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  1. And with that it's over... Thanks to Matt and everyone at Little Orbit for keeping Fallen Earth alive for as long as they did. Many hours of enjoyment with an immensely unique experience that has yet to be matched by any MMO out there. Fallen Earth is Dead! Long live Fallen Earth! *vanish*
  2. Thanks for the info Artemi! Helps me plan the day so that I can be present for the finale. As for all of us dying, I like to think we aren't going to die so much as migrate to another form or level of existence (Fallout games?). See y'all there!
  3. Hey all. Has there been any official time given for the demise of FE? I know it is scheduled for October 14th, but is there anything more specific than that? I hope to be in game (possibly streaming) when the lights go out. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Good question! Given that we are a mere 2 weeks away from the lights going out it is curious that there has been no official word on either of those topics. Maybe with the daily population dwindling to 10 to 20 players daily the answer to both might be never. I hope Little Orbit proves me wrong.
  5. I salute your dedication to this game! I would be careful about your dietary choices however. I draw your attention to the following article: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/09/02/teenager-first-uk-go-deaf-blind-due-junk-food-diet-report-reveals/ See you in Fallen Earth 2 ( Fall 2022...maybe?)
  6. A very disappointing announcement even though everyone knew it was coming. Definitely want to see a remastered version, but my gut feeling is that it will not materialize any time soon. Just like the Road Warrior we were all feeding off the corpse of the old world. The time is coming to move on. Like the old saying goes: All good things must come to an end. Thanks to everyone who made this game such a great experience. I hope to be there when the lights finally go out for the very last time. Until that time rage on fellow Wastelanders!
  7. Just had this happen to me as well. Go from character screen to actual game and back to character screen in about 30 seconds flat. Never had this happen before. It's like the server is having acid reflux or something.
  8. Maybe the lag spikes are like the series of tremors preceding a major earth quake like the so-called "Big One" forecast for California for years now. Could the system stress finally be reaching critical mass?
  9. Nothing worse than having a bad day and then checking the forums to find out that I'm dying. What a bummer!
  10. Thanks for this post! It might just be me, but lag (particularly Type 2 as outlined above) is becoming more pronounced lately. Has anyone looked further into what may be the root cause or causes of the above conditions? In the last 2 years lag never seemed as bad as it is now. Was the server move and it's associated drama part of the problem? Perhaps we'll never find out.
  11. Hey all. So just wondering, but does FE have a scheduled routine maintenance time? Typically when I try to log in relatively early (i.e. 7 to 8 am EST) the game is shut down. Just want to determine if that is an intentional shut down. Also, does anyone know why sometimes you get stopped at the FE updater and sometimes it defaults to what I presume is an old log in like the one posted by Whitebeear? Thanks in advance!
  12. I was fortunate enough to get in and played for 2 hours. Sadly game is quite buggy. Some nodes stayed after harvesting them (but basically empty). At the end my motorcycle went invisible and presumably gone although the map indicated it was still there. I hope this isn't a sign that a catastrophe/rollback is imminent! (insert wave of trepidation here)
  13. Thanks miketam for the info. I did get back in pretty quick on the last attempt. Any idea if this has been an ongoing issue or did it just happen today? I'm just wondering if these are aftershocks from the Great Transplant Quake of 2019. Itching to stream FE tonight, but not if it's going to cack out on me.
  14. Hey all. After 12-14 hours of access I find myself unable to get passed the character select screen. No toon visible, no options except exit. I have waited for a few minutes to see if I popped into existence, but to no avail. Anyone else having this issue?
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