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  1. miketam

    FE Valentine's Day 2019 Event

    Would be nice if u could stuff the https://fallenearth.fandom.com/wiki/Tiny_Cuddles pet in the valentines reward box....if you are not using the heart shaped gift one. Im assuming / guessing this event will be using the Valentine's Box...not the heart shaped gift one...think most would rather have a tiny cuddles pet..rather than an adorable creeper...which lets face it.. are not really adorable in the least. Soooo.....take tiny cuddles...stuff it ...thats a technical term. in whichever box your using..happy people..job done...i mean..how hard can it be? Done...goes back to harvs to see if they are killed while posting this.
  2. I think the imaginary hackers broke the imaginary hampsters..or something...Im not really a techy .but..well ..something like that. Oh the dcs we been having tonight doesnt seem to be affecting our lovely american cousins...just europe..specifically britain and portugal..that i know of...does that help?..our route to server?
  3. miketam

    State of the Game: Fallen Earth 12/31/2018

    New hampsters needed?
  4. miketam

    FE Holiday Events 2018 (Updated)

    Would be nice to halve the time between grunch spawns too imo...Bcus..well reasons.
  5. Grunch event is on..Mm..just thought i would mention it as i cant see it posted anywhere on forums.
  6. miketam

    I need Clarity ui

    Try here....https://forums-old.gamersfirst.com/topic/317831-clarity-redux-updated-for-263/ Or here maybe.....https://forums-old.gamersfirst.com/topic/199011-clarity-redux-clarity-rebuilt-for-the-current-game-version/
  7. miketam

    We Want You!

    re: WE WANT YOU!...Sorry..you cant have me! So there. Sry bout that.
  8. miketam

    Thanksgiving event

    Event seems to be a real turkey...and not in a good way. Better rewards would be nice. Shrugs shoulders...sadly not prairie chicken / turkey shoulders.
  9. miketam

    /commands not working

    Could we get the /commands fixed in fallen earth....not being able to /roll in team chat for boss loot ...prizes etc is a real pain in the patootie..pardon my french.
  10. miketam

    Halloween Event 2018

    On a side note..or whatever..would be nice if they could switch the contents of trick or treat bag with http://fallenearth.wikia.com/wiki/Halloween_Box Webbed Witch Hat 0-1x Batty Witch Hat 0-1x Spooky Witch Hat 0-1x Pumpkin Head 0-1x Skinned Mask 0-1x Devil Horns 0-1x Halo 0-1x Clockwork Monacle 0-1x Webbed Witch Dress 0-1x Batty Witch Dress 0-1x Spooky Witch Dress 0-1x Training Suit 0-1x Scarecrow Suit 0-1x Borrowed Chemistry Jumpsuit 0-1x Skinned Suit 0-1x Metal Head 0-1x Tiger Hoodie 0-1x Tiger Pants Imo much better stuff...and how could it be to change?...ok dont answer that..yes yes i know..your lucky you got an event at all... Still no harm in trying is there...
  11. miketam

    Halloween Event 2018

    Can u give more details on rewards...mission giver locations etc etc?
  12. This has been brought up a few times in the past under the old G1 and been mentioned a few times to new owners i think + the fact that maintenance "ALWAYS" destroys all the towns medi bundles u have placed. As you say the first issue should be easy enough to fix / alter. Medi bundle issue may be a lil more tricky to fix. We await a response.....with baited breath.
  13. miketam

    Halloween event. yes? no? maybe?

    Well we did do a marathon progress town raids / nice prizes event today...still ongoing when i passed lead. Mm kinda last min decision to do it was thinking of putting it off / cylen turned up..did a good few hours with us...and im pooped and shud be in bed...it was fun..stuff happened etc...and...falls asleep zzzzz.
  14. miketam

    Halloween event. yes? no? maybe?

    So yea its "just a crappy box spawn event". Shouldnt be to hard to do then should it. Add pumpkins to node spawn table...Hocus Pocus..Abracadabra..eye of newt...dilla zilla...job done. Hopefully before i lose the will to live.
  15. miketam

    Halloween event. yes? no? maybe?

    Hey...i and a lot of other people at the time..."thats when we had a lot of people of course"..liked to scour the huge map looking for pumpkins..probably a lot of people saw more of the maps and places they wouldnt have normally..you could search as and when u liked..no waiting for grunch /cuddles .to spawn ..no missing it because u got there to late or had to log soon for work etc. Chance to find a few even if u werent looking..just doing missions etc. So yes it was "just a box / pumpkin spawn event" but it was actually more than that imo. Hell newbies were always finding pumpkins when they didnt even realise there was an event on..which was a nice fun surprise for them..with some nice good looking cosmetic rewards too.