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  1. Same issue. Usually happens once per session. 1st occured last week, sunday, early evening (EET), Citadel server.
  2. down again, got kicked a few minutes after logging in. great.
  3. game is back online now, just logged in.
  4. https://discord.gg/Def2wnW7su there was some activity in here too: https://discord.gg/littleorbit
  5. I believe hes from APB. The EU server is called Citadel there, which probably contributed to the further mixup
  6. Some news about FE from MassivelyOp (2021, Jan 29): As for the post-apocalyptic MMORPG, Little Orbit CEO Matt Scott said that “significant pre-production” has been done for Fallen Earth but that it’s not yet in current development. “I’m very aware of how small our studio is. We need to clear more bandwidth,” Scott said. “We haven’t given up on it. Just focusing on getting some of our titles shipped before we jump into full production.” https://massivelyop.com/2021/01/29/fallen-earth-sees-significant-pre-production-apb-reloaded-gets-a-marketing-push/ Some more from twitter (2021, Mar 28): Thats all i know of. If you mean the "fe-news" sections in LOs discord - the only thing posted there was that july update... from 2020.
  7. Could try advertising this thread in the FE discord, its slightly more active than the forums. Not sure how many more would add in tho. https://discord.gg/Def2wnW7su
  8. Just an opinion. I doubt any matchmaking system would work efficiently on the current player base. Its just too small and the diference / gap in player skill level is too big. There would still be more missmatches than acceptable and less skilled players (or ones with less capable setups and / or network) would still get obliterated by higher ups. (Playing since 2016, Citadel server, current threat: silver.)
  9. + 1 They could remember this part of the forums on Xmas at least.
  10. From my knowledge, they are currently putting most of their efforts into pushing out the engine update for APB before that one dies, the end is near for it too. Still, they could have done a post on the anniversary of the server shutdown, just to show that its still worth expecting progress. Maybe its time for another petition, to get their attention.
  11. Quite convinced by now that they dont care much, sadly. More than half a year has passed, that was more than enough time to jump in here and at least confirm that the project isnt scrapped yet. (I am aware of the few messages from Matt on twitter or from LO on facebook. But they arent an excuse to ignore the official forums. The very forums that are meant for game related news or reasuring messages like those mentioned above.)
  12. +1 Also interested in any information about the state of the project.
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