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Found 1 result

  1. MotokoHutt

    SG-21 "Strife"

    Oh the strife, the gun I have a love hate relationship with, I love it in theory, but in practise.......... it just, it just sucks. Now back years ago I played with this gun and even then it was underpowered, but I played with it anyway, I got good with it, even got abit of a reputation from using it. But now it's just terrible, I dunno what you over there in little orbit did to it, or if it's just the server's capablty to register shot's has went to hell but damn, the thing is suppose to ht for what 800-900? within it's effective range but 90% of the time you will barely do 300 damage leaving you shiz out of luck in any close range enguagement even if your barrel was pressed against the back of your oponents skull. I don't know if this gun did infact get nerfed with the other shotguns, if it did..... what the mother F where you thinking? If it didn't..... what the mother F did you do to hit registration for shotguns? Ether way something need's to be done, even quick switching with the Strife just feel's aweful, just damn aweful, blowtorch would be more reliable. Please Little Orbit do something to make this gun actually competative, give it a niche that it can play into other then just "BIG DAMAGE" as that obviously doesnt work. I have a few suggestion's to add to the end, which I think would give it a niche for those who are crafty enough to take advantage. The first would be make it silenced, and not just "oh we are removing tracers" silenced, I mean like the Condor silenced, make it not appear on radar and have a low noise profile making it a assassin shotgun, get in, silently take down your enemy with the big damage and bounce. Next, tighten the pellet spread abit, currently the spread of the Strife is pretty wide, and with it's big potential damage and low cycle time it's obvious that the strife is suppose to be a gun that favour's acuracy over spamming out round's, but with it's current pellet spread, acuracy feel's unrewarded as I have previously mentioned when your not dealing the damage in the first place. I have other suggestions if you want but I dont wanna flood you so lets let that set.
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