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  1. Anyone know why kingman wont load out ,my main character is stuck there. Game says initializing session and thats all?

  2. You should have option when open FE launcher your email and password . Try steam account password.
  3. I agree but this shows how much Matt and hes team respects their fans. As we respect them, for this what they plan to do for us .
  4. Dont care about wipe and if i have to restart from 0 . Been there , done that , what i really care is just to get back in wasteland.
  5. Well Im all in what Matt said , least I can return my favorite post world,
  6. Matthew Scott @mattpscott · Oct 22 Development progress is backed up behind some other projects. But I have been considering putting a wiped set of classic servers back online for players to mess around on while they wait. 'Fallen Earth Classic' has a nice ring to it.
  7. Maybe Im too old but why people even think about cheat game and use dupe clitch. I started play game late 2012 and i remember , how painful was earn red chips . But hard work paid off earned my red chips sold some items from market i bought .Wasnt something fancy low cost crate , got few pumas there . Sold them or traded playersfor other rare items for the clan members. And whats more important never tought to cheat or use hacks to win pvp . Sometimes i won sometimes i lost . Sometimes i got mad cause i knew who use hacks , devs didnt care when it was under gamerfist management. Made few characters to test pvp pure build and hybrid . All worked hybrid /crafter worked well against pvp toons who were hardcore and all were pure skills. But it was just me I liked the game and sadness me it was detroyed by childish hackers and who duped on purpose . Big tnx to you all who helped destroy game even more.
  8. Nice ,thats good news FE has so much potential . Lets be honest all post apocalyptic games we see all of them uses same ideas over and over. Fellen Earth was and still is one of the best MMO rpg out there .Even if it comes back online its not shitty and etc like i read forums. People dont know the gems we see . If game misses soul and is pure grindy and loot boxes its ment to be doomed. Hope we see best game out there again.
  9. Good old days , I rly miss FE met so many great persons there. Cant wait LO bring our beloved game back online.
  10. I agree , FE was good place where to let some steam out . I rather play FE old version , with all lag and bugs , I got use to lag and all . Everyday i had something to do and never got bored even at 55 i found intresting things to do. Besides Im too old to complain about graphics , my opinion FE had good graphics and atmosphere was one of a kind.
  11. I agree with Sang , just let me back to wasteland .
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