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  1. So, after a short absence due to pc issues everything seems to be wrong and I cant log in to my main account. Username not working even with a new password so tried my email and no go with that either. I had this problem a while ago also and suddenly it gave me my main account back. I don't mind starting over for the wiped server but having to start over yet again really bites.
  2. Invalid account or password, even after updating password. Edit- had to download via steam but it made me a new account, which I can't get to again.
  3. I found something that gives those of you who have never seen it, a glimpse at those who created Lifenet, our clones, and the wastelands. The parents of the Children of the Apocalypse. 2010 https://youtu.be/Y0auK-yugT4
  4. Don't break the apocalypse before I get there!!!
  5. Mama is coming home! I pick up my PC tomorrow when it will be all fixed and running better then new .
  6. I still have mine . A most treasured possession that I will wear while playing again.
  7. My heart stopped when I read the best news I've had in 2 years. Thank you seems insufficient but it's all I have . I'm so looking forward to seeing my beloved wastelands again and all the lovely gritty, often violent clones I've missed so much. I'm good with having a fresh start without a max character for the first time since release of the game. I can't wait. Now I have to scramble to get a PC or laptop that can play it since all I got ATM is my phone. Wonder if I have any working organs left I can sell
  8. This just made me extra homesick for FE. Been so very long since I've been sent to the cloner via the death express.
  9. Whatever it takes to get Lifenet cranking out clones, I'm for it. Total wipe, No clan vaults, Fewer Sectors. Don't care.. as long as it's there. ~Sang from Fallen Earth~
  10. Bring it back and I will sub, just as I had to the majority of Fallen Earth's existence since release. No one had more "stuff" then I did. I had at last count at least 6 maxed characters and countless low to mid level mules. My most prized possession was the classic creeper, the googly-eyed kinda humanoid faced abomination that preceded the generic buggish one that never should have existed. All of it I would gladly surrender if only they bring Lifenet back online and spit my new or old clone out into the gritty wasteland of the plateau. I've no shame and will make it rain on Fallen Earth if/when it returns regardless if I have to start over or not. Don't flippin' care because I am .... Sang from FE.
  11. Bring back FE before I die and I will play it, post about it and give it all my gaming $$. Miss my wastelands. Nothing else is like our Fallen Earth.
  12. I used to crawl around Haietta all the time for them tasty nodes that was as rare as bear feathers elsewhere. Nice to see you still lurking old friend.
  13. Still missing this game and community so very much. Every time I see updates it makes me hopeful. I never had trouble with the occasional toxic player since the ignore feature always worked flawlessly and tbh, almost everyone there was as nice to me as I treated them. I never had any problems making a new toon and either questing solo or with friends and I honestly enjoyed reading the humorous little tidbits sprinkled in. I had at least 5 or 6 level 55's. While being a rather low end pvp'er, my enthusiasm came from facing another player, usually being sent to the cloner and emerging like an immortal instead of a woman battling cancer. It never made me angry or rage, to me it was victory over death and I needed that frame of mind. I think the pvp gods appreciated my attitude and the respect I had for their talent and many became very dear friends. As many years as I spent in this game (since alpha testing) I never ran out of points, people and places of interest, Please bring it back soon<3 Oh and please do fix hit boxes like Kishoot mentioned, so not everyone in pvp has to roll a small female char, I do enjoy seeing large male characters as well and can relate to guys getting tired of games where all chars are male (not sure if any of those still exist).
  14. I'm already there and want to play Fallen Earth again before I die! There is nothing that can replace my wastelands, I hope priority gets bumped up.
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