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  1. clones never happy, although the game is hard to play without min 1 maint the day on week end. clones adept in the way pop is low, none rly play, starts a longterm craft on saturday and thats it, until monday as always the smartest survive. and its 100% about time, so i dont stare thr screen for nth, prolly gets dmged with understanding, Cloey
  2. these reward merchs and commander pts 500 the month. clanvaults enabled. as LO dont wanna have rl money so no market then. their decision.
  3. u should be able to make new account or use old, doesnt matter u start from ground, all stuff wiped. i dint have commander aura so sent a request, which was managed in 2 ? days during christmas and i had commander. wouldnt say thats lazy
  4. sigh, countdown for selfdestruction
  5. first i wanna say just thanks to little orbit, second i couldnt believe it, already met some people i know. yep...cant say anymore, feels awesome a xmas gift i really didnt expect. merry cristmas to all.
  6. im a bit confused now. yep true is money makes the world. and the game was dead in that point , when it was closed. okay graphics and gameplay and whatever were and are compared to other games , lets say, not such a burner, but there were and are much more games out there , which are even worse than FE is and was. mean i played apb before i joined FE and there are ppl who say apb is xxx. the money is the point for every business. what was the reason , that ppl played FE, when the game was able to pay the bills and made enough profit. so if there is a chance to start from this point, yes maybe then it could be a success. but who is willing to spend money to get the game back running. if u start it just for fun or nostalica. it will not run very long. u need a plan, which makes sense, a story to attract customers. u need to do what u do, when u launch a product on the market. advertisment,market analysis and all that stuff, for which u need money. i am sure one of them, who would like the idea and spent money on it. but im not that rich that u can call me an investor, as most of the ppl here on forum. 50 euro ok, if its available on steam f.e. but will that help ? guess no. if i see a message on steam FE2 on a beta or whatever will be launched this year, i im in, any way if i get my old account back or not. more i cannot promise, they found out i had cancer a year ago, they treated me ok, but u never know. i have still hope and well im on extra time now, so i wait the things to come. and hope is always the last, what dies. yep if there are no npcs then in the game , i dont mind, i will shoot instead my friends sry lads( Dave, Shaun ,Rubber, Eric, Crepping etc). just give me a horse, not old nag please. a franklin rider and rifle, even a slugthrower is ok, then we can ride into the sunset. and maybe have finally a party on malibu beach, never found a beach there...xxx hell
  7. cant believe im dead. thought clones cant die , they just respawn, mean thats how it was. yes that guy from global tech told me, told us. what was his name, cant remember. the system is corrupted and we might be the reason, as long we exist. the corruption increases. anyway - sigh - at last Alex Masters got his will. the cloning process has been ceased. why did the children storm the wall, that was when the journey started. im loosing my datas, the memory slightly is fading away. part of me still hoping - hope , is there hope ? well always a little hope on earth, fallen earth... where are u ?
  8. hi all, is it rly all about stuff and chars we can keep ? rly. we lost a world, we had created, and i lost ppl i learned to respect and even some i liked. i lost ...yes ...friends. so sure i will be happy to get a chance to see them again.
  9. im not joining in to the comedy team. i am more interested in facts. the game is in a sort of progress, more or less ? fact is, as it seems, the game will not be back soon, whatever soon means and that is it. we can listen or think ourselves what the reasons are that nothing comes forward. in my experience as longer the shutdown of the game lasts, the more the interest decreases, on both sides the players and the company. it doesnt matter where it first reaches this point, the result is the same. beside this loss of interest the game"s reputation decreases also, which wasnt that good before among mmo players. i dont wanna speculate, but whenever could u pick anything from a naked man" s pocket ? nothing. fact is a naked man in the wastelands is dead by the evening.i fear our game is that naked man.
  10. hi there i say goodbye here aswell. thanks for all and wish u all best. good luck and take care. Cloey Winters
  11. hi Matt and LO just wanna say goodbye and wish all best to you also. some may say why ? but i think a thanks to you is what u deserve for your efforts to make the game playable after what we had before and yes the end was a bit more a Fading away but Event was nice and it doesnt take anything away for me to say thank you goodbye and Maybe...in the future . Cloey Winters
  12. hi yes i am not surprised just sad thought we would come back after maintenance and wait then for what would come one would start a Countdown Maybe and all could wish a good luck and such say good bye but no ? so i say here goodbye my fellow clones take care and wish u all the best. was a great time we spent in these wastelands crafting Fighting ( also on global and help lol) made Friends ? yes we did i will miss it and you ofc. was somehow a second home where u left to see and explore other Worlds to then came back to see ur " home" still there and you got a welcome " hi friend where u have been we missed you" yes i will miss it now knowing i have lost sth very good. i know its "just" a game but the loss feels although hard . yep if there will be a FE 2 i will come to see u again Maybe or some atleast i think i try to give it a Chance, but for the Moment is not rly a help. will take some time ... Cloey Winters
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