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  1. Don't hold your breath for a free Commander Premium folks. I was 154 points away from 2000 RP (been saving 3 years to get the striped speedster), so I used up my Survivalist Premium. Now I have 1996 points and I'm only 4 points away! BUT the bad news is that the only thing I got were points; no icon that says I am boosted - just points (and yes I re-logged and its been a day since I used it). By now I'm sure Matt is aware that the premiums don't work, so I don't expect them to be given out. This is probably why we didn't get one on this last weekend as we were told. And Matt would have to activate the premium on every account automatically because there is no marketplace for us to redeem a code. The marketplace being shut down may have something to do with the premium not working... So don't hold your breath unless you don't like oxygen.
  2. Sassy when she does it, Classy when I do it.
  3. Now you can fully focus on APB without the FE community pounding on the door. Cleared some head space. Relieved some stress. I would love to believe the hype about the return of FE, but frankly the 'progress' hasn't been anything like the original road map to success, and this shut down is yet another unplanned misfortune. This track record leaves me believing that the game will be forgotten as new ideas and other more promising projects overtake Matts life. Nothing has gone according to plan and not much positive to speak of has happened in FE since the takeover. Everyone in-house and in-game has been pretty dramatic, tensions and anger ran high on discord, GM and staff have been let go and shuffled, and every attempt to fix the game code revealed a new can of ugly worms for people to be frustrated about. This is the end of the end of the world. Fallen Earth has Fallen.
  4. What I mean about Bloodsports is: the level designs are poor quality, there are too many problems with rubber-banding, glitching in walls, client/server delays which make it appear as if a player is around a corner when they get shot so they call you a hacker.... etc etc. The whole thing needs to be redone. Sure people played it, but it was never impressive by any standard. And only 1 of the game modes were ever played steadily. The other modes were ignored for the most part. Faction PvP is where PvP shined in this game (imo).
  5. Good news. Better news would be developing FE2 with the option to port old accounts =P Then my items would exist in a new game where they will never be available unless you ported the items through! I love rare items! Haha Oh and can you please send me an Electric Ant [Ant Bait]. It's the only pet I will never be able to get and I want to complete my collection =P Or tell me secretly that you placed it in the Animal box so I can scurry to get one before anyone else - that way I can log in and brag and show it off. I'm serious. It's legendary. No one has it.
  6. I must agree that this version of Fallen Earth is barely worth further development. You would have to completely fix the PvP system, fix stack splitting, end the lag issues completely, and then advertise like crazy that the game is fixed - just to get a fraction of the old players back, and maybe a handful of new players. I've been suggesting, since Mat took over, that they focus on developing FE2; recycling assets where possible on a new engine. That way, it can be released as a NEW game, utilizing the best FTP strategy available with cosmetic purchases (using fortnite as the best example to follow). THEN, once the new game is launched and bugs eliminated - if profits can justify - revamp the old FE by placing it within the new game engine. Hopefully that new engine would be built with the intention of easily importing (well, as best as possible) the old assets to the new engine. Then the die hard players can get a nostalgic taste of the old days, while alternatively roaming the new wastelands on FE2. Here is why I think this is the best strategy: - it's almost the same amount of work to rebuild the old mess as to start over on a new engine - they are spending more time cleaning up the old graphics than I would spend creating new graphics - the flavor of the game was tainted by a poorly managed development team 3-4 years before Matt took over and would need to be backtracked anyways (example: the devs as bosses in Dome doesn't fit the story at all) - the PvP Bloodsports was never really good and needs to be completely redone anyways (since PvP was the heart and soul of the game when it was popular) - the VALUE of developing new assets (cosmetic items) in a new game is much more than the value of developing new assets in an old game; it's the same amount of development time! - and finally, Matt can put his own flavor on the newly designed game, rather than tasting the foul flavor of the old devs forever METAPHOR ALERT! Basically, at some point in time I had to let my old car go because it was more expensive to maintain and fix it than it was to go buy a new one. And now I'm enjoying the new car smell every time I get in.
  7. If you are reading this, you have nothing better to do.

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