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  1. My major concern wasn't how far out it is its as more so the wipes..
  2. Currently I don't see or have a incentive to play because of things I have read such as wipe's...I know these things occur because usually of game changing bug's,or mistakes but why punish the long term players or even the newbies that have been playing on and off for quite sometime just because a update remake is coming out.Now I might have a solution why not give experience potions to people or in-game currency to players that have x of this or that.That way while we wait god know's how long till the re-make/re-mastered is done this will stabilize the economy for in-game mechanics by re-introducing Fallen Earth of what it is and what it use to be and most importantly of what it will become in the years to come. Also more update's/screenshot's will be very much appreciated on the work of Fallen Earth being re-worked/re-mastered
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