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  1. Can someone please tell me whats going on. I logged on and was playing but clone died for no apparent reason, on respawn can not get my bike after towing it. Game ays a vehicle is still active although they are all parked. Now can not get into character select screen, its just a steam bath.
  2. Thanks WestSidez for the update. Is there any idea as to when we will get back in.
  3. Is the game up and running? If so I can not get online either by using Steam or the Fallen Earth launcher. Maybe a developer update would be nice.
  4. Is Server still down? When do We expect it to be running?
  5. I still cannot Log into game. Just get the "Check your internet" message. Are we still under maintainance.
  6. As a player from the dark ages when Devs ran teams of players to test their work I can only thank LO for trying to keep this game alive.
  7. So many old players browsing that I remember.
  8. Can someone PLEASE give us some idea when game will be up and running, Dont leave us in the dark like the old days of Fallen Earth.
  9. Can someone PLEASE give us some idea when game will be up and running
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