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  1. Well..thats one theory i guess. Its not the normal maint time..maybe making alterations to event boss or something. Servers back up now.
  2. Same here..booted to cs. Now blank screen..toons blinked out. Tried a relaunch...unable to connect.
  3. Seems maintenance is running late too...understandable i guesss. Must have heard me...maint over an game up.
  4. Commanders looks like its been applied to all accounts now too btw.
  5. Hm stuck on authenticating at log in..tried with steam launch and with FEupdater..still stuck on authenticating. Well...it decided to load in eventually after 5 mins or so.
  6. Well..thats Fallen Earth logic for you...Personally would have kept server up till i dunno... november / december..get event over..month cool off. Still no word on when the event will actually take place...nor when commanders will kick in.
  7. Any actuall date for when free commanders will kick in? "All players have been given Commander now till the servers go offline. Thanks, Matt" Also a date for when the final Fallen Earth event will begin would be nice.
  8. Would have been nice to get a warning that Fallen Eearth marketplace was being taken down...some guys have codes they wanted to redeem etc. Clarification on what will happen with unused codes etc would be wellcome.
  9. I think perhaps your timing on this request could...let us say .perhaps have been better. Hey all ...all were shutting down the server..which i think u stated somewhere would be kept up till new version was out. Oh and btw while we digest that little bombshell..".could we have your help with the broken achievements" Kiinda a bit tactless imo...surprised u didnt at least wait till after the mooted last fling event.
  10. miketam

    Forum online status bugged

    Same for me too..thought it might be an Opera update that broke it..seems not. Who's Online 1 Member, 0 Anonymous, 0 Guests (See full list)
  11. Im in..looks like the issue is resolved..for me anyway.
  12. Hm game collates data then hangs for me at moment..."the updater has detected a problem updating your game files"..pls try again basicly. Will try a file check. Didnt help...looks like problem with log in server somewhere i guess.
  13. Items bought off auction are taking 15 to 20 mins to arrive....again..been happening last 3 days or so on and off. + normal mail and looting crafting has got quite laggy too as of time of this post. Bugged vaults at progress town have sposedly already been reported...the rest of the buildings tend to bug out eventually after the vaults play up.
  14. Servers been lag spiking short and long bursts.. all night for me. thought it was maybe my route to server..from europe etc..but it seems its affecting the states too. Rough guesstimate its been going on for 5 hours at least...soo looks to me like its server / server side issue..not a problem on the route to it. Oh and forums seem semi broke to me ..maybe opera updating is the culprit..but i cant see who is online on the forums..just shows me viewing. no one else.
  15. Its "quite" laggy at the moment..be nice if they could manage to improve it without a reboot though as i have harvs up..ty
  16. As title says...after our lil unscheduled maint.
  17. Seems like lag built up to an unplayable level and they are running maint. Well i assume thats what they are doing as dont see anything on forums or twiitter. Probably shud have been done say 8+ hours ago as it was pretty bad then...Sooo..not sure when this maint run was started as i cant see a post anywhere.
  18. Mmm..well it was going well..till it started lagging bout 30 mins ago.
  19. Seems good so far..no toon hangs on switch / lagged out mail and clan vaults..not seen any moans about it today..so i guess its fixed..or vastly improved.
  20. Mail / clan vaults etc locked up again..i wont bother trying to switch to my harv yet i guess. Aaaaaand lag spike over.
  21. Logs in just after maint..puts up harvester..switches toons a few times to set crafts...gets stuck on toon switch..... Back in after 10 mins or so.
  22. Guess river was lucky on what they were doing..i and i know a few others had 3 or 4 lag episodes over that period. Nodes not clearing when i was harving..checking mail or clan vaults to see if they are locked before trying to switch. if your not switching toons or checking mail / clan vaults etc when its lagging u may not notice the issue.
  23. Well...my mail and clan vaults just locked up...i assume if i try to switch toons at this point it will hang again. thats the ussuall scenario. Lag spike just cleared. Was maybe 5 mins..could have been worse.
  24. miketam


    Poor deluded guy..seeing cheaters everywhere.
  25. Well think thats twice in little more than an hour i had the freeze on toon switch. Guess im waiting 10 mins or so for it decide to load the toon.
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