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  1. Still here, still waiting, still hopeful. I remember the 1st time logging into the game in closed beta. It was awesome. The tutorial section was as good as the game almost, even when we had the chance to skip it later when we had more characters, I never did. Getting the 1st car that was offered in the game was amazing, what colour to paint, what colour to paint? The sunsets in the game were the best I'd seen to that point. Feck Yeah I miss it. Hope it returns soonish. I 'miss' all my characters. (of course I'll have to make them all again - my vaults were overflowing --Wah!!)
  2. Looking forward to the reboot. Came to FE when MxO was killed by SOE. The first years were exciting. Playing had eased off a fair bit as friends disappeared. I'm glad I'll get back to the wasteland.
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