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  1. Thanks, I've only been learning how to design cars since recently. I don't know how do to better for now, and it was quite hard to keep experimenting with 7 decals.
  2. Gotcha, I'll do something else in the meantime then. I should mention this started yesterday, I just made a forum post about it today seeing as it didn't change EDIT : Yup, it's back now!
  3. Plain and simple, I'm no longer premium, even though I was a couple days ago, so now I'm limited to 7 decals in the editors. Did they stop handing it out?
  4. Very excited about this, I can only hope for a good resolution to APB's terrible impending fate.
  5. They migrate the live database onto the beta servers, so the server already knows your characters.
  6. I'm in the beta, using the clothes editor in social as I'm typing this, you'll want to figure out if you've got a network problem on your end preventing you from communicating with the server.
  7. Live characters are available on the beta, it's why he says to use your live account and characters. It's creating new players, specifically in this beta, that isn't going to work. As he said, they've effectively removed the tutorial world, meaning you can't make new characters.
  8. I know we said "Put the FPS counter away", but I'm getting 25-45 FPS in mission districts with only 40% CPU (Ryzen 5 2600) and 35% GPU (RX 580) usage, and it regularily goes above 50 ms frame times, only in mission districts tho. Social is completely fine, I'm getting between 60-140 FPS there. EDIT : In fight club I'm getting pretty much the same, if not better FPS than last beta.
  9. The server is sending the file without using encryption, which Chrome thinks is unsafe because he always tries to go to https by default, and I think it's looking for the gamersfirst website certificate. Just click "Keep". Replacing "http" with "https" made it throw a security error for me on Firefox because of this, but I am able to get the file just fine without encryption.
  10. I'd assume given this is a beta, they wouldn't have it set up in a way that lets you patch over the previous beta. Possibly to reduce the work needed to push it out, and prevent potential issues that may arise from patching one beta to a new version without having that part figured out just yet.
  11. Although the future of gaming is looking increasingly bright for Linux users, thus far I've had no luck running the game trough either Proton or WINE. You'll need to dual boot Windows or set up a PCI passtrough VM to play I'm afraid...
  12. Just don't let bronzes get queued in matches with high silvers/golds until they reach that rank themselves, even if they outnumber the competition. It might increase mission finding time, but low silvers are a lot easier to learn against as a bronze than a gold veteran.
  13. You’re missing the point. I’m literally just saying that transmission whine, which already exists in the game, is a sound that should be linked to final drive speed and not to engine RPM. That’s where my argument ends. This whine comes from straight cut gears, straight cut gears are available to car modders IRL. You can find tuner cars who make this sound. It wouldn’t be insane to say that a FICTIONAL car might have a tuner scene with such available parts for it. We can compare Bishadas to M3’s all you want, it was just a good example for what transmission whine is. Seriously, is ANYBODY on earth comparing fictional Bishadas to actual M3 GTR’s? You’ll also want to remove half of all car sounds from the game, and outright remove all transmission sounds if we can’t have sounds from parts you wouldn’t find on the real life inspirations of ingame cars. You think the Mustang comes with factory military-grade bullbars? This isn’t about realism, it’s about making the ranges of sounds that our cars make more interesting, using real life as an example for what would sound better. You’d also be able to tell how fast a car is going just from the sound of it. Again, minor, but would be nice.
  14. Naturally, this single detail makes the ENTIRE GAME UNPLAYABLE. I DEMAND FIXES.
  15. It's a very minor observation, but one to be made nonetheless. Engine, turbo, dump valve sounds are just fine. But ingame, transmission whine is directly linked to the engine's RPM. In real life, it increases in pitch according to overall speed, not instant engine speed. At the moment, transmission sounds sound just like a supercharger. I'll illustrate my point : This is someone's Bishada running around Waterfront. You'll hear a supercharger-like whine whenever the car accelerates. That's the ingame transmission whine. Now here's a BMW M3 GTR doing a lap of the Nurburgring. You can hear a clear whine ramp up as he picks up speed. This is real transmission whine. An example of how it should sound ingame can be heard with Most Wanted's BMW M3 GTR. You can hear the difference with APB very clearly. I think my Bishada would sound a lot cooler if it sounded like it got progressively more high-pitched the faster it went, like straight-cut transmissions would in real life. Thoughts?
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