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  1. I assume you mean is there going to be an Easter event...They tend to activate the events and they are up and running before we are notified there is an event.....so we just have to wait in an....tici...pation..with baited breath.....crossed fingers etc etc etc.
  2. Well..i guess if this was APB we would be informed in advance of any extended maintenance etc etc issues...but as it isnt...we aren't.
  3. Game seems a bit prone to disconnecting quite a few gys today. Just thought i mention it.
  4. Dunno if apb Jerico issues are affecting us too...but we is lagging quite hard now as well... Aaaaannnd..now it seems to have gone...fingers crossed it doesnt rear its ugly head again.
  5. Oh well...just another 6 hours or so of major lag..total of 8 + if nothings done before maintenance. So...its gonna be...you guessed it...another 6 hours of major lag. Ps.no prize if you guessed correctly.
  6. Would be nice if u could stuff the https://fallenearth.fandom.com/wiki/Tiny_Cuddles pet in the valentines reward box....if you are not using the heart shaped gift one. Im assuming / guessing this event will be using the Valentine's Box...not the heart shaped gift one...think most would rather have a tiny cuddles pet..rather than an adorable creeper...which lets face it.. are not really adorable in the least. Soooo.....take tiny cuddles...stuff it ...thats a technical term. in whichever box your using..happy people..job done...i mean..how hard can it be? Done...goes back to harvs to see if they are killed while posting this.
  7. I think the imaginary hackers broke the imaginary hampsters..or something...Im not really a techy .but..well ..something like that. Oh the dcs we been having tonight doesnt seem to be affecting our lovely american cousins...just europe..specifically britain and portugal..that i know of...does that help?..our route to server?
  8. Would be nice to halve the time between grunch spawns too imo...Bcus..well reasons.
  9. Grunch event is on..Mm..just thought i would mention it as i cant see it posted anywhere on forums.
  10. Try here....https://forums-old.gamersfirst.com/topic/317831-clarity-redux-updated-for-263/ Or here maybe.....https://forums-old.gamersfirst.com/topic/199011-clarity-redux-clarity-rebuilt-for-the-current-game-version/
  11. re: WE WANT YOU!...Sorry..you cant have me! So there. Sry bout that.
  12. Event seems to be a real turkey...and not in a good way. Better rewards would be nice. Shrugs shoulders...sadly not prairie chicken / turkey shoulders.
  13. Could we get the /commands fixed in fallen earth....not being able to /roll in team chat for boss loot ...prizes etc is a real pain in the patootie..pardon my french.
  14. On a side note..or whatever..would be nice if they could switch the contents of trick or treat bag with http://fallenearth.wikia.com/wiki/Halloween_Box Webbed Witch Hat 0-1x Batty Witch Hat 0-1x Spooky Witch Hat 0-1x Pumpkin Head 0-1x Skinned Mask 0-1x Devil Horns 0-1x Halo 0-1x Clockwork Monacle 0-1x Webbed Witch Dress 0-1x Batty Witch Dress 0-1x Spooky Witch Dress 0-1x Training Suit 0-1x Scarecrow Suit 0-1x Borrowed Chemistry Jumpsuit 0-1x Skinned Suit 0-1x Metal Head 0-1x Tiger Hoodie 0-1x Tiger Pants Imo much better stuff...and how could it be to change?...ok dont answer that..yes yes i know..your lucky you got an event at all... Still no harm in trying is there...
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