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  1. hi there i say goodbye here aswell. thanks for all and wish u all best. good luck and take care. Cloey Winters
  2. hi Matt and LO just wanna say goodbye and wish all best to you also. some may say why ? but i think a thanks to you is what u deserve for your efforts to make the game playable after what we had before and yes the end was a bit more a Fading away but Event was nice and it doesnt take anything away for me to say thank you goodbye and Maybe...in the future . Cloey Winters
  3. hi yes i am not surprised just sad thought we would come back after maintenance and wait then for what would come one would start a Countdown Maybe and all could wish a good luck and such say good bye but no ? so i say here goodbye my fellow clones take care and wish u all the best. was a great time we spent in these wastelands crafting Fighting ( also on global and help lol) made Friends ? yes we did i will miss it and you ofc. was somehow a second home where u left to see and explore other Worlds to then came back to see ur " home" still there and you got a welcome " hi friend where u have been we missed you" yes i will miss it now knowing i have lost sth very good. i know its "just" a game but the loss feels although hard . yep if there will be a FE 2 i will come to see u again Maybe or some atleast i think i try to give it a Chance, but for the Moment is not rly a help. will take some time ... Cloey Winters
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