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  1. If only it was an opinion, sadly for you its a fact.
  2. dracio would shit on you in a 1v1 all you do is run circles, heal and spam DoT's
  3. @MICFILLER csgo's anticheat is a joke, more people get overwatchbanned than vac banned, but true thing is they eventually always get caught.
  4. you two keep jerking eachother off, not gonna read all that. im just saying he said he was considering it, i rather re-farm gear on a lvl 55 then have wasted all that time to get those 55's
  5. its ok, it seems like LO just likes holding everyones hand, especially the special ones who cant take a joke or the truth. #backtopreschool
  6. alot of ppl liked lowbie pvp, thats why diffrent sectors have pvp zones. they should leave them be, we dont force pvers into one sector either. and i had no problem grinding for my stuff, neither did most pvpers. grinding it all over again however is quite a chore.
  7. i never said confirmed, read i just spoke to matt about it he said we could probably transfer 55s
  8. its not exactly start from 0, we will be able to transfer some items and possibly our 55s. and just play something else, it'll take atleast a year aroa.
  9. Uploaded this with the live chat, stream is also on mixer but without chat In case someone wants to see it.
  10. going to keep saying this, before you fix res. fix the lagg.. most players dont want to duel a dude torrenting for 2 hours straight. not gonna say names
  11. cause their all sore losers like you and yes... they do know where my place is and yours.
  12. spamming dots and holdclicking pistols is hardly a pvp adventure, oh and pressing buttons to heal. good job, im so happy not everyone is as bad as you. and that there are actually people that are a challenge.
  13. well atleast we're getting a q&a, there is no actual streamers for fe. they had to find someone to do it @Dracio
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