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  1. Seems to be running relatively ok now im finally in.
  2. Not sure what game was running like before maint...but ive been stuck on toon load screen for ages now. Ah they just popped up after what seemed like 10 mins.
  3. Hammys fallen over again?...crash and stuck on character select again. Oh...got back in eventually after being stuck on toon load for ages.
  4. Yea its probably affecting everyone i guess.
  5. Same..it ussually does tend to take a while to let u reconnect when it falls over like this...check internet lol. Might exit an relaunch an see if i get alec masters..server off line cos im still stuck on loading area. Nope...still goes to loading area..trying a different toon / area to load...doubt it will help though.
  6. On cs now....your area is currently loading.
  7. Back in now..took 2 relaunches....its affecting / affected a few others from what i see. no surprise there,
  8. 2 relaunches and 15 mins or so and im back in. rolls eyes.
  9. Help...the hamsters seem to have fallen over again,
  10. Hampsters taking another nap again? Shame..and it was running so well tonight for me...till now.
  11. Try again..i just got in no problem this time.
  12. Progress towns timers reset...ate my cit medis...again. Be nice if they persisted like the buildings do on resets / maints. Still thats the least of our worries at the moment i guess.
  13. i got as far as toon select so far..still waiting for toons to appear. Guess it may have crashed completely now if i try a relaunch. Still no toons appeared..will exit and see if i get alec masters...server status not ready or something. Yep thats what i got.
  14. Car thieves stole my car...garage manager refuses to let me have it back after i towed it. Got bored of waiting..tried a toon switch..hung....relaunching now. Back in and managed to recover stolen car.
  15. Your sub time shud stop and resume from where it was once the fre commanders runs out.
  16. Well im stuck at the Alec Masters screen ....server status...not ready. Didnt even get to character select.
  17. I got turned into a chicken then killed and flagged up pvp as one too..when i politely protested in global ..Ok it wasnt politely really. But i mean what kind of sicko does that to ayesha...im lovely and the nicest person in FE...and modest too.
  18. Im still flagged chicken in la cloner.
  19. Me too..gets turned into chicken for no reason ...tells gm to kindly ***** ** in global..then gets killed and flagged for pvp.
  20. Locked up on toon switch..relaunched..still waiting for toons to pop up on character select too.
  21. Username shud be your email.
  22. Replaces animal training kit ..as well as the other tradeskills kits..so probably is 10 saved.
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