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  1. Please add the .45 with the chambered round (the mod of the huntress) that is available in gun games. It really changes the gun and it's awesome !
  2. All in the title, no longer available on ARMAS, I would like to be able to grind it out Thanks !
  3. Alright, so we all know that the harbinger is one or not the worse weapon in the game, what I suggest is that you guys revamp it and give it a special mechanic. Make it a FBW in hipfire, and a RSA in ads. PS: Coolest weapon model but worst gameplay, pretty sad
  4. Looking good, would be dope to have in game !
  5. I think I got around 1.5k hours and I still consider myself a noob, some peeps have been playing non stop for a good 8 years, we still got a long way before being able to compete, anyway, if you need some help, message me in-game. Metalski for the enf Waveblock for the crim
  6. Just a suggestion for a weapon, a Lethal version of the NL9 with a lever carbine model.
  7. Most ARs don't really have a real drawback to IR, pretty sure any non cqc guns doesn't have a drawback for IR. I guess I didn't take into account the dmg dropoff which isn't on APB db. Could also compare Ursus to the Obeya. Obeya doesn't really have an adv against Ursud right ? Anyway, I was just pointing out the non reverted nerf. My in-game name is Metalski/Metalsky. I can't remember going against a huntress today tho.
  8. Hello, Marskman rifles was nerfed in the past due to IR3 change to % value but never was reverted. For example, carbine is 35m, oscar is 35m, obeya is 55, obir is 55, if you compare the range of the carbine against the whisper(which is 50m), it doesn't make alot of sense. Is it in the plans to revert the range ? Carbine with 40m would make more sense, obeya was 60m too. Thanks.
  9. Kalder

    Buff cobra

    Look, I love the cobra but either reduce the ttk or buff the accuracy/reduce bloom of the gun.
  10. No official response yet, Citadel is fine tho, always NA getting fucked haha.
  11. Okay, so when the is there going to be something done about this ? Jericho is getting ddos every freaking day, has been going since the server was relocated.
  12. Etant francophone, si tu es quebecois, on peut team up. Mais tu devrais juste parler anglais a ce point, haha. Good luck buddy
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