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  1. Another character from APB in my art collection
  2. KM (real name Kitty Meli) - A reckless and talented racer in the past, known for that more than once won races with the use of weapons, she brought her driving skills to the limit and when the time came, she arranged an extravagant show with her departure from the racetrack. Appearance: A thin, narrow-eyed and black-haired racer of high stature. Almost no expression of emotions, always calm. Wearing a scarlet racing jumpsuit with images of her beloved plant with palm leaves. Also, Kitty is very vindictive and will do everything to make her adversary suffer. Very strong, always carries a gun. Regardless of the situation, always remains calm. Perfectly polite despite her past hobbies, and ready to help, but almost always terrifies others. Bio: km "velocity" - a nickname earned for individuality and speed on the racetrack, in the most dangerous races with weapons and with a variety of criminals who want to turn the race in their favor. Nevertheless, the potential danger of the rivals only fueled Kitty’s interest in the thrill, and led her to inevitable victory. During the race, she was ready to risk everything for the sake of victory, because of what she was did the most enchanting show, forcing observers and rivals to become her fans. Her father was a racer, and she received a desire from him to race. Despite her cool look and habit of resorting to violent methods to solve problems, Kitty loves plants. She is highly skilled in various areas of repair and collection of machines, negotiating, care of plants as well as in the field of weapons. Hello\Bye: extra
  3. Random gift (symbol or clothing) Citadel Hello! Good to see you here. I have my own store with women's clothing and symbols on the server of the citadel. I also have a group in which I organize the distribution of gifts for the holidays or simply delight visitors to my store with free prizes. But this group is located on a Russian-language platform, and I would like to give gifts from my store to all interested players on the server of the citadel. On these Christmas holidays, for everyone who wants to receive a small gift in the game in the form of a symbol or clothes, I created this theme, and I hope that this will interest you and give you a festive mood. Write a nickname and you will be sent a random gift (number of gifts is limited) (note that I don’t have men's clothing, so if you have a male Persian write the letter “M” next to your nickname so that I would not send you women's clothing)
  4. Name: TiJoker Server: Citadel Cosplay on Ahmanet Film - The Mummy(2017)
  5. TiJoker On the belt there are symbols of bats. On the upper part of the dress are the symbols of the web. On a headdress a small pumpkin with ears.
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