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  1. Can we stop asking for nerfs and instead buff everything else ? The game is gonna feel terrible if it keeps going with the nerfs.
  2. Hi, got an idea to propose. The community design weapon skins, it's integrated with a vote system, the community vote, and LO implement it in the future. Killing Floor 2 does that and it racks up a good amount of $. Can even do that with other stuff, weapons, clothing models, etc. Just need to provide the base weapon textures templates and then have the community modifiy them. Also, sidenode, please sell the criminal pistol animation to the cop side/and vice versa.
  3. Specs: i7-8750h 4.10 GHz GTX 1060 6GB 32GB DDR4 2666 mhz 1. Performance is way worse, just on the feel of it all, it was not enjoyable in FC or Missions, and when turning some settings (like dynamic lights) the game looks ugly as hell. Uglier than live. 2. Minimal settings on the beta somehow looks way worse than live potato graphics, not sure how that happened. 3. Lower resolutions looks way worse on the beta than on LIVE, not sure wht but it does, I tested on 1280x960. Overall, it's closer than it was before but it's nowhere near completed. (Also that font looks thicc.) PS: The UI Inventory still lags the game like a mf, I dropped from 120 fps to 30 when changing weapons.
  4. Summary: Input delay in "fullscreen" mode Game Version: 2.1.834.943 Description: When you fire a gun, when you snap with your mouse (turn really fast and shoot) there is a pretty good delay on the shot. Steps to reproduce: 1. Fire any gun and try to snap also. Reproduceability: 100% Results: Really weird feeling and pretty hard to get a good firing delay going with semi-auto weapons Expected results: No input delay, needs to be snappy. Specs: i7-8750h GTX 1060 6GB 32 GM DDR4 2666 mhz Graphics Settings : Tried on Minimal, Medium and Ultra Resolution used : 1280x960 144hz AND 2560 x 1440 144hz OS Version : Windows 10 64Bit / Build 18362.1139 NVIDIA Driver : 456.71
  5. Summary: Random crash when loading Abbigton Towers Game Version: 2.1.834.943 Description: Spent about an hour in missions districts to benchmark, tried to get into FC, game crashed. Steps to reproduce: Join FC towers Haven't yet Expected results: Join FC Edited 4 minutes ago by Infinito
  6. A little bit of feedback on the weapon changes Colby SNR 850 Health Damage: 300 -> 334 A really good change, I used it for a few matches and I got some decent kills with it, the only thing I would like is the equip time to be reduce from 0.5 -> 0.4 (At the moment, FBW is 0.35 sec, .45 is 0.45) Also, any possible chance we can get the Snub PR1 in the JT store ? (That's the cj3 one) OBIR and FFA Sprint Delay: 0.675 -> 0.4 Feels good, it's not the same as the old OBIR, but it's pretty good regardless. Colby CSG-20 Stamina Damage: 20 -> 11 (231) That one I'm pretty sad about, bye bye CSG+PIG combo I understand you guys don't like LTL pairing up with other weapons, still sad af. R-2 ‘Harbinger’ Marksmanship Speed: 139 -> 275 Recovery Delay: 0.45 -> 0.3 This is awesome, it actually feels really good and I like it alot, will be using it in the future.
  7. Please add that one into the JT store, it's already available but only through ARMAS gold boxes. (Temp for 30 days),
  8. Temptress was already confirmed to be for the new contacts, as well as the cap40 open slot.
  9. The PIG nerf really is a kick to the stomach of the few LTL users, please revert it.
  10. Please add the .45 with the chambered round (the mod of the huntress) that is available in gun games. It really changes the gun and it's awesome !
  11. All in the title, no longer available on ARMAS, I would like to be able to grind it out Thanks !
  12. Alright, so we all know that the harbinger is one or not the worse weapon in the game, what I suggest is that you guys revamp it and give it a special mechanic. Make it a FBW in hipfire, and a RSA in ads. PS: Coolest weapon model but worst gameplay, pretty sad
  13. Looking good, would be dope to have in game !
  14. I think I got around 1.5k hours and I still consider myself a noob, some peeps have been playing non stop for a good 8 years, we still got a long way before being able to compete, anyway, if you need some help, message me in-game. Metalski for the enf Waveblock for the crim
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