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  1. All I know was that I was standing there chatting while another player was trying to setup an Instacraft, but it was lagging so they were waiting. Then I got DC'd. It's working fine again logged in with no problem at 11:43 Pm EST My previous post said 11:20, I may have been off by a couple minutes. If it was closer to 11:25 that is within that 15 minute window just like last night.
  2. Just got disconnected a few minutes ago right around 11:20 Pm EST. Now it sahows Alec Masters - Initializing
  3. A few days ago I noticed a chicken down in the fast travel area. I didnt know if it was some type of ability, so i didn't think much of it. I did say something in chat about it but there wasn't much of a response, so I figured it was something that you might "normally" be able to do. I'm trying to remember the name when I clicked on it. Possibly something like Level 3 Zhin Tao? I'm not sure.
  4. Also added a small post in here Also, in this thread 5/15 maintenance, back on page 1, someone said they had trouble. It happened to be 8:50 Pm which is within that :40 - :55 time frame. Edit - Jumping back in the game for a few minutes, to see if it happens again around 4:42 Am Didn't happen at 4:42 Am It's possible, if it is an automated task, it might have been set to only run so many times each day. Or run at a certain time for a certain number of times, then switch to a different time of day. Because it happened at exactly the same time 3 times in a row. Edit - This should include most "if not all" the problems with, Fast travel, problems taking quests, login screen, switching characters etc.
  5. Check for a sever "automated task" right around :40 every hour, that lasts until :55 or so. See my posts for more details about it.
  6. It all seems to be connected. It lags the fast travel, garages, login, switching characters etc. Might be some server "automated task" that runs once every hour for up to 15 minutes each time. I'm slowly getting it narrowed down. How often, how long each time in my previous post.
  7. Fast travel didn't work at 1:42 AM EST (Pennsylvania) 2:42 Am started working at 2:56 Am 3:42 Am started working at 3:54 Am It seems to lag "up to" 15 minutes each time. Edit - After it goes back to normal, chat will lag for a few minutes afterwards. Then it will be fine until the next time.
  8. A couple minutes ago, fast travel wasn't working for me. I also heard some other people saying their's wasn't working earlier in the day. After about 5-15 minutes, everything goes back to normal and everything works with no lag. Might be every few hours it happens. Its definitely some type of extended lag spike. If you relog during this time, that's when people have no character selection. When the "temporary lag" subsides, everything is fine with that also. Edit - it's working good now, a few minutes later. No lag at all and everything is working properly. It was right around 1:42 Am EST, I'm not sure if you can go back and check any logs to see why this might be happening though. Edit - Also happening now around 2:42 AM fast travel not working. 2:56 fast travel is working again, but chat is a little slow. Someone else said they're still lagging though, so it might filter out through different parts of the world at different times.
  9. I'd like to know too please. Could I wait a few months if I wanted to, then redeem it? Thank you very much Matt and everyone on the FE team.
  10. Absolutely no problems playing at all yesterday except a an hour or 2 before I shut the game off. I had the game running about 8 hours straight, then another 3-4 later at night. I experienced slight lag (it was mainly chat showing up 3-4 seconds later), but during that same time my internet was being used by a few other devices. I also never cleared the "in game browser cache". Logged in a couple minutes ago and everything loaded nice and quick. No lag.
  11. Everything looks good so far. Character loaded in quick, fast travel is good, no lag when gettin my vehicle from the garage. Even the PC updater to login seems faster. Nice work :)
  12. So half an hour from now. Sounds good, thanks
  13. lol ya I know, it also depends how many people play, the size of the game, items, etc.
  14. That's not bad. I think I've seen 1-2 hours a couple times, so I wasn't sure if that was the average. Some games I've played over the years took 15 minutes up to 4-5 hours
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