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  1. Yes, I am having the same issue. Thank you Matt for letting us know...
  2. Thank You for the heads up, Appreciated....
  3. Is the server down again? Was playing for about a half hour, When the game crashed? 5:15 Eastern. Now when I try to log back in, I get stuck on Character selection screen and It says..." Your Area is currently loading , Please wait..." Then It sits there. A heads up on outages and such would be nice... Thank You,
  4. Just a heads up, They posted the server is down in the announcements. Probably about 45 minutes ago.
  5. Hi I`ve been playing Fallen Earth thru Steam for about a year and a half. I logged in today and all I see is a screen that's says "Play" on the left hand side and "Logout" on the right hand side. I hit play and nothing works. When I logout, It takes me to a login screen That says Name: & Password, Then at the bottom it says "Offline". Is there anyone who knows what the issue is and when the game will be back up and fully functional???... Thank You,
  6. Severe In Game Lag since noon eastern, Nothing is working... Any idea when this might be corrected??? Any and all info would be appreciated... Thank You
  7. I logged in around noon eastern and the game seems to be lagging? Crafting and quests won`t complete, Can`t scavenge anything after kills? Anyone else having issues??? Just curious, And want to make sure it isn`t on my end.... Thank You
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