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  1. It was said that game was *launched for community* (so it's *running*), then there are 2 simple questions to Little Orbit: 1. When are you going to address general game performance issues such as: - unplayable due to lag on weekends and not only on weekends - sometimes down without any warning/ETA to fix - no warnings about potential performance issues and outbreaks Any plans to address that issue in general? Any plans to warn users (yeah, there are *some* warnings in LO discord, do you consider it enough)? 2. Who is your game community? - how do you see your game community? - whom do you want to be your community? - what do you want/not want from community? - do you in general want feedback from your community? - will you continue to host the game, if there are no players (no community)? etc. Please, describe your game community, as you see it. @Emilydid I tag you correctly? @Alarisasked me to tag Emily dev from LO team
  2. If you experience 1-2 FPS when you launch the game on a new iGPU such as Intel UHD 630, then the workaround fix is as follows: - Install VMWare player (free) and setup a Windows Virtual Machine. You need ISO, so can use Windows Media Creation tool for simplicity. - After Windows install power off the Virtual Machine, enable 3D Acceleration for that machine, power it on and install VMWare Tools - You can get Direct X from Windows Download Center - Install and play the game on Virtual Machine. With low settings should be 60+ FPS. If you did everything alright, than Graphics Card on your virtual machine should show VmWare SVGA 3D If you game doesn't patch and load, but internet connection presents on your Virtual Machine, then add Firewall Exclusion Rules for FE updater and FE client. Game was tested to run on legacy Intel HD 4000, so it should run better on new iGPU, just problems with drivers+game interaction: it won't use iGPU for render, which is clearly seen on GPU performance graphs. Hyper-V will most likely not work (GPU partition method should be slow for that card, and pass-thru is disabled i new versions, unless you hack it somehow) Virtual Box will most likely work.
  3. Hey, guys, I just wanted to highlight the features that should be improved (IMHO) if you consider game relaunch in feature. 1. Chat engine. 1.1 In general in MMO people use in-game chat to communicate, lol. Yes, there are TS and discord, but chat in game is still very important. Especially for casual players, who want it simple. At the moment top problem of chat engine that it doesn't support any symbols except those fitting standard US keyboard. For example, I cannot copy-paste Japanese, Cyrillic, Arabic letters to chat. They are not decoded. That alone can push out many players from Japan, Korea, China, who actually spend lots of money on MMO games. 1.2 Translation function should also be available. It's very important for comm and keeping game population alive. 1.3 Ability to create custom player channels is also very important. Players normally form communities, which can keep them together for a long time. Communities that give them more freedom than any guilds do. 1.4. Existing default chat channels, such as Auction (Trade): region limitation makes no sense. etc. 2. UI in general: It's great that UI is easily customizable in FE, however, some UI elements are pretty hard or not possible to customize. So it's either giving people more options to customize (maybe in form of a small app) or making more UI elements and polishing the existing ones.
  4. After trying to play with rearranged default windows, I made this one. I will maybe continue to work on this one. If you need this UI/better screens, please, message me here or in-game. I can upload to github. 0. Based on antique. 1. Cross-hair (texture) is attached to "Vitals" UI (AP/Cmdr stats/HP/Stamina/Gamma bars UI). Background is transparent, so it's rather hard to mess the cross-hair position by occasionally moving the window. 2. HP/Stamina/Gamma bars are changed to provide better visibility (and not to annoy at the same time, so colors of Stamina/Gamma bars are changed). 3. Target HP bar (party member HP bar) is adjusted for better visibility. I tried to make it wider, but then finally came to idea that the default size is the best. At 50% Opacity (which I use as default often): At 100% Opacity (which I never had to use, as it's bright enough at 50%): At 0% Opacity:
  5. Thank you very much for the review. \m/ However, I changed all already. After progressing further I realized that this build won't be good, as it's a mix of everything, so it's bad.
  6. Hello, guys After around 6 or more years break I decided to hop back to FE. In the past I started to level up a neat dual melee/TK build, but of course I lost it, and I want to try pistols now. I already forgot many things that I studied in the past, as well as haven't really reached endgame in the past. So, if any veterans who min/max are around, please, be gentle and review this build: https://aethaeran.github.io/Fallen-Earth-Build-Planner/#37013641494A62624C4941B7019301BA01010196ABAB0101B98281018A010101010101B4 Coordination is raised slightly mostly to reach Armor Use 183. Dexterity is kept as low as possible to reach Pistol 150 and Precision 171 and to avoid that case when Precision cap is too high, but no more AP to toss into Precision. Stance that I plan to use 99% of the time is Desperado, so pistol 150 for Rank 3 Desperado. Endurance is maxed for Armor Use 183 and high HP. Intelligence is maxed for Telekinesis 180, as well as extra gamma, and high Tradeskill cap. Perception is raised slightly to get high First Aid 186. Also allows to lower dexterity (for Pistol 150). Extra bonus is a raised Dodge cap and slightly higher Tradeskills. Strength is raised slightly to reach Power 171 for Dent Armor and higher Arp. Remaining points are put into Dodge Mutations: Thermal Control is 180 without investment to Willpower. Empathy 129 (minimum) for self/group heals/revives Illumination for Aura (Thermal Control and heals eat lots of Gamma). Drawbacks that I know about: - in PVE only 2 stuns (Disrupt + Dent Armor). - only one Debuff (Dent Armor) - no Snares - Aura is not the strongest. Support in group PVP should probably have stronger Aura. Thank you for your time
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