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  1. I'm already there and want to play Fallen Earth again before I die! There is nothing that can replace my wastelands, I hope priority gets bumped up.
  2. I been watching a lot of old FE vids, makes me laugh then cry. Perhaps some wastelander writing will help ease the homesickness.
  3. I wanted to see my girls and my beloved wastelands one last time this morning but .. alas they are already gone. For 11 years it has been my radioactive refuge. This song forevermore.. is dedicated to our Fallen Earth.
  4. I heard the event starts on Sept 22, but could be mistaken
  5. Every time I try to post something I start crying
  6. Obviously I am connected to the rest of the internet.. just not the game. anyone else?
  7. I was able to log in without issue
  8. Alpha testing started around /near July in 2008, before that it was a friends and family thing. Closed beta began around Dec iirc because we were confined to s1 for about 4 or 5 months and closed beta began with the opening of s2. so my guess would be that you started somewhere in 2009. I think folks tend to forget just how old FE is and that it was done by Icarus, an indi company that tended to do things their own way which made it almost insanely difficult to maintain/upgrade later on. I have a feeling that LO is probably having to learn as they go because it's not like anyone else ever even tried, Icarus ditched us and G1 did nothing but grab at every penny possible. Honestly I compare it to folks that takes swings at the Nurse/EMT that performed life saving CPR on them for breaking a couple ribs in the process of restarting their heart (seen it happen) What LO is trying to do may not even be possible but at least they are trying. Anyone who has ever had remodeling done in their home knows that it will be an unholy mess for a long time before it becomes better then ever.
  9. Being aware of the issue does not mean they will be able to quickly drag the folks that can fix it in on a weekend I have difficulty reading anything that is not black against white or white against black, I learned a long time ago it is much easier to just either skip or highlight font colors that stab my eyes instead of mentioning it.
  10. The biggest regret I had yesterday was that I was not the one turned into a pvp flagged chicken. That would have totally made my day/week so I cannot even fathom why you are unhappy about it. So jealous.. but then I was not there .. just like you wasn't there. Moot point is moot
  11. I'm in.. even logged out and back again without issue
  12. I've a pretty high threshold for the trashiest of trashtalk, perhaps that is part of the reason why it made me so terribly sad instead of angry, but then i'm still recovering from my first Mothers day without mine, so I was already there. I know how old this dinosaur is (because I'm a fossil) and that it's nothing short of a miracle that it still in existence. All I can feel right now is glad I can still log into the wastelands today because there can never be the promise of tomorrow.
  13. Not sure I could blame Matt if he just pulled the damn plug at this point.
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