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  1. Qentac


    A lot of districts on NA PS4 are not possible to join
  2. Qentac

    Halloween Event

    How did you even guess that im on PS4? Is this issue only for the PlayStation version of the game?
  3. Qentac

    Halloween Event

    Hello. Im a console player and I have a question. Why some Purple Pumpkins don't even have theyr sounds and sparkling effect. I see some have the sparkling effect and don't do that alerting sound and that evil laught and some of them ar the opposite. Is this an issue or an actual thing to make the players go mad over not finding a Purple Pumpkin with no sound or sparkling effect. Im at 39 Pumpkins on Waterfront and I can't find any just because some of them don't even alert the player that the pumpkin is near them. I play the game with the highest volume using headphones and my ears are hurting because of the random useless sounds that things do and the Joker Ammunation sounds that they make, its like hell when i hear 3 types of messages saying at the same time.
  4. When is likely the update for the console version of the APB Reloaded gonna launch?
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