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  1. I don't watch any streams from APB, so I don't have much time to choose Streamer.
  2. I think that engine update is the most important thing right now.
  3. Does changing the character name clear the friend list? I don't want to lose friends.
  4. I wonder, why not disabled replying in this thread?
  5. More frames per second than your opponent gives you an even better chance of winning, why isn't that a cheat?
  6. Harmoni

    Halloween Event

    Try to change instances, e.g. from gold to silver. I play on a pc, and I get the impression that some pumpkins don't make sound.
  7. If this is a error, when did it happen? Interesting. fixing this may cause new errors.
  8. Harmoni

    Merge the map.

    I can't imagine that.
  9. Until the engine is updated, there is a problem solving problems with Cards newer than, GTX 1080.
  10. I think the credit card is faster.
  11. Developers could include such a change as part of the engine upgrade, or sooner. I have the impression that this is not a error, this animation has been for as long as I can remember.
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