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  1. miketam

    Halloween event. yes? no? maybe?

    Well we did do a marathon progress town raids / nice prizes event today...still ongoing when i passed lead. Mm kinda last min decision to do it was thinking of putting it off / cylen turned up..did a good few hours with us...and im pooped and shud be in bed...it was fun..stuff happened etc...and...falls asleep zzzzz.
  2. miketam

    Halloween event. yes? no? maybe?

    So yea its "just a crappy box spawn event". Shouldnt be to hard to do then should it. Add pumpkins to node spawn table...Hocus Pocus..Abracadabra..eye of newt...dilla zilla...job done. Hopefully before i lose the will to live.
  3. miketam

    Halloween event. yes? no? maybe?

    Hey...i and a lot of other people at the time..."thats when we had a lot of people of course"..liked to scour the huge map looking for pumpkins..probably a lot of people saw more of the maps and places they wouldnt have normally..you could search as and when u liked..no waiting for grunch /cuddles .to spawn ..no missing it because u got there to late or had to log soon for work etc. Chance to find a few even if u werent looking..just doing missions etc. So yes it was "just a box / pumpkin spawn event" but it was actually more than that imo. Hell newbies were always finding pumpkins when they didnt even realise there was an event on..which was a nice fun surprise for them..with some nice good looking cosmetic rewards too.
  4. miketam

    Halloween event. yes? no? maybe?

    Well..i dont "expect" any...but i "want" and we really need "something" and who knows?..if enough post here maybe just maybe..we will get something. proper rehash of old halloween event..gm run event. flying pigs?..i might settle for just the pigs.
  5. Dont know if this has already been ruled out,Hopefully its still a possibility.We really do need this event to spark some excitement and show some tangible attention to Fallen Earth..plus it was probably my favourite event of them all..with the best items..imo anyway.
  6. 99 yellow etc is indeed the max per toon. 6 toons all maxed and mail used to store the excess. so an up to the limit allowed would be nice..on top of fixing the counter.
  7. miketam

    Why game looks so drab?

    You know u can adjust color saturation / vibrancy / gamma levels etc with nividia control panel settings or ati Catalyst Control Panel > My Digital Flat Panels > Display Colors (Digital Flat-panel) > Color Correction > Saturation etc?
  8. Fallen Earth lagging.badly..again..already. so soon after maintenance. like 12-14 sec lag on nodes...mail starting to eat items...stuck crafts..major lag in global / help /region / team chats..all the ussual stuff when lag gets bad... There..slightly redacted from ticket sent.
  9. Well..it would be nice if u could just buy the instas as an item..rather than buy other stuff just to earn enough points for one. Maybe a change they could look into.
  10. miketam

    cant log in

    Try using your email address in the user name box.
  11. miketam

    Lag back again!!!!

    Rolls eyes and shrugs...nothing new there then.
  12. miketam

    Lag back again!!!!

    And....hours later..still lagging. bs bugging out etc etc.
  13. miketam

    Lag back again!!!!

    Its back again today too. Its a persistent lil devil.
  14. miketam

    ETA On In Game Lag??? 7/22/18

    Well i know its a sunday an all...but if this was APb it would have been sorted by now..or had some sort of response from staff on forums at least..and not just ignored. Rolls eyes and shrugs.
  15. miketam

    Gamewide lag hits hard

    Oh yea..craft lag ...stuck crafts...fast travel lag too..mm prolly a few other things affected too.