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  1. Hello, A mild complaint, idk if you guys can convince Steam to remove the date specific achievements because I would love to 100% APB, Sadly I didnt get to play during those events a missed out on them Thanks
  2. Is there a place to sign up for SPCT or will there be one sometime soon?
  3. I've heard this stated, but why give first place such an amount of joker tickets... this whole execution is nuts imo. But constantly being harassed by GMs is not a fun thing. My biggest concern is being kicked out of the event for not even winning... like why so rude They do, and they will so watch out chief.
  4. I after being kick from the game after not winning the event I would love to know the whole idea behind this simplistic fuck up.. @MattScott Can't win the match, results in being kicked... Come close to winning and be kicked too. So like this event is a complete potato can't play with out being kicked and yet give 250JT for winning. So do you want us to play your events or not like I'm at a lose of words.... Being personally targeted for not even winning the event has me in a weird place. Thx for the discomfort!!!!
  5. I can literally buy a new game for these prices... lmfaooo wtf
  6. N-tec 7 needs ANY skin at this point damnit
  7. I love the new glows and everything thing. Butt.... 2 things Why doesn't the symbol glow, and why doesn't Ursus have one!!!! ~Skully
  8. Also another route it could take inside of increasing joker tickets is make the permanent items account bound instead of character bound, making the grind a little less. JT weapons are supposed to be there to provide 'a taste of ARMAS' to non-paying players, so if you remove Joker Tickets and fold the current crop of Ticket weapon leases into regular leases, what happens to future ARMAS additions going forward? I doubt it would effect ARMAS that greatly, but I do agree somewhat with the first statement. I know there is the mission tracker but I also wish for another way to achieve JT's due to the fact not everyone "gets gud" in fightclub.
  9. Currently LO has lowered G1C prices, which is great! But what about Joker Tickets? Currently Joker Tickets are the best/only way to get premium items which is already great butt... Farming three whole month is fightclub just to get a Vegas is a little crazy imo. Personal I believe lowering the JT cost or even allowing us to earn more than just 800 a week from Fightclub.. and Don't even get me started on the timing of FC....! Even a slight boost in JT would be great, from 800-> 1000 JT from FC would make a HUGE difference. Anyone else have a thought on this?
  10. Not sure where you're from but a simple search is easy to find to run APB https://www.bestbuy.com/site/searchpage.jsp?cp=1&searchType=search&id=pcat17071&type=page&ks=960&st=categoryid%24pcmcat212600050008&sc=Global&sp=-bestsellingsort skuidsaas&qp=currentprice_facet%3DPrice~%24500 - %24749.99^currentprice_facet%3DPrice~%24250 - %24499.99&list=y&usc=All Categories&nrp=15&iht=n&seeAll=%2CPrice&browsedCategory=pcmcat212600050008 Any of these would work
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