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  1. Just for fun in case you want to make your post shiny and full of flare Remove the spaces after the first letter of each word 'color': [c olor=red] your text here [/c olor] Your result should be: your text here ★☆✪✫✿✽✺✸✶❆❈❂≛❅⁂✤ ➜➠➤➦➩↣↕⇡➳➽↔⇰⌦⇄➼ ™℗☎☏⌨✂✄✇✉✏✒✌☝☞☛☟☜☚☝ 《 》【 】︻︼〖〗♔♕♖♗♘♙♤♠♧♣♡♥♢♦ ♩♪♫♬☀☂☁☼☮☯✡❖✠☠☣ ✚✜❤☹☻♥ღ♡☬ BBCode Reference: https://www.bbcode.org/reference.php Example Format: [ b] bold [ /b] (where there is no space before the letter b or /b Use b for bold, i for italic, u for underline, s for strikethrough, c for center. bold italic underline strikethrough center teal green blue orange purple yellow
  2. Drake Dragoon


    I agree that fishing can make for some great time wasting fun in games. Especially in the game 'Fate' where you get a big variety of fish with different attributes, other random items, and sometimes a very nice useful item. It could be a natural progression of farming, once they finish what G1 started there... That said, I am not sure if fishing in FE is a game changer, with so many other things to do, so I won't hold my breath on this one.
  3. Drake Dragoon

    Car exebitions in embry

    This would be a neat idea IF we had the ability to add decals to the cars for additional customization. And a step further would be if they developed the ability to add 'custom' uploaded decals to cars. When they start to develop FE2 someday (maybe), they should take a serious look at improving the overall handling and features of vehicles; add more options (like a truck), decals, and a horn. Then it might draw some folks from the 'car show' crowd, and othger collectors alike.
  4. What is being said with clarification: In Fallen Earth, players are abusing the 'Garage Manager' and 'Stable Manager' items by spawning these NPCs in front of entrances. A player that want's to disrupt the gameplay of others can simply spawn a Garage/Stable Manager in front of a Fast Travel entrance to block it, forcing nearby players to find more inconvenient ways to get around. Many folks would call this 'Trolling', and this behavior can fall under a violation of terms, where an item or feature is 'exploited' for unintended uses, and where a player intentionally griefs other players.
  5. Drake Dragoon

    Ticket Response Time

    ABF comes first
  6. Drake Dragoon

    Role-Play Blog

    There's a community based RP WEBSITE run by the well known RPers of FE for everything RP related. I feel like a subforum here just for FE RP would be unnecessary and get confusing, when you can just go and use the website that was made explicitly for us. Leave the G1 forums to everything else, and the FERP site to FERP. Makes sense in my head. Except when a player is in discovery mode and doesn't know of the 3rd party website. I didn't know until this thread.
  7. Drake Dragoon

    Role-Play Blog

    Community supported or Game supported? - since most people dont know there is a website, maybe add a sticky topic with a link to the RP website Or maybe Hollywood is suggesting a dedicated forum thread for RP - since that makes a lot of sense.
  8. Drake Dragoon


    Some people are waiting 6-7 weeks for a reply. I personally have sent 2-3 tickets with no replay ever (for various other things). Good luck my friend.
  9. Drake Dragoon

    Character appearance change?

    You can only change hair styles in-game once the character is created. This has been an issue since the game was made. So many players made a HUGE male toon, thinking they get some extra tank ability for being big (as a trade of for choosing a small toon), only to find out after wasting so much time that you can only be a little girl in this game if you want to be successful. One would think that by now they would have added the ability to adjust your toon size after creation, but sadly no. And L.O. just took over so I don't see that happening until they completely rebuild the game. My suggestion to L.O.: when you rebuild the game, please find a solution for this: 1. Make all hit boxes the same size so that everyone is treated fairly and we can finally be a male toon. OR 2. Adjust abilities to match the player size. Example: small toons move faster and are harder to hit but do less damage, but big toons are more tanky and do a bit more damage. Thanks for reading!
  10. Drake Dragoon

    Gamers First

    I agree and I too have made simple suggestions to L.O in these forums concerning much needed changes NOW - changes that will greatly improve the player perception of what's going on, yet take minimal effort. 1. Splash Screen - outdated and its a simple screen shot - you can't change that? - noticable right off the bat 2. Announcements on log-in screen. The last post is from 2013. Anyone logging in to check the state of the game is reading that nothing has happened in the last 5 years. Dead Game = log out. 3. Fix the broken loot on some marketplace boxes so that players might actually want to spend money on them. Same loot for 5 years NEVER did any game any good. There are plenty of mounts and pets to swap around in those boxes to keep things interresting. 4. Get rid of the danged Suspicious Cheese ad! It's so dumb! Everyone hates looking at it. 5. Your Idea - Change all indication of G1 to L.O. so that anyone returning to check the state of the game, via forum or website, will automatically know that something is different. Time to log in and see whats going on right? 6. And my #1 suggestion today is: Make a T-Shirt with the L.O. logo on it and send it to all accounts via marketplace redeem code for the upcoming anniversary (sep 22nd). YES this means developing a single basic item. But having all active players running around with the only new item in years, and advertising L.O. all over the wastelands, seems like a no brainer. Obviouisly there is so much more that can be done. These are only simple tasks that I believe will make a HUGE difference while we wait for real changes to be made.
  11. Drake Dragoon

    look im just wondering but

    how do you plan to make a wipe work. while keeping player base up. some people have items that are rare, or basicly stuck to there toon, and those of us who have made many many level 55 and other gear. i want to know also about names. becuase some people will steal anthor players toon name to piss them off or just becuase they want it. all i need to know is how they plan on making all this "server wipe" bs work while kepping it's older player base like me around. There is no way they will be able to get a return on investment if they only get to keep old active players. Since the old player base is all but gone, I think they will be relying on new players and returning players to bring the players count and the economy back up. One problem is: although we 'should' be the most valuable players, the fact that we have so much experience and items means there is a good chance that we (the old players) will be the ones to unbalance the new system - something L.O. doesn't want to happen. So you see it's kind of a catch-22. They want to make us old players happy because we invested so much time and money, but really they need new investors to make this work. As much as I hate to say it, the new wave of players that L.O. wants to bring to the game are more important than us right now. That said, Matt suggested that he is aware of such issues and hopes to find a compromise that keeps as many people happy as possible, without punishing folks like us. Can it be done? Only time will tell.
  12. Drake Dragoon

    Q&A stream with Matt Scott and Nysek

    Oh and here is one more thing that I think is critical, yet gets left out a lot: Can we get all hit boxes the same size on the new engine, so that we are not forced to be a little girl to be good? Almost every single new player makes a big male toon, only to find out after many hours invested that they will never be good - The hit box is too big. Typically we would get something to balance it out, like more power if you are a bigger target (tanky). You get the idea...
  13. Drake Dragoon

    Q&A stream with Matt Scott and Nysek

    OK but if I say I am going to 'Let go a bit', then I am letting go of, idk $700 (or a lot more? I don't really want to know the real number) and 3620 man hours collecting digital garbage for apparently no reason. It seems to me that it's only a matter of extracting account data, which already exists on the server anyways, and building a simple program (if even necessary) to filter the itemized list into the new engine. When you log in with your new account, it could ask if you want to import, click yes, and the items import - 1 time only. <just hypothetical o.k. And since they are writing a new engine anyways, this shouldn't be hard to do. It's just an items list. They should have full control of their object creation, object UUIDs, player account data, and anything else they need by then. Matt already indicated that he will (and should) have the ability to transfer items to the new server, but hinted that he wanted to limit some items, or item types, to reduce the chance of unbalancing the new system - where duped items might get transfered too (especially from clan vaults). But - I have this to say about cosmetic items: Cosmetics and pets can't even be *successfully duped. *That is, unless they are crafted, a code redeemed, rewarded from a mission or event, or they can stack. Read more if you care... This is because each cosmetic item has a unique object id. If two or more exist at the same time, then the server see's that there is a dupe, and it deletes all but the last one. The server correction will be seen when the player logs back in. The exception: It is possible to trap a cosmetic dupe in the mail box or the auction house during horrible lag, where the item server FIFO system is a clogged toilet (I won't describe how this can be done). But once the mail is opened or the auction item is viewed, the server will automatically delete or lock all but 1 of the items. Most games would delete all of the items altogether, which is probably how it should be. Stackables share ID's, thus can be duped (hence part of the stack splitting issues, but not all). Craftables can be duped because they are new object creations - with newly assigned IDs each time the item is crafted. But again, Cosmetics and pets, with very few exceptions, can NOT be duped successfully. Therefore, there is no reason why all of my cosmetics and pets shouldn't be transfered over, whether obtained through trades or purchased by me on the marketplace. And if you are about to troll me about how I know this much about duping, it is because I am a programmer - and understanding how these things work is the best way to defend against them. THAT SAID, I don't know the actual inner-workings of the current Fallen Earth engine, but this information is more than likely the way it works. Matt may correct me on this. In fact I hope he responds because I would love to know more, always =P Disclaimer: DO NOT DUPE OR ATTEMPT TO DUPE - no duping methods were described above and this information is not intended to be abused.
  14. Drake Dragoon

    Q&A stream with Matt Scott and Nysek

    What would be the purpose of playing on the old engine if the new server is up? No one will want or care about my entire 'old server' collection if thats the case, rendering it all meaningless anyways.