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  1. well i log in togame a month later and its dead so what? only thing bring people back is something new. Dracio u always gotta be on everyones comments but u never put any effort to helpthe game just back lash suggest something helpp it out anything. u as bad eric cloud in game. U part og the toxic to game.
  2. Sorry LO but u failing. I know in fe past few months been tough for game but its all failing from my veiw. I love this game and hate to see it go down but is it worth the effort u guy trying to put into this game. To me past 30 or so days I seen a big player drop even with ur free comander active players not finding game worth it for some reason. As of now i can barely log in daily without character problems and seems to be getting worse. My opinion quit and start over new. It be easier to start a Fallen Earth 2 plus all past reworx of mmo games never work . I will probly be getting alot negative feedback for this but i think best ivestment be in a fe 2
  3. It be hours before get a response also. Its the weekend.
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