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  1. I like this idea, however, you currently have the the option to help or hurt the Shiva (points within the faction window / npc tab). And with each character creation you have all options available, choosing the direction you want to go based on your choices with NPCs (choosing a faction, helping the Bankers or Franklin Riders, and helping Townspeople as well), so it might be better if these player model modifications could be added or 'mutated' as the game develops - as you choose to follow shiva through various quests which could grant you the option to get such modifications within the reward window. Otherwise, it might be possible for a player to start a new character as a Shiva, yet never actually be a Shiva follower. It's still a great idea though!
  2. Updated with all suggestions to this point ^^
  3. I have updated the list with suggestions provided above. Keep em' coming, and thanks!
  4. If you are reading this, you have nothing better to do.

  5. Just remember that this would also require a full wiki update of harvest node locations and merchant inventorys.
  6. I like the events information board idea. I'm just curious if players would use the board to make profane statements when it's not being used for real events.
  7. Please help me compile a full list! Most of these suggestions have been said already, but I am going to make a list like Santa - but you can check it twice. *I want to thank the devs for resolving a few issues already, like adding Scav Sam and Colorful Creeper back to the pet box (and other fixes), and for adding a few new GM's. Thank You! 1. Stack Splitting - since the fix for stack splitting is a big task, why not have a temporary work around until then? Simply make all non-sellable items now have a merchant value of at least 1 chip. Now all items can be exchanged via merchants and all stacks can be split using this workaround method. 2. Hit Boxes - The only good toon in this game is the smallest female toon you can create. But since that isn't explained to new users, they spend weeks leveling a huge male toon, only to discover they wasted their time and must start all over with a new tiny female toon. This is a big problem. I suggest the hit boxes be 1 size fits all OR give more defense to bigger hit boxes. - "Or simply make an injector or another way to change gender." - Kishoot 3. Auction Chat - at the moment it appears Auction Chat is only regional and that means I can't trade with lower level players that aren't in my current region. It makes no sense at all. But using Global for auction chat gets you scalded by a GM, so... the only thing to do is travel to each region spamming auction chat all over the game using the regional auction chat option. Not good. 4. Splash Screens - something as simple as swapping out an image should be done overnight and it's one of the first things that should have been done. Why? because it immediately sends a message to everyone logging in that L.O. is making changes, it can be used to advertise or update players on the game state, and can be used to identify current events - like xmas and halloween. 'A picture says a thousand words' and updates players without forcing them into the forum to find out what is happening. I suggest stamping it with a new L.O. logo. 5. Items - Unattune Kit (untradable) in the marketplace is the #1 new item idea that players instantly claim they will buy (at $5 each). Need I say more? - L.O. T-Shirt to be redeemed through the marketplace, with a code given to all active accounts. Nothing like free advertising, and a T-Shirt is the most basic of items you can add. - [Portable Lifenet Pod] that I can set near an area that I want to scavenge or grind. Then I can fast travel back and forth from my pod to any LN Facility on the map that I have activated. 6. Social Media - you need a newly updated Facebook (if you don't already) and some reason to get players to go there, like a free item or monthly premium award. (Twitter is currently semi-active, good start) 7. Premium Rewards - not only bringing a nice rotation of premium rewards back (for now), but also to someday add NEW items for only premium members who have paid for a subscription. New content is what drives the economy of the top game in todays market, FortNite, which also has the 'Free To Play with Cosmetic Purchases' business model. Once new content slows down, so do sales. 8. Chip Limit - raise the 'visible' chip limit to 99y in the players pack and also to 99y in trade windows. At the moment, you must send 9.99y at a time to an alt and count the emails to see how many chips you have (above 10y), and to trade more than 10y right now means you have to pay 10y at a time on trust. I can't think of a reason not to fix this. 9. Armored Horses - it would be totally awesome to have the old Wasteland Runner again, or the Portland Runner Armor. I believe those old horses could be painted as well. I noticed that the Stable Manager has a paint option, yet no stable items can currently be painted. _______________________________ Below are some requests which may be resolved with a new game engine, or may take some extra work beyond what is possible anytime soon: _______________________________ 10. Anti-Cheat System - this is one of the more code intensive fixes that I believe will be resolved within the newly developed game engine (when it arrives) 11. Missions - a lot of them have unbalanced rewards or are entirely broken 12. Weapon and Armor Choices - most weapons and armor are useless once you reach level 55 except the new AP weapons and GT Armor. It is recommended that G.O.R.E. be balanced with AP to add more variety, along with adding more choices. Inluding choices for Heavy Weapons, Automatic Rifles/Pistols, Crossbow, and other builds that were left behind. 13. Factions - have lost their luster and are almost meaningless at this point. That said, when there were hundreds or even thousands of players, I think the experience was a bit more on par with what people expected. 14. In-game notice/info board for player run events - this could be a simple sign with a generic icon to be clicked by players within the game. It could automatically open up the events sub-forum when clicked (like how the poker chip in the menu can open up the marketplace web page), where event listings can be monitored and not abused. The link may never have to be updated unless the events sub-forum page is moved. 15. Steam Trading Cards - as suggested in this posting: 16. New Vehicle - a truck. There are already truck models in the game. Just add a Vandal vehicle script, and BAM! a truck is made. A few simple paint jobs and decals, and you have several new items. 17. Trinket Models In-World - this idea is actually neat. Make an attachable area on the player model to display the currently equipped trinket with an in-world model. I think this will be far off because it will actually require a professional 3D modeler to use the images from the icon and build it into a low polygon, low texture, displayable item. And possibly some sort of physics to dangle around while you move. But I still love the idea. As suggested from this posting: _______________________________ Other Ideas: _______________________________ 18. Dome Upgrade - Wouldn't it be cool if the Dome was actually in-world, maybe in Epsilon (where not much is going on), and other players could spectate? It would have to be set up as instances to work (like many team missions that currently exist). Then, players could learn by watching, and even pay a small chip admission to attend. I would be in the stands "Booo! Your doing it wrong!" =P - And speaking of Dome, I think the old Dev/GM names on the level 10 bosses should be swapped out with current names, that is, unless it's more appropriate to shoot the old devs in the face to take out those aggressions (in the game of course). - "Add bots in "blood Sports" in all its levels, although in 2011 it was always active in all its levels, now nobody plays. This would add more gameplay to the game, being the bots not very difficult to kill could train the new players." - Aura Croft 19. Daily Rewards - a player in-game suggested that we be given a reward for logging in with activity each day. This could be calculated by hours of play (like steam card drops) or just simply by logging in after 24 hours has passed again. The reward could be in the form of Reward Points to be redeemed in the marketplace, which would promote frequent player logins and drive more traffic to the marketplace. 20. Combined Loot Window - a player suggested that loot from multiple enemy kills should be combined into 1 window to make looting easier. Other games, such as 'Lord of the Rings Online', do this well. And while the idea sounds great, it could prove to be challenging in multiplayer where teams and raids share the kills. Maybe someone has ideas that could make this possible. I am also concerned about whether or not L.O. would want to do this, because they need 'boost' items, like harvest boosters, to generate funds in a FTP game. But it's stil worth discusing further. 21. Faction leader - "... this person could be like a moderator of the chat 'Faction' and could regulate the asset in each faction (being able to throw from the faction to possible cheaters or very toxic people), making the game more correct, protected and addictive, given the belonging to each faction, making this the most important value and a social role." - Aura Croft - " simply add raids for factions which have two difficulties. One easy as fuck, the other with stronger NPCs where players might need to focus specific NPCs or crossheal properly to survive. This way you add a repeatable method to earn faction, besides simply killing NPCs, still earn faction/xp but can add a proper payout as well. Then of course it also adds at least something to group play besides Citadel." - Reaps989 22. Blood Sports - "Remove Assault, Remove Deathmatch, Remove Survival. Add team deathmatch, then simply lower requirements to start a match to 4 players rather than 5. This will stop team-stacking." - Reaps989 23. Premium Prices - lower the cost of premium again by almost half until the game is redeveloped. 24. Customizable Farms - allow paint kits to be used on the player built farms, so the interior and/or exterior can be painted. Also allow the scarecrow to be customized, and possibly the furniture textures. 25. Transit System - I love the idea of waiting for the buss, the paying some chips to ride it to another town. The whole team can ride together and pick seats on the buss. OR a train that circles the wastelands - and if you are willing to take some damage you can jump off of the moving train. AND a crumbled monorail system already exists - you could do town events to restore it and only the controlling faction can ride the monorail thru pvp areas. 26. Hairstyles Tab - Currently, the button to change hairstyles is positioned on all tabs, but only works from the Wardrobe Tab. 27. Minigames - Sunshine Corners basketball court and tennis ball court would make perfect locations for minigames. There are also a few broken rollercoaster theme parks throughout the wastelands where it would be awesome to do a town event to get the theme park running again! People have also suggested that Black Jack return, but as I recall, it was removed due to player exploits and a possible gray area in gambling. If players pay cash for G1C and buy items from the marketplace, sell them to get chips, then blow those chips on Black Jack in FE; it could be considered gambling. 28. Mutant (or other) Player Models - As suggested in this thread, it would be pretty cool if you could start as a Mutant or other modified humanoid. My only concern is that the player model should match the storyline, and if I choose to be a Shiva Mutant then I must be a Shiva follower. The game isn't currently set up for the player direction to split that far into an enemy role, but possibly a reformed enemy spy? Maybe the player could have the choice to add modifications, or 'mutate', as part of a reward for gaining trust or experience with a specific NPC clan (like Shiva). _______________________________ And let's not forget to check out this posting to view a few of the same suggestions, along with more detailed suggestions for specific new items, item fixes, and mission fixes: UPDATED with suggestions posted by other players (Novasmelly, Barton Blue, Guinylen, ItsHooli, Aura Croft, Lukasocs, Vít Eliášek, Phallacy, Reaps989, Kishoot, Auroch and more)
  8. Just for fun in case you want to make your post shiny and full of flare Remove the spaces after the first letter of each word 'color': [c olor=red] your text here [/c olor] Your result should be: your text here ★☆✪✫✿✽✺✸✶❆❈❂≛❅⁂✤ ➜➠➤➦➩↣↕⇡➳➽↔⇰⌦⇄➼ ™℗☎☏⌨✂✄✇✉✏✒✌☝☞☛☟☜☚☝ 《 》【 】︻︼〖〗♔♕♖♗♘♙♤♠♧♣♡♥♢♦ ♩♪♫♬☀☂☁☼☮☯✡❖✠☠☣ ✚✜❤☹☻♥ღ♡☬ BBCode Reference: https://www.bbcode.org/reference.php Example Format: [ b] bold [ /b] (where there is no space before the letter b or /b Use b for bold, i for italic, u for underline, s for strikethrough, c for center. bold italic underline strikethrough center teal green blue orange purple yellow
  9. I agree that fishing can make for some great time wasting fun in games. Especially in the game 'Fate' where you get a big variety of fish with different attributes, other random items, and sometimes a very nice useful item. It could be a natural progression of farming, once they finish what G1 started there... That said, I am not sure if fishing in FE is a game changer, with so many other things to do, so I won't hold my breath on this one.
  10. This would be a neat idea IF we had the ability to add decals to the cars for additional customization. And a step further would be if they developed the ability to add 'custom' uploaded decals to cars. When they start to develop FE2 someday (maybe), they should take a serious look at improving the overall handling and features of vehicles; add more options (like a truck), decals, and a horn. Then it might draw some folks from the 'car show' crowd, and othger collectors alike.
  11. What is being said with clarification: In Fallen Earth, players are abusing the 'Garage Manager' and 'Stable Manager' items by spawning these NPCs in front of entrances. A player that want's to disrupt the gameplay of others can simply spawn a Garage/Stable Manager in front of a Fast Travel entrance to block it, forcing nearby players to find more inconvenient ways to get around. Many folks would call this 'Trolling', and this behavior can fall under a violation of terms, where an item or feature is 'exploited' for unintended uses, and where a player intentionally griefs other players.
  12. There's a community based RP WEBSITE run by the well known RPers of FE for everything RP related. I feel like a subforum here just for FE RP would be unnecessary and get confusing, when you can just go and use the website that was made explicitly for us. Leave the G1 forums to everything else, and the FERP site to FERP. Makes sense in my head. Except when a player is in discovery mode and doesn't know of the 3rd party website. I didn't know until this thread.
  13. Community supported or Game supported? - since most people dont know there is a website, maybe add a sticky topic with a link to the RP website Or maybe Hollywood is suggesting a dedicated forum thread for RP - since that makes a lot of sense.
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