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  1. Yes, I am having the same issue. Thank you Matt for letting us know...
  2. Thank You for the heads up, Appreciated....
  3. Is the server down again? Was playing for about a half hour, When the game crashed? 5:15 Eastern. Now when I try to log back in, I get stuck on Character selection screen and It says..." Your Area is currently loading , Please wait..." Then It sits there. A heads up on outages and such would be nice... Thank You,
  4. Just a heads up, They posted the server is down in the announcements. Probably about 45 minutes ago.
  5. Hi I`ve been playing Fallen Earth thru Steam for about a year and a half. I logged in today and all I see is a screen that's says "Play" on the left hand side and "Logout" on the right hand side. I hit play and nothing works. When I logout, It takes me to a login screen That says Name: & Password, Then at the bottom it says "Offline". Is there anyone who knows what the issue is and when the game will be back up and fully functional???... Thank You,
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