but I am not someone who is going to let optamism overcome realistic prognosis. Merged. lol well, I have been even quoted by people, and I get messages weekly from people on my discord and steam friends being like "oh we miss you Motoko and Naomi" lol so XD I mean common.... not being funny, just even the fact you have read a post of mine speaks for itself lol. I mean both me and my partner where semi infamous in the game and forum, for both my posts and us strictly only using "trash guns" in the game.
  15. I completely agree, I honestly feel in part that LO was jipped out of there money with APB lol. Like you said I dont doubt ether the good intentions of LO, I just can't see APB becomming something worth people's time without a drastic transformation in the games image on the whole.
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