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  1. not sure i also had a ghoul give me a key to a ghoulmobile i said no politely then killed him the game crashed immediately so confused.
  2. i remember seeing you right before i could not buy mats it said error then i relogged to try and fix issue not here we are lol
  3. i seem to be in these forums more than in game i just wish i would have waited to buy commander ....
  4. i appreciate this matt for real you guys are great but i have one problem...I cant select a character at the selection screen and i would love to use this code and play the game but you arent letting me lol... really i cant select a character help please.
  5. same here buddy just another reason to not get to play fallen earth.
  6. After load in i get to the character screen and i see no toons and cannot do anything but exit.
  7. so i heard there was an online store selling grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup? tried google but only thing pops up is " don't you have a wife? " well played google well...palayed....
  8. 4 days of not playing and there is no other game at this moment id rather play....
  9. not everyday you get an explained thread from an admin on the issues at hand... thanks and good luck.
  10. to all that took this thread and decided to think i was bitching i was just making an observation as a 2 week old player. i am sorry that most of you can't read somebody's post with out getting butt hurt or feeling the need to pop in when you could have kept scrolling. I did read a lot on what they are doing or trying to do and i hope it works because i like the game. i did not know at the time of this post that i came in during a server swap so EAD and happy trolling.
  11. i realize they are trying to change a bunch of things which making this game " better " i think its great and alot of this game is already awesome... i have a feeling they will ruin this game making it First Person only then this game will have the same demise as star wars galaxies... when they made it first person it ruined it and they killed the game for good.
  12. Just a question but i have been playing for a week and a half and there has been 2 major maintenance updates lasting hours and hours... is this how it has been? just wondering if i am gonna be not playing more than playing this game. and i notice the updates are when working people are home.. this is a fun game just like playing when i am off work thanks..
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