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  1. This is little update of my character. What you think about is be a new mission character for criminals? Little-Orbit I grant the rights to use the appearance of my character and car design for the game. --- Nickname: MIKZTURA Server: Citadel Side: Criminals
  2. Hei everyone!. I'am MIKZTURA (Criminal) I'm sorry I couldn’t take part in the character contest.. Perhaps in the future, developers will notice my character for other content in the game. I believe that my design emphasizes the style and daring nature of the game. I express huge support to the entire development team. The fact that they did not forget about such a project as APB Reloaded. I wish you success and improvement of this project. Players of high-profile victories! See you on the streets of San-Paro!. I apologize for my English I hope you understand the essence of my message. With love.. MIKZTURA
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