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  1. There are fundamental changes in RTX cards that APB was never meant to handle. The 64-bit approach Nvidia has taken with the architecture in these cards means that APB, being a 32-bit only game, will eventually crash when it tries to communicate with the GPU's memory. Ketog summarized everything we know about this :
  2. In this thread : Beta testers shocked the beta ran into issues
  3. All of the problems you’ve mentioned either cannot be yet known (since no beta) or they’re non-issues you’ve roped yourself into. The rest of us are going to ignore your complaints and prepare for the beta, HYPE
  4. I feel like AVX shouldn't be a requirement to begin with, and that upgrading hardware shouldn't be the solution, but just in case you are going that route, you can get a decent secondhand CPU/Motherboard combo that supports AVX instructions for 200 pounds or less sometimes.
  5. You need a processor that supports AVX instructions, yours does not; any processor from 2011 and later does.
  6. This, this, this! Having to redesign your favorite car each time you can afford the higher-tier version is pretty annoying, but it is even more so when the older versions take up your inventory space and you have nothing to do with them.
  7. They have stated numerous times what their current focus was in nearly all other issues that have been pointed out to them. If the entire team is working on the engine upgrade, then all of the software engineers are busy on it and don't have time to fix something that, sure, is unfinished, but ultimately works. You can buy stuff on the marketplace, but you can't however play APB on Unreal 3.5 at the moment. Adding new content requires a lot less work than to fix things that already exist, and it pays the bills, hence why they still do it. You of all people should know that their announced roadmap was to get the engine upgrade out the door as fast as possible so they can try to bring the game back to life, and then to start fixing all the little things that are wrong, such as what you've pointed out in your OP. Be patient, point these things out when they'll have time to fix them, and you'll get what you want. I have my own fair share of little complaints that need fixing, but now is not the time to bother the staff with them. Now is the time to cheer Little Orbit on and patiently wait for them to ask us feedback on the open beta, when that happens.
  8. Since you'll be using this to make thumbnails, I can see the ripped model being fine as-is. You'll likely be okay, since I really doubt LO is out hunting down potential copyright claims at the moment... I was mentioning engine age to illustrate that these are at their core low-poly models with low-resolution textures, both of which are flaws that become pretty visible as soon as you crank the render resolution above 720p. The rig that we use for our characters, JenzAmaka's, is definitely a big help, but it's not exactly friendly either when you want to get some animation going... All problems which are solved by a custom model, or at the very least, model modification. If that works for you though, then all the better!
  9. You should be fine if you keep the use of it personal, or at the very least, credited and non-profit. Though I have to tell you, these game models were made to run in a 2006 game engine, not in a Pixar movie, and it'll show every step of the way trough your experiments in Blender. Realistically, you're far better off making your own model and textures from scratch (Using your character as reference) if you plan on doing anything serious.
  10. You're giving this word the power you desperately want taken away by actively trying to censor it. It is by rendering it common and vulgar that it loses it's power, singling it out makes it a bigger deal. Offensive words are like trolls. The only way they'll go away is to rise above and ignore them, otherwise they just grow stronger.
  11. Let's not forget that Italy's healthcare system is abysmal.
  12. If you're talking about guns, legendaries are sold on the marketplace by players for ingame currency, which seems to be what you're describing. Kitted cars and clothes can be found sold by other players too, and you can unlock Armas stuff for free (using JT's) at the Joker ticket place in social.
  13. I'm not sure that's very accurate, I use an AMD Ryzen 5 2600 with 16 GiB of RAM, paired with an AMD RX 580, and the current game runs perfectly fine at a full 100 FPS. The only thing that's broken is ambient occlusion. Don't misunderstand me, the game is definitely in a very poor state performance-wise, but I think both manufacturers suffer the same issues. In fact, I've only ever experienced micro stutters on Intel hardware, and the game ran fine on a terrible, terrible FX-4100.
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