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  1. Random gift (symbol or clothing) Citadel Hello! Good to see you here. I have my own store with women's clothing and symbols on the server of the citadel. I also have a group in which I organize the distribution of gifts for the holidays or simply delight visitors to my store with free prizes. But this group is located on a Russian-language platform, and I would like to give gifts from my store to all interested players on the server of the citadel. On these Christmas holidays, for everyone who wants to receive a small gift in the game in the form of a symbol or clothes, I created this theme, and I hope that this will interest you and give you a festive mood. Write a nickname and you will be sent a random gift (number of gifts is limited) (note that I don’t have men's clothing, so if you have a male Persian write the letter “M” next to your nickname so that I would not send you women's clothing)
  2. Name: TiJoker Server: Citadel Cosplay on Ahmanet Film - The Mummy(2017)
  3. TiJoker On the belt there are symbols of bats. On the upper part of the dress are the symbols of the web. On a headdress a small pumpkin with ears.
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