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  1. I'm as Old Timer as they come in the history of this game and yes there are things that are very important to me, to the extent that I may not actually be able to enjoy and continue playing Fallen Earth after complete wipe/restart unless ..... 1. When I log in, I am still hit with the same grungy, rusty, bleak magic that gobsmacked me 10 years ago back in it's closed alpha testing stage. If you don't understand what I mean just move on, you will never get what I'm talking about. I want to feel like I came home, like the moment I first emerged from lifenet, even if there are a million old school creepers waiting outside, in fact I would welcome it. Bring back the old googly eyed toothy grinning creatures of nightmarish mutation and ditch the irritating bugs, There is a reason they were named creepers and it had nothing to do with minecraft. more like.. "Jeepers creepers, where'd you get those peepers" 2. By the end of the day I have laughed, cried and at least threatened my monitor with barbaric violence because the wasteland is triggering all my emotions. I want to feel the story and immersion. I cannot except less then what I was given during round 1 of our apocalypse if I'm to be stripped of the ties that bind. I would not miss the uncounted yellows and stacks of crafting materials in the legendary vaults of BoS, I would however mourn the loss of my fuzzy potato's, questionable venison and other old oddities that brings with them a book-full of memories. Most of all I would miss the BoS monument just outside Embry because it represented the birth of this very special and loved game, when they took the time to have gamers test it before asking for a single dime. we gave our input and ingenuity instead of a credit card number. I have always seen it as representing us from a bygone era, not just the clan that won the final event. It would hurt to lose that. If there is no other way for at least a very limited transfer, then LO is going to have to make me fall in love like Icarus did. However I must admit that I had already been on a death watch, I've been expecting for the plug to be pulled and then it would be simply gone and it broke my heart. Now there is actually hope, however tentative and for that I am willing to try and be just as flexible as possible but I make no promises on how much that will be.
  2. Like myself, there are others who play FE without launching it from Steam... but yes the population is back down to extremely low
  3. This was much fun to watch and I loved seeing so many players in one place again.
  4. This was so entertaining and the music was great. Thank you for posting it.
  5. Will try to be there...also I have stuff for prizes I can contribute
  6. So, can someone please fix it so us old testing relics that get a discounted commander sub for $20 don't have to pay more then everyone else for it now? There is no option for the new prices, and I don't really care about getting it for even cheaper then that but I would appreciate it getting looked into. It's unlikely that there will be many of us but I know for sure there is a few that will have the same problem.
  7. My post surgical pathology report came in and has proclaimed me entirely free of cancer with no need for Chemo.


    The malignancy was contained in one area of the tumor and did not spread.

  8. "I'll buy that for a dollar!" One of my all time favorite movie quotes right there <3. I need to see everything this Wayback Machine has on the old forums now that I am back home from the hospital. The wifi there was better then I expected but I missed my desktop and family (maybe not in that order) very much. I plan to be as active in FE as my recovery allows, if the docs say I have to undergo chemo/rad therapy again then like last time, I will probably start handing out all my tasty dt cookies in pvp like I did last time I had cancer and beat it. There is something about emerging from the cloner that heals me IRL Speaking of pvp, I remember the early alpha days when we spoke to all the main devs on a very casual daily basis and the interest they showed in FE's pvp was actually greater then in pve. We were requested to spend a great deal of time engaging in it by the devs with focus on how it affected the server at first, then weapons ect.. but yeah pvp was a huge interest to them in the beginning, PvE not so much. When we first went into closed beta and the border to sector 2 opened for the first time they made the epicenter of learning new knowledges for everything in New Gallows, so in order to get the new goodies we ALL had to go into pvp land. 1 You also have to consider that this WAS still during the conception vs reality period of the newborn game and the ideas of the devs were dancing among the clouds with idealism only to come crashing down from a big shot in the patootie called realism.
  9. I remember you from the old original forums Prometheus. Wow, welcome back. It's wonderful to see someone else from Fallen Earths ancient history.
  10. Sang

    Last Battalion!

    This should be interesting
  11. I have been a CHOTA much too long to not encourage chaos
  12. Thank you so much for the State of the Game, our first one in much too long. I understand the degree of what is wrong and/or missing must be a bit overwhelming but please keep going forward. Fallen Earth is just so unique, there really is nothing out there that gives a player what this one does. Despite all that is wrong, the loyal fan base that has persisted for a decade now has got to say something.
  13. I have most of these items and have no problem with tjem being released again for the sake of rebuilding the games population. IMO helping Fallen Earth recover is more important then bragging rights and elitism.
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