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  1. https://imgur.com/cBPWltC Alpha at night https://imgur.com/1KGisaH Do you feel lucky, punk? https://imgur.com/DTfYHxA Flat tire https://imgur.com/9ux1kmX Hiking through the mountains
  2. Someone tested this earlier today. apparently we can have a total of 10 mounts and 7 pets. Any more than that, it says you are at maximum.
  3. Do you mean dirt or the exhaust fumes coming from the back of the vehicles and tires? Thank you for the information, but I didn't notice any difference on or off the roads. I have all of the graphic settings turned on and set to maximum. I'm not sure if it would make any difference, but i'm currently using a buggy. I tried this and it must be what it is. If I right click on my character, I get the popup with a few different choices. if I turn it off, it doesn't give me the popup anymore. Thank you
  4. I just got sent back to the character screen, now it's showing "not ready" Alec Masters Initializing. Tried a moment later, now servers are under maintenance
  5. I hope I don't sound rude when I say this, but this is why I wanted someone from LO to come in here and reply. I didn't want people coming in and "thinking" they know what the options do. I want to know exactly what they do, so I can decide if I want to turn them off or leave them on.
  6. Under the Options > General tab Vehicle debris - I'm guessing this turns off the broken vehicles / parts that we see along the roads or in the field, so we can't crash into them anymore. In-world Gear Popups - Possibly removes the chance of finding gears or armor/weapons while scavenging or looting chests and mobs? Would be nice if someone from LO could come in here and clarify these if possible
  7. It's sad to hear that you're shutting off the servers after all these years. On a side note. To give you an easier time porting everything to Unity. Decompile the assets and convert them over to unity. Or... Open the .bin file as a .txt with Notepad or use HXD to see everything in Hex. Copy/save parts of the code as Level0 Level1, globalgamemanager.assets, resource.assets.resS, sharedassets0.resS and the other file names. If you accidentally save the new files as a .txt file, change the extention and it should automatically switch over to Unity. Don't forget to include app.info, boot.config or all of the Managed, Mono, Resource folders in the game folder. I hope the best for you and your team on getting the new version up and running in the future. When you do, I will be playing it again.
  8. Approximately 9:30 Pm EST, lagging off and on. 1:26 Am nodes started breaking in the certain way, that you can pick them 2x times "item overlap" as in my previous post. This only lasted about 2 minutes then completely stopped lagging. at 1:34 Am the nodes started breaking again. 1:42 they stopped breaking, but it's lagging again. If this helps any, one of the broken nodes is at waypoint x4425164 y3370434. but when the server resets it will be normal again.
  9. Logged in at 6:12 Pm EST. No problems. I don't see any lag at all right now either. Edit - 6:47 Am, I didn't really see much lag during the time I played today. I was afk a couple times though. I did however come across a couple "previously" broken nodes, so I'm not sure if it happened before I started playing, or during one of the times I was afk.
  10. 4:27 AM EST, the nodes are bugged in a way, that you can harvest each of them 2x, then they break and never disappear, but another node pops up beside the broken 1. You can do this until there are broken nodes all over the place. This has happened before. Something is definitely causing some type of respawn item overlap. (This only seems to last for a few minutes, but the broken nodes never disappear.) After daily reset, the broken nodes get removed. When this happened before, I also noticed that, after you harvest a Geology node for the second time in a row, it will show up as a nature node on the mini map "not strategic map" The geology nodes "coal" were in a cave, so I am not sure if this affects the geology nodes in an outside area as well.
  11. Approx 10:58 Pm EST, Server is down. Unable to connect, please check your internet connection.
  12. Currently, with how bad it's lagging. When I shift+click a node to "auto loot", the timer counts down and the window pops up, then it takes around 18-19 seconds before the window finally closes. The items that I'm looting, haven't popped up in my inventory as of yet. This has been at least half an hour, so I would say that I am missing 200 or more items from the nodes. They usually show up after a while, but it is taking much longer this time. This has happened before though, so I just continue playing the game anyways. Because there have been quite a few days that it has been lagging this bad, is why I am still waiting to redeem the 4 weeks of free commander. The lag does get annoying sometimes, but I have a lot of patience and I have played many other games that lag far worse than this, so it doesn't really bother me. A few days ago, I found an forum that was talking about the same type of lag happening in this game clear back from 2012, so the lag everyone has been experiencing, isn't anything new. 9:26 Pm, a few of the items have finally started to slowly show up in my inventory.
  13. Approx 7:30 Pm EST, I got sent back to character selection. 8:22 Pm I got an in-game message saying, Game is offline. All of the buildings and nodes disappearead right before I got the message. It was lagging for a while before that. I relogged and im back in the game, but it's still lagging pretty bad.
  14. Off and on light lag most of the night, until daily maintenance. A few people said that they had problems with their characters on the loading screen.
  15. Random spikes of light lag most of the night until daily maintenance, nothing too bad from what I saw. Regarding the other replies, 21-23 hours ago, the game was most likely offline for "Daily maintenance" during that time. It's been starting around 7:20 Am EST or so and can sometimes last up to 2 hours. That's also why it's offline right now also (for about an hour so far), just incase some of you didn't know. If it takes longer than 2 hours, they might be working on something.
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